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Shiloh (Aspen thru Nascha)
No Subject
Sun Jun 3, 2018 3:29pm

Aspen smiled and nodded. “I believe that,“ he noted. Tria was a tigress of her word and, whether she realized it or not, she had a tendency to take after Fang in that way. Heck, Aspen often did it himself. But she took many under her wing, took it upon herself to look after them and care about them. Like Koi and later Sandy, and so many others along the way. “If you two need me, I’ll have my crystal on me.“ He gave Tria another look and smiled again, a telling look, like a playful ‘I’ll see you later,‘ but without the words. He nodded and then headed out to leave the girls to their own devices for now.


Eros smiled and shook his head. “You have, sir,“ he said, “but you don’t need to. You and Donovan gave me an opportunity that I thought was only ever going to be a dream for me. To be a part of this place in a way that mattered more than repairing broken railings and replacing faulty windows. You gave me a chance to show that what’s different about me aren’t limitations,“ he added with another smile. “So, I really should be thanking you.“ Which he had, many times… just as Acerbus had thanked him many times for the risks he took for the family and Unkindness. Going beyond the safety of Unkindness for weeks to find a city that may not ever exist wasn’t exactly something anyone was volunteering for, but he knew with the way he could see Twilight so differently… that ability would benefit him out there. “I’ve found myself faced with harder things,“ he confessed. Like this weird triangle he found himself in with Crys and Phere, which was much clearer to him now that he’d been gone for two weeks. He looked to the twins and smiled. “They are a perfect balance of the two of you,” he noted, able to see it in their lights.

Delilah made her way through the Royal Oak, trying to determine from relays through the crystal with other guards from the scene where Donovan was being taken to. His perch was the final answer, which was just at the first level of the Royal Oak, and with Delilah, odds were she’d probably even beat them there, even though she had been further away to start. Even with a brief smile or nod or word to a citizen of Unkindness who happily acknowledged seeing her out and about, she made good time. She was hard to miss with her tail. Despite all of those who still struggled to accept the influx of Wingless into Unkindness, all seemed to still embrace Acerbus’ wife; their new queen, essentially.

Twilight slipped a light spring sleeveless tunic that was fitted at the top and belled out just under her chest, as it fell more loose and flowy around her hips. She slipped on a simple pair of deep blue Capri leggings that came down about mid-calf and then quickly slipped her feet into a pair of flats. She came out to quickly brush her hair. Her style was a blend of her youth and her forced growing up in these last months. She, fortunately, didn’t let herself get too swept up in her responsibilities or let them change her into something she wasn’t. She was still seventeen, her eighteenth birthday looming around the corner. It was perhaps why it seemed almost fated for them to locate Aeon. Perhaps 18 was the age she’d be capable of absorbing all that was coming without it shattering her. 18 years of things she should have been learning from the day she was born being thrown at her all at once might be too much for anyone else… and she knew, going to Aeon, that’s what would happen.

Koi smiled as he pulled her in closer. She moved to give him a kiss and then nodded. “I know you would, but you won’t have to. When I think about us and our future, Mars… there’s nothing I’m afraid of. I feel like, whatever goes on around us, we’re going to be just fine,“ she said, bringing her free hand up to cup his cheek before kissing him again. She broke it with a little coo and then blushed some. “We should get flying…“ she said, offering him to take the lead on when they took off. They hadn’t been without earning their own nicknames in Unkindness. Mars taking the position of King’s Guard from his brother propelled him into a sort of celebrity status, just as Jupiter had been. But Mars’ relationship with Koi was also well known and they’d earned the affectionate nickname of the ‘Lovebirds’ in Unkindness, mostly because of their tendency to always fly holding hands, which wasn’t an easy thing to do. It took really knowing where the heck the other person’s wings would be and how they flew to be able to fly that close. The fact their wedding would be smaller and not a public event was a bit of a disappointment for Unkindness, all of whom probably would have attended!

Vera got a small pang in her gut at his words. She had a feeling, but she really wished it’d been wrong. “Sounds like you’ll need a bit of help figuring out who on the inside is doing it, then,“ she said. “Sounds like something a good thief could use a good spy for,“ she added in hushed tones, though… she wanted to remind him they were still going to this wedding! She’d missed enough of her family’s endeavors this past month. She wouldn’t miss one of her best friends’ weddings too.

Soraya looked around and her eyes took it all in, as though she were already trying to figure out the path back to the Oak with the least citizens on route. She recalled their tour and which areas had fewer locals. “I think we should go that way,” she said to Abbadon, probably surprising Donovan with the fact she had indeed surmised the best route to keep his situation private. She looked to Donovan and then ahead and moved with them in that direction. She knew where the Oak was… and Soraya was very good with her skills. She’d honed them outside of Aer’Oro, working with the MLP when she met them. “I wasn’t always the princess,” she noted to him.

Saffy swore he kept kissing her just to torment her when he finally got them up out of bed. “You need to stop kissing me, then… because too much more and I don’t know if I’ll let you out of bed,“ she teased back. She then pulled free of his arms and rolled over onto her side of the bed, sitting up and looking back at him. She pushed the blankets aside and got up, stretching a bit. All of that fun they had last night giving her a few little kinks to work out now that she was up. Not that the view probably bothered Duncan. “Come on, sleepy bear. As you said, gardens are calling,“ she mused as she walked into the washroom to freshen up before she got dressed.

Blake nodded a bit as he saw the family. They’d been so scared that they all slept on a single sofa instead of using the bed. He understood. He’d seen many Mystrians upon their first arrivals, who were so frightened and unsure that they slept under beds, in closets, locked in the bathroom. At least they were all together and, from the report he’d read, this family had remained intact and hadn’t lost anyone in their little family unit. “Please take this as well. If you require anything at all, this crystal will put you in contact with whoever your need,” he said. Security, the infirmary, the kitchen… “If you need extra blankets or pillows, La’Shire will provide on her own,” he assured them. “You’ll be safe here,” he added, reinforcing their sense of security. “Welcome home.”

Juno sighed a bit. “Is it awful that sometimes I think… as bad as my father was… he would never have done this?“ She looked at him and then down again as she ran the brush through her hair. “He wanted to control the world, but he didn’t want to destroy it. Sometimes I wonder if his being here was the only thing that kept her from coming back. I shouldn’t think those things, but… that dream…“ She sighed and shook her head. “I guess I can’t shake it yet. Working with Yuuri will help, I’m sure.“

“Really? Aspen didn’t plan a party after?“ Garand asked, a bit surprised. But then again, as he’d said himself, Aspen had really found who he wanted to be with Tria… and he still had fun, but not the way he used to, since his rebirth. He shook his head a bit. “Well, maybe we’ll do something for them later. After they’ve been married a couple of days. Then we can celebrate them with a dinner or something,“ he suggested. “That family dinner last night was so nice after so long… we could use more of those. And, of course, you’re family now, too, Fang. So you’ll have to be there,“ he said with a smile.


Nascha smiled and moved to give Sally a hug too before sitting down with her and Mela again. “Yeah, he is. His dream is becoming a reality, finally.“ She then laughed a bit over Mela’s remarks on Blake. “Yeah, I guess I could see that being a challenge,“ she mused before looking back to Sally. “You look like you’re having a good morning, Sally,“ she noted to the dove.

    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Seda thru Odette), Sun Jun 3 3:29pm
      Seda cuddled up in his arms as he pulled her close, her tails settling with his around them. “None… that I know of…” she said, smiling at him. She took a deep breath and felt her breathing seem to... more
      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Sun Jun 3 3:30pm
        Nikki looked at him and smiled, nodding a bit. “Only if you bring back some of the fruit you like, too,“ she added. “But, thank you. That’d be nice.“ She then hesitated a moment. “Could I maybe just... more
        • Re: No SubjectKari (Eri thru Soliel) , Sun Jun 3 9:17pm
          Eri smiled looking up at Tria and nodded. "We'll be alright." She said as she looked at Aspen it felt nice to feel like she had a family even if it was getting used to being around so many. But it... more
          • Re: No SubjectKari (Averie thru Opal) , Sun Jun 3 9:19pm
            Averie smiled as she said that and he nodded then tipped his head. "We can call Sunny if you like after breakfast see if she's free to watch Kiva for a bit." he said since it would be nice to go out... more
            • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Jun 3 11:00pm
              Acerbus nodding and watching the twins who seemed to be enjoying some play while Lukken still checking on Eros a little bit. "Looks like I might not be the only fan you have right now." He noted... more
              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Eros thru Garand), Sun Jun 3 11:48pm
                Eros turned his attention back to the twins. “Hmm… he’s been starring,“ he agreed. “Probably the white feathers…“ he said, figuring Lukken probably was just curious because Eros looked so different... more
                • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kia thru Vespa), Sun Jun 3 11:49pm
                  Kia slowly moved in front of Saber and began unlatching all of the locks. She‘d had many put on her door, because of how unsafe she felt in her room alone with those pushy males pursuing her. Even... more
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                    Koran rumbled a deep chuckle as he pressed his forhead against hers "I don't know about babies..but I am following what my body wants, I can't resist its urges to mate with you which seems to be... more
                    • Re: No SubjectKari (Eri thru Fai) , Mon Jun 4 9:14pm
                      Eri chuckled as she stood up from the table nodding. "You're right." she said as she moved to walk with Tria feeling a bit bad she'd be moving so slowly because of her to begin with. But it sounded... more
                      • Re: No SubjectKari (Millie thru River) , Mon Jun 4 9:15pm
                        Millie's ears rose and lowered a bit as that so did not help her nerves not the sound of the locks in her own right she understood that after what Indy showed her but the way the lovely young Lycan... more
                        • Re: No SubjectKari (Silvi thru Haru) , Mon Jun 4 9:15pm
                          Silvi nodded. "Yes." She said gently. "Oh sweetie, I could never take the place of your momma in your heart nor would I ever try to." she said gently. "What I would like to do is have you as my... more
                          • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Mon Jun 4 11:42pm
                            Acerbus nodded a little and moving to sit down in the chair near the little play pen they made for the kids. "I agree with you Eros. But, I can't force Twilight to do something she doesn't want to... more
                            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Eros thru Orion), Thu Jun 7 11:49pm
                              Eros listened to Acerbus talk and sighed a bit. “I know,“ he said simply. Twilight wasn’t just the Oracle, she was Acerbus’ little sister and a beloved princess of Unkindness. She couldn’t be pressed ... more
                              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kia thru Sarah), Thu Jun 7 11:49pm
                                Kia looked at Saber and nodded to him, making a small gesture with her hand that it was okay, he could relax, and should try to. She didn’t believe the princess, of all people, would be there to... more
                                • Re: No SubjectRudy (Ex thru Dia), Fri Jun 8 8:39am
                                  "Well... I was thinking," Ex said, why don't we visit your dad today? I'm sure he'd love to hear about what happened." "Really now..." Rocky moaned. Within a few seconds Rain would find herself on... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Fri Jun 8 1:47pm
                                    Koran smiled reassuringly as his eyes were locked on hers "I have faith in you my sweet kitten but we'll cross that bridge when we get there" As he spoke he finally extracted himself from the gatan,... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Fri Jun 8 8:17pm
                                      Acerbus looking over as Eros talked, he wasn't well versed in what the raven 'sees' in terms of light or auras. It was explained to him by the raven himself, which is why he was sent on the mission... more
                                      • Re: No SubjectKari (Dimael thru Phere, Fri Jun 8 8:34pm
                                        Dimael paused at her question and then smiled shaking his head. "No, this is the first anyone in the Unkindess has seen me." he said as he paused to take a drink. "I was here but I didn't wish to... more
                                        • Re: No SubjectKari (Millie thru River) , Fri Jun 8 8:35pm
                                          Millie smiled gently as Kia said she could come in. "Thank you." She said softly as she walked into the room Millie glanced at the door as she walked in seeing the locks in place and her ears turned... more
                                          • Re: No SubjectKari (Silvi thru Haru) , Fri Jun 8 8:35pm
                                            Silvi smiled. "Take your time sweetie. This isn't something that ever needs to be rushed." She said gently and than paused as she asked that question. "Of course we can." she said gently realizing... more
                                            • Re: No SubjectRudy (Sally, Saber, Dia), Sat Jun 9 1:48am
                                              "Wow, that sounds exciting! With everything going on, its a good idea to look towards the future," Sally chirped. "If you need a music teacher, I'd love to volenteer!" "Yeah... I won't go into too... more
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