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Kari (Dimael thru Pherenice)
Fri Jun 1, 2018 9:18pm

Dimael nodded as she responded while he took a drink and sighed. "it is sad." he said in agreement then sighed as he looked into his cup. "yes." he said as he closed his eyes. "I felt her return just now. But…where before she seemed lost in the dark she felt confused her energy… was different then the last time I saw her… I have to have hope. I can't believe that the Ancient of Nature of a world this beautiful could fall forever to the darkness Raiser pulled her into."

Fai smiled. "Thank you I'll keep that in mind." she said as she turned and smiled nodding in the direction of Lord Samson's voice. "It has been awhile. I love it here though." she said happily. "I've prepared some tea and fruit if you'd like some." she said gesturing to the table, she hadn't poured the glass's yet wanting to keep the tea chilled and refreshing.

Eri smiled as Aspen said that nodding. "I will but I'm starting to get full…" she said she wasn't a big eater before she got pregnant but she had eaten one and a half crepe's so far maybe a little over half of the second one. It tasted good. She was feeling much better between the tea that Tae sent over and being around others.

Pherenice looked at him as he said that. She smiled and nodded then tipped her head talk about the timing. "Is something wrong?" She asked turning her head she didn't sense any outstanding strong danger unaware that it had been more of a testing the waters and hello we're here.

  • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Thu May 31 9:29pm
    Nikki had, fortunately, missed the activity of the stone and Averie’s attention to it. Otherwise, she might have been worried about what it all meant and if he was okay, even though he already agreed ... more
    • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Fri Jun 1 9:34pm
      Tria leaning back a bit as Aspen taking control of the breakfast. She could even tell that the room seemed to be lighter. The three, technically four, of them just enjoying the food and watching this ... more
    • Re: OOC/IC — Kari (Dimael thru Pherenice) , Fri Jun 1 9:18pm
      • Re: OOC/ICKari (Averie thru Haru) , Fri Jun 1 9:19pm
        Averie sat down on the bed collecting his own tray and began to eat after breakfast he'd go have his arm checked to be safe. For Nikki's peace of mind and his own while he was sure it was just aching ... more
        • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Fri Jun 1 9:54pm
          Crys looking over she was starting to think she should have kept up with her more magical side instead of her more roguish skills. "So, you think their is a chance that maybe she hasn't returned to... more
          • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Aspen thru Garand), Sat Jun 2 5:19am
            “Well, any time you feel hungry, you can order anything you want. I know Taevasina will take care of you,“ Aspen assured her. He hadn’t been informed of her poor treatment from the kitchen, but it... more
            • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Nikkala thru Vespa), Sat Jun 2 5:19am
              Nikki noticed Averie eating and started to eat as well. She glanced towards the nursery, where the soft, content purrs from Kiva came through the baby monitor crystal. She was still soundly sleeping, ... more
              • Re: OOC/ICKoran/Dkhoran, Sat Jun 2 10:20am
                Prodded on by Mira's broken purring mixed in with her needy mew's, Koran bucked up wantingly as his body hungered for its next release on some instinctual level, the base urge to procreate... more
                • Re: OOC/ICAnonymous, Sat Jun 2 10:24am
                  (Sorry I've been gone for so long, guys) "Y-yeah..." Ex panted heavily, bracing his arms over Seda's sides. "I love you Se." Rocky panted and moaned, getting more and more excited, especially when... more
                  • Re: OOC/ICKari (Dimael thru, Sat Jun 2 2:53pm
                    ((Occ: No worries guys. Life gets crazy. ^_^ Post when you can and welcome back ^^)) Dim looked at Crys and nodded. "I think that is a high possibility. The Sky's are quiet and the lands do not shake ... more
                    • Re: OOC/ICKari (Averie thru Trait) , Sat Jun 2 2:54pm
                      Averie chuckled as he ate glancing up at the crystal hearing the cute little rumbling purrs that seemed to hiccup once and a while. Or stutter to a stop and start. He did catch her glancing though... more
                      • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Sat Jun 2 7:13pm
                        Tria looking over, "Thanks Aspen." She said and smirking a little bit, "Don't worry I will protect you from Millie." She teased a little bit and standing up to stretch a little bit. "Let me get... more
                        • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Aspen thru Nascha), Sat Jun 2 11:04pm
                          Aspen smiled at Tria and then laughed a bit when she called him out on his fears of his sister’s ire over breaking tradition. “I feel safer now,“ he said, which wasn’t all joke. He knew Tria was a... more
                          • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Seda thru Kia), Sat Jun 2 11:04pm
                            (I’ve been there. Just this past week! Lol. Welcome back. ^_^) “I love… you too… Axl,” Seda returned with a little whine at the end as she said his name. She pulled him down over her again just to... more
                            • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Sat Jun 2 11:05pm
                              Nikki looked back to Averie and nodded a bit. “I know,“ she said with a smile. “I trust you, Averie. I know that when you say you’ll do something… you’ll do it,“ she said. Whether that was keeping... more
                              • Re: OOC/ICRudy (Ex thru Dia), Sun Jun 3 12:57am
                                "S-so..." Ex said, still catching his breath as he gathered Seda into his arms. "Any... Plans?" "You naughty, naughty wolf..." Rocky moaned, his hips moving side to side slightly instead of the... more
                                • Re: OOC/ICKari (Millie and Trait)) , Sun Jun 3 1:23am
                                  Millie had been nervously mumbling to herself. Trying to figure out how to even begin when Saber answered the door she glanced up and shifted. "I'm Mildune Moonchoir....Traitorin's daughter...I..."... more
                        • Re: OOC/ICKari (Eri thru Millie) , Sat Jun 2 10:36pm
                          Eri smiled and nodded to Tria. "Sure thing." She said hoping that Aspen didn't notice her hesitation on ordering anything. She knew she should take his advice and order that Tae had assured her that... more
                          • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Sun Jun 3 2:42am
                            Tria walking over and moving a arm around Eri and smiling. "Don't worry we'll take care of each other." She told Aspen. She make sure that Eri didn't over do anything or if she needed food she make... more
                          • Re: OOC/ICKari (Averie thru Haru, Sun Jun 3 12:38am
                            Averie smiled a bit nodding. He had made a point of making sure to never break his word to her even if it took a bit of time he would make sure to keep it. It was important to him. "After I get my... more
                            • Re: OOC/ICKoran/Dkhoran, Sun Jun 3 9:53am
                              Gradually Koran's mouth moved away from Mira's throat as he regained his senses from that second and equally potent release, a low husky yet satisfied rumble escaped his lips as he panted slowly... more
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