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Shiloh (Aspen thru Garand)
Sat Jun 2, 2018 5:19am

“Well, any time you feel hungry, you can order anything you want. I know Taevasina will take care of you,“ Aspen assured her. He hadn’t been informed of her poor treatment from the kitchen, but it was clear that Eri was eating well today and he hoped it meant she’d feel comfortable ordering any time her tummy ached for some food. Besides, none of the girls would dare sent unfit food to his and Tria’s quarters, and Eri was with them, now.

Aspen looked at Tria and moved around her with the cart, pausing to kiss his fiance’s cheek. “I’ll try to get out of your hair so you two can meet with the seamstress,” he said, moving the cart out into the hallway before coming back. “Do you need anything before I head out?” he asked. He knew Millie would kill him if she found out he was seeing his bride at all today, when they were marrying tonight!

Orion looked up and at Pherenice. “Uh… Just a message,“ he said, putting the crystal away again and smiling. “Might have to go to a meeting later if anything,“ he added. He was good at masking his concern. He knew something had happened, but Donovan wasn’t calling all of the Guards onto perimeter duty or putting them on high alert yet. He had a feeling the raven was going a more discrete route in order to avoid unnecessary panic in the village.


Del watched Acer and moved her tail up around him as she stood beside him, slipping her hand into one of his, offering support and comfort. They were leaders here, now, but it was also his home that had just been attacked. She knew it was upsetting for him, even if he tried not to let it on, even if he seemed overwhelmed with processing the information at the moment. “We should send someone to speak with Donovan, find out what happened, so we can find our next step,“ she said. The crystal went off again and she lifted it from Acer’s hand. “Twilight will be up shortly… you need to be here to talk to her. I can go check on Donovan,“ she said, knowing the twins would be fine with Acer, Eros and Twilight… and if they needed a sitter for them before she could get back, Zanna would maybe be willing, since Judith and Samson were out this morning. The question was whether or not Acer would let Del go on her own this morning, despite her past as the Minnow.

Twilight had sent the message back to her brother, letting him know they’d be up shortly. She set the crystal down on the nightstand and then moved back against Jupiter again. “I guess we have to get up then,“ she said, unable to help but pout a bit. She felt like it’d been at least a good week since she and Jupiter just got to enjoy a day together, let alone just a morning or an evening, without having to worry about a training session or a meeting or a vision leaving Twilight exhausted or just something happening. “I wish we could just escape for a day…“ she said with a sigh. But she hadn’t left Unkindness because here she was supposed to be safe, hidden by the lanterns. The only other place she could safely go was La’Shire.

Koi looked at Mars and moved with him to the door, stepping out onto their porch. She tucked her crystal into her pocket, having gotten Tria‘s invitation, but didn‘t think it was the right time to bring it up. “Everything will be okay, you know…“ she said, trying to be encouraging and optimistic, knowing how worried he was. “And Donovan is tough. I know he’ll bounce right back,“ she said. Mars should know. He’d nearly lost the full use of his wings saving Samson, earning him his current position with Acerbus. If he could recover from that, she believed Don would be okay.

Vera smiled and looked over the device as Rio showed it to her. “What does that mean?“ she asked when he referenced the little blinking bar, indicating something set it off. She was always learning a bit more about Rio, which intrigued her. Not that it didn’t go both ways, though. Seemed he was always learning something new about her too, and no doubt would learn more tonight at Tria’s wedding, where Vera would see her family again for the first time in over a month.

Soraya nodded a bit and moved with Abbadon to go with him and get Donovan some help at the Royal Oak. It was a good direction to go in, because now -- more than before -- she needed to speak with Acerbus again and hope he’d agree to let her speak with Twilight. She needed to know if that had been Zlo… if he had been corrupted… if she could reach him. She knew it was a risk. Once Twilight figured out who she was, why she was here, who she was looking for… she wouldn’t put it past the girl to reveal those things to her brother and destroy relations across the board… or would she keep it to herself, she wondered?

Ikki stood outside Pan and Sandy’s door, about to knock, but it didn’t take much for the panther’s ears to pick up on the purring and other sounds now coming from the room. Between Panro’s growls and Sandy’s giggles. Ikki knew better than to interrupt. They were acting like newlyweds and they hadn’t even started on their wedding plans. He sighed and slid an envelope under the door for them to find when they were done with their ‘playtime.‘ How to contact his girlfriend for the dress, the name of the most popular jewelry smith in the castle for the rings, and a few little remarks from Fang.

“Have you been reading the king’s spell books again instead of filing?“ Saffy asked with a smile. “I think we’ve maybe done enough of that kind of magic for a few days,“ she said, recalling their summoning Tenebrae. She then moved to rub noses with him before giving him another kiss. “Besides, we do a good job making magic happen all on our own,“ she teased playfully.

Blake nodded. “Sounds like a good place to start,” he said, gesturing to Horace to change direction down the corridor that would lead to the room on their rounds that Serg indicated on his chart.

Nascha paused a moment, letting Mela’s nervous gestures and coy revelation sink in. She then smiled brightly and leaned over. “Seriously? You are!?“ She moved her chair closer and hugged Mela. “It’s about time!“ she teased before pulling back. “I’m happy for you, too.“ And, to think, they were this excited over merely trying!

Juno smiled a bit and nodded. “Yeah. Guess we should get dressed, maybe get something to eat. If I know Yuuri, she’ll be doing the same… before we meet up.“ She looked at him a moment before moving in to give his cheek a kiss, then she moved to get out of bed and head into the washroom. When Juno had been reborn, she’d been a clean slate as far as relieved of much of the emotional baggage that plagued her before. But the closer she got to tapping into her dragon side, it seemed some of that was creeping back in, and the dreams last night -- nightmares rather -- of her father weren’t helping.

Garand chuckled a bit and nodded. “I think dad was starting to feel the same way,“ he said, meaning Traitorin, who had gotten to know Tria while she helped him with his work, and with how good she and Aspen had been for each other, how devoted, this wedding felt like it took forever to happen. He then looked over to Lana and back to Fang.

  • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Fri Jun 1 9:54pm
    Crys looking over she was starting to think she should have kept up with her more magical side instead of her more roguish skills. "So, you think their is a chance that maybe she hasn't returned to... more
    • Re: OOC/IC — Shiloh (Aspen thru Garand), Sat Jun 2 5:19am
      • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Nikkala thru Vespa), Sat Jun 2 5:19am
        Nikki noticed Averie eating and started to eat as well. She glanced towards the nursery, where the soft, content purrs from Kiva came through the baby monitor crystal. She was still soundly sleeping, ... more
        • Re: OOC/ICKoran/Dkhoran, Sat Jun 2 10:20am
          Prodded on by Mira's broken purring mixed in with her needy mew's, Koran bucked up wantingly as his body hungered for its next release on some instinctual level, the base urge to procreate... more
          • Re: OOC/ICAnonymous, Sat Jun 2 10:24am
            (Sorry I've been gone for so long, guys) "Y-yeah..." Ex panted heavily, bracing his arms over Seda's sides. "I love you Se." Rocky panted and moaned, getting more and more excited, especially when... more
            • Re: OOC/ICKari (Dimael thru, Sat Jun 2 2:53pm
              ((Occ: No worries guys. Life gets crazy. ^_^ Post when you can and welcome back ^^)) Dim looked at Crys and nodded. "I think that is a high possibility. The Sky's are quiet and the lands do not shake ... more
              • Re: OOC/ICKari (Averie thru Trait) , Sat Jun 2 2:54pm
                Averie chuckled as he ate glancing up at the crystal hearing the cute little rumbling purrs that seemed to hiccup once and a while. Or stutter to a stop and start. He did catch her glancing though... more
                • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Sat Jun 2 7:13pm
                  Tria looking over, "Thanks Aspen." She said and smirking a little bit, "Don't worry I will protect you from Millie." She teased a little bit and standing up to stretch a little bit. "Let me get... more
                  • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Aspen thru Nascha), Sat Jun 2 11:04pm
                    Aspen smiled at Tria and then laughed a bit when she called him out on his fears of his sister’s ire over breaking tradition. “I feel safer now,“ he said, which wasn’t all joke. He knew Tria was a... more
                    • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Seda thru Kia), Sat Jun 2 11:04pm
                      (I’ve been there. Just this past week! Lol. Welcome back. ^_^) “I love… you too… Axl,” Seda returned with a little whine at the end as she said his name. She pulled him down over her again just to... more
                      • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Sat Jun 2 11:05pm
                        Nikki looked back to Averie and nodded a bit. “I know,“ she said with a smile. “I trust you, Averie. I know that when you say you’ll do something… you’ll do it,“ she said. Whether that was keeping... more
                        • Re: OOC/ICRudy (Ex thru Dia), Sun Jun 3 12:57am
                          "S-so..." Ex said, still catching his breath as he gathered Seda into his arms. "Any... Plans?" "You naughty, naughty wolf..." Rocky moaned, his hips moving side to side slightly instead of the... more
                          • Re: OOC/ICKari (Millie and Trait)) , Sun Jun 3 1:23am
                            Millie had been nervously mumbling to herself. Trying to figure out how to even begin when Saber answered the door she glanced up and shifted. "I'm Mildune Moonchoir....Traitorin's daughter...I..."... more
                  • Re: OOC/ICKari (Eri thru Millie) , Sat Jun 2 10:36pm
                    Eri smiled and nodded to Tria. "Sure thing." She said hoping that Aspen didn't notice her hesitation on ordering anything. She knew she should take his advice and order that Tae had assured her that... more
                    • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Sun Jun 3 2:42am
                      Tria walking over and moving a arm around Eri and smiling. "Don't worry we'll take care of each other." She told Aspen. She make sure that Eri didn't over do anything or if she needed food she make... more
                    • Re: OOC/ICKari (Averie thru Haru, Sun Jun 3 12:38am
                      Averie smiled a bit nodding. He had made a point of making sure to never break his word to her even if it took a bit of time he would make sure to keep it. It was important to him. "After I get my... more
                      • Re: OOC/ICKoran/Dkhoran, Sun Jun 3 9:53am
                        Gradually Koran's mouth moved away from Mira's throat as he regained his senses from that second and equally potent release, a low husky yet satisfied rumble escaped his lips as he panted slowly... more
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