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Shiloh (Nikkala thru Mira)
Sat Jun 2, 2018 11:05pm

Nikki looked back to Averie and nodded a bit. “I know,“ she said with a smile. “I trust you, Averie. I know that when you say you’ll do something… you’ll do it,“ she said. Whether that was keeping his promise to get her out of the town back when they first met or something as simple as going to the infirmary to get checked out. She knew he’d follow through. He always had.

Nour felt her heart skip a beat when she felt the white phoenix behind her, his arms moving around her waist. Their love was an unspoken one. Always implied in their closeness, in her ability to speak to him in ways others couldn’t, in his receptiveness to her. They had a devotion that went beyond friendship and yet neither had spoken their love out loud or made a motion to make it real. But it was clear, ages had gone by and they were still dancing this dance, but now… time made them seem bolder. She slid her hands over his and turned her head to the side to look back at him as he spoke.

She then looked ahead when his hand moved and he brought the image of Tomoe into view for them. Nour tensed a bit upon the initial images of her friend, her ears falling back. But, yes, her eyes… “But if we walk openly amongst them…” If she went herself to D’Jorin without going through Ivy… she worried what might happen. But… for Tomoe… it seemed worth the risk. She turned in his arms and looked up at Solace. “Spiritus. We can go there through Spiritus,” she said. They’d each had a hand in the creation of the tree. They could use it as a conduit, an anchor, to be present without really revealing themselves to anyone but Tomoe. But… she didn’t know if Solace would come with her, or if he felt she’d do best going on her own… that he would wait for her.

“I promise I’ll make sure you’re comfortable again later, when it’s just us again,“ Senn said with a smile, moving to give her another kiss. “After all, we’re not done celebrating yet. I intend to make those wings of yours glow in all sorts of colors next time we’re alone,“ he mused. “And I’m glad I could be a good influence, but that ability was always inside of you, Yuuri.” He then moved and playfully patted his fiance’s rear. “Come on, let’s get up.”

Topaz listened and shifted a little in his arms to look at him more. “Any of that… all of it… I just want to know more of where you come from. Tell me about the… the Rose Ball?“ she repeated, unsure if she remembered the name right. Where she came from, they didn’t have such things. They had festivals, special blessings, but nothing so regal. They didn’t have royalty leading their tribes. It was more of a majority rules means of society.

“The Ancient?” Bayla said, almost stumbling over herself when Sable said it. They were looking at a living deity. That wasn’t something many on D’Jorin could say, that they’d seen an Ancient, a god or goddess of these lands. The only way they knew to recognize any of them was from stories and paintings… and Tomoe, while having the unmistakable twenty tails that no mortal fox possessed, she didn’t look anything like the images of her in art and in texts. “Why is an Ancient here?” She asked with a bit of concern after a moment. There were theories going back to the days immediately after the Ancients departed this realm… that when the Ancients began to walk amongst them again freely, it would mean the end of Mystrian and Human days, when the Ancients would wipe them out and reclaim the lands to start over again, considering their time here a failure. But, fortunately, this didn’t seem to be that. And those were just stories…

Violet watched Shale as they drew near to the room. She could actually pick up the scents now. It was familiar to her. Her sisters were close. She giggled at shale’s display, a sound that made Maks smile. He was glad Vi had run into Juniper, of all Mystrians, because she’d done a good job of ensuring the girl would be less afraid. And now Vi seemed to be just fine and he was relieved he’d be returning her to Fauve that way. They reached the door and he knocked lightly before opening the door. “I found a little explorer in the East Wing,” he said before Vi let go of his hand and ran into the room, hugging Hank in one arm and hurrying over to her sisters.

“You’re rambling,” Ginga said, but then smiled. “But… I’m with you,” she said, words that Fauve probably thought a couple of days ago that she’d never hear from her little sister. “If you’re willing to make changes for the betterment of our pack, then… so am I. It’s… it’s time for changes. Won’t be easy, but it’ll be good.” She then let her ears perk up at the knock on the door and then Maks was there and Vi was running towards them. “Vi!” She moved and caught her little sister, picking her up and hugging her.

“Ginga. Fauve. This place is so big. And I met a dragon named Juni. And she gave me muffins. And Maks is a hero, like from the stories, just like Fauve said he was. He is!” Vi said, the pup rambling a mile a minute, which seemed to be just like her big sister, Fauve.

“Yeah. Come on… let’s head in and get a table,” Gypsy said, gesturing with her head towards Braska and the doors into the dining room. She then started walking back to her boyfriend with Taupe in tow, giving him a bit of a surprised look herself as they all headed inside and moved to a table. “So…” she said as she moved to sit down with them. “What’s going on, Taupe?” she asked curiously.

Meeka smiled brightly when Frau said she was right and gave her such unfamiliar compliments. Daire often mentioned how clever she was, how well she caught onto things. But to hear Frau call her bright and clever made her feel so happy and proud in a sense, because it was another source to hear it from. She looked at the delicate ring on her own finger. It’d felt weird at first, but she’d seemed to quickly get used to the feeling of it. Daire had made sure it was a light and delicate, but strong ring that would be comfortable for her, so it was almost like she wasn’t even wearing one. She then looked at Frau. “But Frau will get a ring one day, right?“ she asked curiously. “The ring is pretty to wear..”

Thayne laughed lightly, not at her, but at her most prominent desire. Bacon. Of course. It seemed that all of the girls had a taste for it. Perhaps because it was something so foreign to them compared to what they ate most of their captive lives and, of course, it was bacon, so who didn’t like it? “Okay. Well, I’m not sure what you’re smelling, but I’m sure that someone on the staff can tell us,“ he assured her. They made it to the dining room and he moved inside with her, looking around. “Where do you want to sit, Baillie?“ he asked, having not yet spotted Frau and Meeka yet, though odds were Baillie would.

Cleo settled into his arms as he picked her up. She smiled and moved to rest her head against his shoulder, rubbing her cheek against his shirt a bit. She made her happy little chattering sounds, feeling immediately better being held by him. Last night could have gone either way, making love to Cleo for the first time. It was probably a relief to him that she seemed to feel even safer and more comfortable with him in the wake of it, rather than recoiling. Just another sign of her movements forward and further away from the slavery mentality, which he so tried to protect her from going back to. “Thank you…” she said with a little squeak.

Ashe smiled as she watched Rumi’s interactions with each of the sleeping little ones. She laughed softly as he shook his head at Orrin, knowng just what he was thinking. She shifted a bit to be closer to him once he was sitting beside her again, her hand tensing in his gently to give his hand a squeeze. “I’m thinking apple pancakes with honey apple syrup and fresh blueberries…“ she said with a smile.

Lassa looked a little confused by his remark at first, but then it seemed to dawn on her what he meant and the blush that slowly crept into her cheeks seemed to rival all her blushes before it. She felt those butterflies in her tummy again, and it was probably the fact she reacted so adorably and shyly to his desires, blushed like it was the first time, despite however many times they made love… that just put a need in Trilander. She closed her eyes when he kissed her, returning it and feeling the heat in her cheeks intensify.

Odette smiled, her tail wagging a bit when she heard Soleil laugh. “You have a great laugh, Soli,” she said, giving her an affectionate nickname. “Must be why you were given that name, right?” she asked. He laugh was like how sunshine must sound. “Well, here’s to not eating way too many crepes alone, hmm?” she joked as she cut a piece off and lifted it with her fork as though making a toast with crepes instead of champagne glasses.

Yuna listened to the description of the crepe and smiled brightly when Silvi said she thinks she’ll enjoy it. “It sounds good. And I love cream,“ she added. It was one of her guilty pleasures. Altair often ordered her a cup of sweet whipped cream with strawberries for her snack. And any crepe with whipped cream was already something she was anticipating. She then tipped her head thoughtfully at the question. “It’s… really nice. I’ve never been somewhere like this before. It was too big when I first came, but it felt safe with Alti,“ she said. He’d found her after the rescuers from the town dropped her at the castle. She’d be roaming alone, injured, limping around. He’d come across her and carried her to his room where he tended to her leg and taught her how to use the bath and the shower, let her clean up and then he let the nervous kitten stay in his bed while he slept on the couch. It wasn’t long after that he training as a toy and her desire to thank him led to their discovery of more intimate things. But it was always so utterly innocent between them, that it was hard to be upset at them for figuring all of that out without the talks first. She smiled at Silvi and moved to pull her napkin free, having learned some etiquette from altair as well, putting it on her little lap.

“Thank you, Opal. I’ll be in my office, trying to figure out how to make this into something anyone can use, without our close supervision,” Sarah said. “Call me on my crystal if you need me,” she added before she headed off, back to her office. She knew Drak would check in with an update on Miharu and Vespa once he returned.


Vespa blinked a few times as he spoke with a genuine concern and care in his voice. His words were always genuine, but where they spoke before of his mistrust of her, they seemed to now display his care. She nodded gently and felt a smile pull at her lips. “thank you…” she said as he turned to leave.

Mira gasped through her purrs when his mouth seemed to make work on leaving a mark on her slender neck. No doubt she’d have a hickey there to go with her weak legs after all of this. The nurse doing her treatments would certainly know what had detained them this morning, and Koran would probably struggle to look sheepish over it. The drachen took great pride in his ability to pleasure the Fine Fur after all. Mira’s claws dug in, drawing blood, as she held onto him and her whole body tensed with her own climax as she felt his heat flood into her, so much that what she couldn’t handle escaped to wash down the drain with the shower water. She cried out so sweetly by his ear, completely inundated by wave after wave of pleasure as his intense climax triggered multiple in her.

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