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Kari (Averie thru Haru
Sun Jun 3, 2018 12:38am

Averie smiled a bit nodding. He had made a point of making sure to never break his word to her even if it took a bit of time he would make sure to keep it. It was important to him. "After I get my arm checked I can on the way back and pick up some of that fruit you like?" he said often he'd order it at some point in the day anyways and the bowl would set on the table beside her. Nikki enjoyed it and he never minded while it wasn't one of his favorites he liked it too. His was more of a tart fruit then anything else some called it bitter. If one had to compare it to anything it would be like eating a lemon.

"We would no doubt cause mass panic. Just her…is not enough especially since she looks tired and lost as if she has woken and is out of place it should not cause panic among them." He agreed and looked at her reaching down to lace his fingers through hers. Offering support. "I'll go with you." he said she was going to go see Tomoe for the first time in a long time. And her eyes….seemed both frozen and thawing as if waking from a long darkness. "I will go let you speak with her you know her heart better then any of us…but I'll be there for support for you and to show her….we want her to come home." He said softly they had never moved forward with it as if on some level both of them didn't feel it was right not until the found Tomoe. It wasn't that they put it off it was that all of the put searching for her first but even he…wished to focus more on Nour but felt a bit guilty as if it would be wrong of him to do so, so after his anger calmed it was what helped keep him away….just how much he loved this beautiful lycan with him. "There are many legends some dark concerning us….some believe should we return it is because we are displeased with them….it's….sad." he said shaking his head. "Of course….I may have helped in those legends creations." He said with a sigh. "Let us see if we can bring Tomoe back…before anyone thinks the worst of her it would [i]break her heart[/i]…." he said not realizing that it was heart break….that had caused all of this to begin with her fall…….

Yuuri smiled. "Sounds good." She said as she looked at him and laughed as he playfully smacked her rear. "Oh I'm sure you will you seem to enjoy doing that." She said as she walked off into the closet to get dressed she figured a nice tunic and shorts for this would be fine.

Fai smiled. "The Rose Ball?" he said chuckling. "Alright, We've always prided ourselves on the gardens that grow all around us even in the open meadows but none is actually more impressive the large field full of Roses each has there own scent to us. But those who visited us they see a sea of different colored Roses stretching as far as the eye can see. When they come into full bloom and are ready to be picked and trimmed for the next growing season there collected. The bushes giving them up. There was a grand hall in the center of Arcadia where the ball was held….the Roses filling the fountain before it and decorating everything as far as the eye can see. Friends, family even those of the different races were always invited and everyone would come in dress's the color of roses and inspired by them. The grand hall would be open. During the day everything from treats to pins and brooches would be sold music and meeting and making new friends but when the sun began to set everyone would gather there and the music would start playing…they'd start dancing. Switching partners laughter and singing…." Fii kept talking about it describing the last one he remembered being the first he could attend and be allowed to dance with the adults on the dance floor having gotten old enough just old enough and he did….swept around between his mother and father his Aunts and Uncles dancing with friends from other kingdoms. He described it as one who could not see but feel….but he hoped to some day show her the rose ball and all it's merriment it would be nice to hear it from her point of view.

"She looks as if she's lost or not quiet awake…like something happened." Sable said softly. "I sense an Underlying sadness to spiritus even as she's rejoicing….she just keeps saying her heart hurts." Sable glanced at Bayla. "That Mother's heart hurts and she wants to make it better….." Sable shook her head and then glanced at Tomoe who narrowed her eyes and Sable paused with Bayla. She looked at Tomoe. "Spiritus sings of your welcome Midora Naturae….I've only come to welcome you and thank you for gracing us with your presence."

Tomoe looked at her then back at the Spiritus. "You welcome me?" She asked her voice somewhere between cold and dark and yet holding warmer notes a few but….they were there.

Sable nodded. "It' breaks my heart though…to see you like this….everything we've ever seen shows you to truly be as splendid as the gifts you've given us…the flowers the Spiritus."

"yes….Spiritus speaks highly of all of you…." Tomoe answered her fingers brushing against the silver bark. "She sings of your care….and of the Elvin child who saved her…she talks of you all living by the rules of nature itself….of embracing it." Tomoe spoke her fingers tracing the bark.

"We do.." Sable agreed as she looked at the Ancient before her not drawing any closer not wishing to insult her.

"You said my appearance breaks your heart?" Tomoe said glancing back.

"Yes….all of our art everything shows you embraced by nature….the flowers dancing in your hair and tails….the dress's the color of the seasons….if you would allow all of Ethion to show you our gratitude for all you've given us….all you've done for us…."

Tomoe fell silent to allow them to do such a thing…..when by all rights she should tell her to cherish her last few days and yet her fingers brushed the bark of the tree….she did hate this dress the way it clung like black muck to her skin. She wanted to get the matting out of her fur and hair and yet that girl spoke with love for her……for nature did she not know? Did the other not give warnings to beware of her return? The confusion on that one danced in her heart…….just what game was this.

"Thank you Ginga." She said softly and turned her head at the knock at the door. Fauve smiled shaking her head as she walked over and took the tray out of the air as Shale bounced into the room. "Thank you for finding her Maks." She said shaking her head. She kissed his cheek then glanced over chuckling. "Oh you meet Juni did you?" She said looking at her. "That sounds like Juni." She said smiling as she watched her. Then chuckled as Shale moved and jumped up on the bed letting out a little playful mewl as she crawled closer to Aster and brought her tail around tickling the pup's nose as if to say time to wake up breakfast was here.

Aster shifted and giggled a bit in her sleep rolling over as Shale's tail played against the pup's nose.

"Shale are you being an Imp?" Fauve asked and Shale looked over.

"Not yet but I can be…." Shale said laughing and smiling as she glanced at Fauve.

Braska sat down himself a bit surprise at the way Taupe was behaving but….maybe she wasn't all that…hard to be around perhaps? Maybe just misunderstood.

Taupe joined them and sighed. "I just…ran into a friend of mine. I've known him ever since we were little and thought we could catch up and talk….I wanted to meet his girl….but…he acted like I was something horrible…" She sighed as she sat there. "I know….I have a bad habit…a really bad one when it comes to flirting and getting my nose into trouble that way…But I've never done anything to hurt his relationships…."

Frau smiled. "One day perhaps." She said nodding. "They are pretty to wear." she said in agreement and smiled as she Meeka looked so happy. It was good for her.

Baillie blinked and looked up at Thayne as he laughed when she said bacon. "Bacon is yummy!" she said in protest to his laughter knowing what he was laughing at. He always got a good chuckle at that one. Then paused and looked over smiling. "Oh look there's Frau and Meeka!" She said happily bouncing a bit it had been a long time she last saw them.

Ceil smiled as he glanced at her hearing the happy sounds and began walking along. It was not far to the dinning hall and he supposed in the end just her willingness to take this step where before she wouldn't have been was a huge leap forwards. But a good one. He hoped to one day see more and more of Cleo of her personality coming through and out in the open, as she felt more and more comfortable with being allowed to be herself. "You're welcome." he said gently as he walked carrying her. The fact she felt even safer was a relief to him. It meant nothing about last night troubled her at all.

Rumi smiled. "That sounds good to me." He said looking at her. "Juice or tea with the pancakes he said as he picked up the crystal to place the order for them. He certainly didn't mind and well it was nice to be able to just lounge around now that the twins were settled in.

Trilander broke the kiss to nuzzle her a bit and kiss along her jawline. "You're adorable you know that." he whispered huskily , it was so hard to not just pounce but then again, it wasn't like there was any rush to go anywhere or do anything. So he was more then happy to trail kisses along her jawline.

Soliel smiled and nodded a bit. "From what I was told as a kid yeah…." she said as she cut into her crepe. "apparently they didn't know what to name me had been expecting a boy the doctors all said it was a boy and out came a little girl and mom said I giggled…." She smiled shaking her head. "For a while though I thought I had forgotten how to…but…being here has given me back those reasons I enjoy it." She said and then cut and lifted up her crepe nodding. "Agreed although these ones I almost swear you could never eat too many." She said raising her own to toast Odette figuring out what it was she was doing by the gesture.

The waitress came back with a crepe and drinks for them both setting them down. "Here you go enjoy." she said as she walked off to tidy up around the dinning hall a bit. Silvi looked at it and had to give Tae credit most who tried to replicate Elvin styled dishes couldn't get it quiet right this looked like it had come straight from the Kingdom of Rohdorn. The way it was set up on the plate it was obvious cooking was Tae's passion. The fruit in the pastry the chocolate and sweet cream. It looked as wonderful as if they were really there. "I'm glad you like it here." She said as she placed her own napkin on her lap and then cut into the crepe nodding to Yuna with a smile. "There is something I'd like to ask you." she said softly as she ate the first bite savoring it before pausing. "I'd like to adopt both you and your sister….if your alright with it? I'd need to ask her of course….but…" Silvi could almost smack herself she sounded so very nervous.

Opal nodded as she looked at Sarah "I will" she said and walked off to the infirmary and into after a moment into the isolation ward. She walked through and into the last room and paused as she was sure….her eyes were playing tricks on her. The mystrian they had given it too and he was….sorta looking like a light bulb. Kinda she could see the dark patches and then there were light patches and they were slowly growing…….spreading out as if the light was eating the darkness. "Um…" She tipped her head knowing she was alone in the room but how did she call Sarah and tell her that the patient looked like a spotted firefly? Maybe just that? She sent through an update the time from the point of taking to now….and the appearance of the patient because really Opal didn't know how else to explain it….he was still breathing as if in a calm sleep but….he looked like…a spotted firefly.
Haru watched him turn to go nodding as well as he leaned back a bit holding Vespa in his arms this was different and nice. He just hoped they could bridge the gaps little by little.


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