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Shiloh (Seda thru Kia)
Sat Jun 2, 2018 11:04pm

(I’ve been there. Just this past week! Lol. Welcome back. ^_^)

“I love… you too… Axl,” Seda returned with a little whine at the end as she said his name. She pulled him down over her again just to catch him in a kiss, though it couldn‘t last too long as they were both trying to catch their breaths as it was! She broke the kiss and panted a bit, her fingers tangled in his hair, playing with the fur on his ears. She rubbed noses with him affectionately in lieu of another kiss until she had her breath back.

Rain could taste and feel clearly how excited Rocky was getting. She could feel the tension in every inch of his body as he tried not to buck. She seemed intent on bringing him to climax and yet she knew that her mate wouldn’t be down long, because he did love a bit of payback when she got like this… and she loved it too! She intensified her efforts, trying to draw it out of him, the whines and moans of a climax: her little victory song!

Flurry blushed a bit deeper when he said that and smiled, shaking her head a bit. “Well, no… I mean… we could always order again, but…” She bit her lip lightly as she looked at him, at how the cougar was also blushing. Oh, he was definitely thinking about getting carried away with her and forgetting about breakfast… and, now, so was she. “What do… what do you want to do?” she asked quietly, feeling her purrs on the verge of kicking in, depending on what happened next.

Cinder looked at Zuri and her ears tipped forwards a bit before she smiled. It was perhaps the most comfortable and genuine smile out of the Amor Wolf since she left the room. She nodded to her sister-in-law. “Yes, that… I‘d like that,” she said. To be able to go out of her room while in heat and not cause such a stir with the males… or to be afraid of what might happen as a result… it would be nice.

Perry smiled and nodded. “Have a good day, Sally,” he said as the dove hurried in to meet up with her friends. He sighed a bit and smiled, shaking his head. A bit amused that, even though he‘d just told her moments before, she still went back to calling him ‘Lord Perry‘ instead of just by name. He knew it wasn‘t done consciously. Sally was a sweet girl. It did bother him to consider how many of those he now knew here in the castle had once been enslaved or hurt by that world… and somehow he had survived without all of that drama up in the mountains. But… as a result, he was also far behind the curve in how the world had been working down here, until he came down off the mountain and learned first-hand. How far they’d all come.

Cyan nodded a bit and smiled. “Thanks, Tera,” she said. “Maybe I‘m just… nervous about actually having a serious boyfriend…” she said, wanting somehow to rationalize these feelings. It‘d all happened very quickly with Sinder. It felt natural and right, but it had been quick. And as far as she knew, they were each other‘s first… first everything, really. They were coming up on their two-month anniversary since they‘re first date. Maybe that was what had her feeling off about him being out torturing Tyce…

Enola shivered as she felt his hand move into place and then let out an adorable yipping moan. She turned her head a bit as she felt him nipping at her sensitive ears, only adding to the sensations. “K-Ko…” she moaned, her claws pressing into his back a bit as her tails danced over his body, eagerly feeling him over, and one paying extra close attention to the lynx‘s tail.

Ivy smiled and laughed a bit at the great dane‘s playfulness this morning, playful friskiness, rather. She shook her head a bit, moving her hand up his side. “We wouldn‘t want that,” she returned. “Maybe we should take them off,” she added with another inviting smile.

Sun watched him and smiled a bit, shaking her head some. Pat had always been watching out for her best interests since the moment they met, even when she was being detained as a spy. She still didn‘t know what it was that made her special enough to steal his heart so immediately like that, but… she was glad it was her that his heart had wanted. Because she couldn‘t imagine this with anyone else. “Thank you,” she said, watching him and sighing as she ran her hands over her belly again. She hoped Rev could come through…

Willa was amongst those who Serg intended to keep on staff, as the Caracal was good with her students and knew how to accommodate different levels of ability. She knew how to teach to everyone’s strengths in class and then offer additional reading or work to those who required it, like Altair, to help them continue to excel on their own advanced level. Today, she could just teach to his strengths, seeing how he’d been the only one to show up! Perhaps once the school was in full swing and transitioned from this program to what Serg had planned for it, Altair would return with Yuna for certain classes, ones the kitten would feel more comfortable in, like magics or the arts, perhaps.

Aura was relaxing and contemplating getting out shortly, having been in for a little while now. She lifted her head and opened her eyes when she heard the door open. She looked at Archer as he stood there, looking like he was torn between holding his ground or jumping into the tub with her. She blushed deeply. He was so aroused and looking at her like he was aching to pounce. “Archer… morning,“ she said, making the greeting he’d been struggling to do. “Do you need me… to get out?” she asked, though he probably had no qualms about soaking the bathroom floor!

Ari smiled and watched as Auel seemed to take her in and all she said. She giggled a bit when he dropped his pants back to the floor, her tail wagging against the bed as he moved back over to her. She returned the kiss and then laughed again at his comment. “Hmm… nope. I have a feeling the libido is hereditary, though,” she joked as she got pleasant goosebumps from the feel of his tails tracing over her body.

Snow turned towards the door when it opened and saw Torrent and Rev come inside. Her ears were back and she looked like she was more than ready to leave, her tail tucked against the back of her legs. She looked down as Torrent moved beside her and stared at the floor as Rev approached to address Slate. She could hear it in the young man’s voice, even if he wasn’t verbalizing it. He resented Slate and he was angry with him and it was probably just as difficult for him to be in this room with Slate as it was for any of them right now.

Slate had been glaring in Snow‘s direction before Torrent and Rev came into the room. He smirked and scoffed a bit. All of them in one room. The resentment coming off of Rev was palpable. “You‘re aware it wasn‘t all me trying to kill Pepper,” he said to Rev, addressing one of the many elephants in the room. “I was corrupted. It was my magic, but… I would not, in my right mind, try to murder the Luminara,” he said, looking to the younger Guardian.

Slate saying that he wouldn‘t in his right mind kill the Luminara instead of saying he wouldn‘t kill his niece, his own flesh and blood, made Snow‘s hands tense into fists, her claws biting into her palms. Did his anger run so deep that he would shun all of his family? He‘d helped to raise Pepper and Patches, Timber… when their parents were gone. Pepper was seventeen. She was the Luminara, yes, but she was also his family.

He chuckled a bit as he glanced at Snow, aware of her distress just being in the room when she‘d been so ready to escape just before they came in. Slate then looked back to Rev, turning his hand over, unable to lift it as he was shackled. “I don‘t have the strength back yet to do a direct transfer of the magic… I need something to put it into that you can then receive it from,” he said. “A conduit stone, a talisman, anything of that nature which can hold a universe of power,” he said. “Think you‘re ready to take that on, son?” he asked, the name at the end likely to make Rev bristle just from his own dislike of Slate.

Julep blushed, unable to help it. She smiled and took his arm as she walked off with Parak to have breakfast together. She had no idea Elly-Mae was watching them, probably elated at her efforts as matchmaker. Julep was certain Parak couldn‘t see her in that way, that this was just a friendship -- but it would see Elly‘s coaching to her great grandfather revealed there was definitely room for it to be something more. “Did you… have anything interesting happen on your rounds this morning?” she asked him. She liked the conversations she could have with him. They‘d spent most of the other night talking until, for decency‘s sake, he escorted her back to her room for her to retire for the night.

“So, am I detecting you‘re back to being your mischievous self, Elly?” Tripp asked from behind her. He‘d come by with Ibiel, wanting to get the pup out for a walk this morning, their little girl all giggles and coos in her stroller with her favorite stuffed toy and her unicorn blanket. No doubt she‘d get so excited were she to see Eri, a real unicorn, in the castle.

Gabby smiled and moved to kiss Prowl. “Then… I‘m gonna do it,” she said. She had an excitement in her voice at the thought. It would be a new adventure for her. She‘d still be the Royal Bard, but this way, she‘d also get to extend her reach so much further. She moved to send a reply to Serg, letting him know that she accepted the job, then set her crystal down and turned over to face Prowl again, giving him another kiss. “Oh!” She broke the kiss and paused, placing a hand on her tummy and then moving to take his hand, placing it there. “I think I felt… did you feel that?!” she asked. The first tiny kick.

“That was your dreams, love,” Simon said after the kiss before giving her another. He chuckled into it and broke it again. “Whoever‘s fault it is, I‘m glad for it,” he mused. “Probably the funnest way to wake up in the morning, hmm?”

Venna heard Saiken speak and then felt him gently push her away from her efforts. She landed gently on her back under the weight of his tails, looking up at him before blushing deeply as he moved over her. She moaned and chirped as he started to move against her, very proud of just how aroused she‘d gotten her fox. She watched his tails fan out behind him and smiled. “Oh gods.. Sai… “ Her wings shifted, opening a bit under her, her feathers ruffling with the sensations he was stirring in her.


Kia smiled and nodded as she snuggled up with Saber. “Ham and cheese omelet with home fries?” she asked, looking up at him. She was unaware that Princess Mildune was on her way to their room as they spoke, having learned of Kia from Indigo in the surveillance room. A dream wolf who could possibly help her learn and understand her own abilities. The question would be how protective Kia’s bunny boyfriend would be with her in such an exhausted state after yesterday’s ordeals. Just then, though, came the light knock on the door. Kia’s ears perked up nervously and she looked at Saber, who had locked every latch on the door when he came in, but… of course they had concerns that it could be Tyce’s friends… but unbeknownst to them, it was Millie… and in her true, stunning form as the Lumina. The Mother Wolf as Luminos had deemed her upon her birth, which was why so many wayward young wolves felt safe and drawn to her.

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