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Shiloh (Aspen thru Nascha)
Sat Jun 2, 2018 11:04pm

Aspen smiled at Tria and then laughed a bit when she called him out on his fears of his sister’s ire over breaking tradition. “I feel safer now,“ he said, which wasn’t all joke. He knew Tria was a capable warrior, though she certainly wouldn’t need that against his sister. He then paused a moment hearing that hesitation from Eri. “I’m sure Tria would be happy to order lunch for you both, if you’re uncomfortable ordering things yourself, Eri…” he assured her. He wasn’t sure what was going on there with the kitchen and Eri, but he figured maybe she was just still uncomfortable with the premise, all of this castle living still being new to her. “And you should just call for the seamstress to come here, love,” he added to Tria. “That way you girls can be comfortable here. They do it all the time,” he added. “I’ll make myself scarce, then… I have a few errands to run before tonight myself,” he noted, especially since he had to go check on the wedding rings to make sure they’d be ready, and of course to ensure the gardens they wanted would be reserved.

Orion looked at her and paused a moment before smiling. “You must be a very important guest… to have a part in such meetings,“ he said. Only a handful knew the truth about who Phere was, what twilight was. Donovan, Mars, Eros. But most of the Guards didn’t know the full extent of it. They knew Pherenice was a guest of the Royals and that she was particularly in the company of Princess Twilight. Some assumed Phere was a tutor. Others assumed she was a friend Twilight made in La’Shire. No one really knew the full truth just yet. But it seemed the time for revelations was coming quickly with the attack today and the plan to travel to Aeon soon.


Del smiled and nodded. “Sounds like a good idea. I think Sasha had lessons today, so maybe she’ll bring Lucia with her. I’m sure she’ll love to entertain the babies,“ she said in agreement. She then moved to finish getting dressed, wanting to head out quickly to check on and debrief Donovan on what exactly occurred. She didn’t take long to change into a pair of capris and a light spring tunic to head out. Del wasn’t always going around in the expected royal garbs of dresses and skirts. You couldn’t always take the Minnow out of the Raccoon. She and Acerbus were serious about their duties, but they were also loved as the newer, more liberal generation of leaders. They didn’t always do things by tradition alone. She moved up to Acerbus and gave him a kiss. “I’ll let you know what I find out,“ she said. “You’ll do fine with Twilight,“ she assured him before she headed out. “Thank you for staying, Eros,“ she called back before leaving.

“Of course, Lady Delilah,“ he said before the door audibly closed. He then glanced to Acerbus, able to see his aura calmer now. It was remarkable the affect Delilah could have on him.

“I… don’t know if Tenebra wants to hear from us right now. He won’t be happy with me until I go to Aeon and do whatever it is I have to do there,“ Twilight said as she slid off the bed and moved towards the closet, lifting her ngihtshirt up and over her head as she went, hanging it on a hook just inside the walk-in before moving to start getting changed. “And, besides, I’m still a bit mad at him, too,“ she added. What right did he have to make demands of her on something that already so dictated and consumed her life as it was? Twilight was known for her ability to forgive, but that one was taking more than a day.

Koi moved to slip her hand into Mars’. “One day at a time. That’s all we can do. And trust that Acerbus and Delilah will make the right decisions for everyone here. You have faith in them, and so do I. And no matter what… you and I are still getting married this week… and we’ll be happy, regardless of what comes,“ she said with a smile. “Now, come on. Or we’ll have to be more worried about Rachel than whatever happened at the perimeter this morning,“ she said, trying to lighten the mood as she opened her wings, giving her feathers a little ruffle in perperation to fly with him to the Royal Oak.

“So… someone inside of Unkindness is blocking it or outside? Can it be done from outside?“ Vera asked curiously, which were valid questions. If someone from within was doing it… they could have another Kingsmen, or worse, on their hands. The Oak had taken on a lot of new help recently… and the fact of the matter was, not every one of them was probably harmless.

“Is there a means of getting to your perch without flying?” Soraya asked, unaware that Donovan’s mate was of the wingless here, meaning he would require a walkway to his home to ensure Fai could come and go freely without limitations. She let Donovan lead them where they needed to go. It was rather interesting to see how independent the Eagles were. Others had offered to help Abbadon assist Donovan, but Soraya wasn’t just any princess. Golden Eagles were considered a warrior brood, and so she wouldn’t let any Guard do something she was fully capable of doing herself.

“Just what we want in a library full of old books,“ Saffy joked, meaning their sparks could cause a fire, though that was not physically possible. She moved to give him another kiss. “Mmm… we need to get up if we ever plan on taking that walk before my appointment,“ she noted, though neither of them seemed all that motivated to move out of each other’s arms or to stop their intermittent make out sessions. “You’re the one who said fresh air and sunlight would be good for us…“

Blake nodded and smiled at Horace’s surprise. “We had an entire pack arrive late last night as well. Survivors of the Abyss,“ he added, the Painted Lycans, or what was left of their tribe, having been retrieved with Fairy magic, thanks to Simon’s Fairy Court. Their numbers were less than half their original size, but those who made it would now have a chance to start fresh when all of these dark times came to an end. He had faith that day would come. When they came to the door and Serg knocked, he looked at the nervous, tired deer who answered. “We don’t mean to disturb your rest. We wanted to check in with you and your family, to see if you needed anything or if there was anything we could assist you with today to help make your transition to the castle easier. How are you and your family doing this morning?” He moved to pull out a pouch from his belt, a care package from the infirmary of Zion doses, incase they required healing.

Juno washed her face and got herself freshened up. She was brushing her hair when Torin came in. “You looked again?“ she asked. It was his morning routine. He always looked, maybe some part of him hoping the horizon wouldn’t be dark beyond their perimeter any longer, but it always was these days.

Garand glanced at Lana as Fang spoke. Could he see himself marrying her one day… yes, absolutely. But… he really did wonder if Lana would ever say yes when that day came. She seemed set against becoming a princess, and he was a prince who couldn’t spurn his family by turning down his title. If she married him, she’d be a princess. He hoped with time her view on it would soften, but… they had time. “I think the same thing about Aspen. There was a time not too long ago I couldn’t picture him ever settling down. He’s changed so much since he met Tria… It’s like he finally figured out who he wants to be and who he is. Let all that nonsense he was known for around here go and just… now I almost can’t imagine them not getting married,“ he said with a smile. He then noticed Fang’s look, like his mind just went somewhere else. “I’m sure she’d be happy to see him get married today, too. I’m sure she’ll see it,“ he said, almost knowingly. He’d been a baby himself when he was orphaned and Trait adopted him and raised him. Trait was the only father Garand had known, but he often liked to imagine his birth parents were watching him grow up and would be proud of who he became and the choices he makes.


Nascha smiled and nodded. “Oh, right… of course. It’s just so exciting that Serg and I are trying and you and Blake are too,“ she said. “Yesterday… Serg put in his notice with the Knights and he got the approval from Traitorin, Lady Dia and Lady Silvitrista to start working on making his school idea a reality. Traitorin even said the Lemurian architects in the castle would help La’Shire to create a whole new school wing for him. He’s nervous, but excited and… and I don’t know what exactly got into him, but he asked me if I wanted to start trying and… of course I do, so… A lot of changes coming. I think maybe before he was worried… being a knight and always on the front line. Now he’s getting his dream and I think part of that is to have a family too,“ she said with a blush. “Do you think Blake will pull back from his knight duties a bit and get more into the royal politics?“ she asked curiously.

Nascha then looked up and smiled, waving her hand in the air a bit. “There’s Sally,“ she said, flagging the dove down as she seemed to hurry in to meet them.

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      Eri smiled and nodded to Tria. "Sure thing." She said hoping that Aspen didn't notice her hesitation on ordering anything. She knew she should take his advice and order that Tae had assured her that... more
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        Tria walking over and moving a arm around Eri and smiling. "Don't worry we'll take care of each other." She told Aspen. She make sure that Eri didn't over do anything or if she needed food she make... more
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        Averie smiled a bit nodding. He had made a point of making sure to never break his word to her even if it took a bit of time he would make sure to keep it. It was important to him. "After I get my... more
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