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Kari (Millie and Trait))
Sun Jun 3, 2018 1:23am

Millie had been nervously mumbling to herself. Trying to figure out how to even begin when Saber answered the door she glanced up and shifted. "I'm Mildune Moonchoir....Traitorin's daughter...I..." She shifted why was it she was nervous. "I came to ask as friend...if...Kia could offer me advice on how to control my magic's there waking in the realm of dreams..." She said softly not wanting to disturb him but he seemed a bit rougher then those she usually dealt with, a different gruffer way of speaking it seemed. And Indy did tell her they had a rough time recently. So that no doubt attributed to a lot. Was it simply because she was asking about something she was usually so confident in her magic?

Trait looked at her and blushed a bit as he took his own tray from her. "She did take it." he teased back as she whispered that and then smiled. "Well then I shall certainly look forward to desert."

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    "S-so..." Ex said, still catching his breath as he gathered Seda into his arms. "Any... Plans?" "You naughty, naughty wolf..." Rocky moaned, his hips moving side to side slightly instead of the... more
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