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Re: No Subject
Sun Jun 3, 2018 11:00pm

Acerbus nodding and watching the twins who seemed to be enjoying some play while Lukken still checking on Eros a little bit. "Looks like I might not be the only fan you have right now." He noted looking over.

Jupiter who was always dressing as best he could, even his 'casual' clothes showed off his status. If Acerbus and Del were the more progressive Jupiter came off as traditionalist. He walked over to the suit and taking a sword to slide it on as well. He normally didn't need it but today he had this odd feeling again.

Mars looking over, he heard the nickname. Boy did he hear it from his friends in the guards. That was going to follow them forever. And that is why he made the wedding private. He took off first but made sure not to go too fast. He was in a hurry but a rushed flight wasn't going to help either of them.

Rio looking over, "Or we are just paranoid from the last adventure we just had and this could all be natural magics not wanting to work together." He added a third option, "Remember this is all my thinking, I don't have a job to work on so we can travel tonight." He added. "You know just you and me..." He added reaching to take her hand.

Donovan looking over when Soraya pointed out the best route and then added she wasn't always a princess. He narrowed his eyes a bit and then stood up, "You were in the MLP." He said having finally remembered, but just seeing her around and not knowing too much of her background. "So...seems we both got a promotion when that ended." He added having just been a normal guard while there.

Duncan smiled at the show he was getting. He moved his finger up Saffy's back. "If you need another rub down let me know." He teased before moving to get up himself.

The father nodded, "Thank you, and may the Gods bless you." He said taking the crystal and slowly moving to close the doors.

Serg nodded and stepped aside so the door could close. He took a moment turning to Blake. "He is a carpenter, lived outside the city and was able to avoid troubles." He informed, "Turned out his wife practiced in Light magic which saved them from the Abyss and made it here." He explained. Stepping aside, "Already have some food on the way."

Horace looked between the two of them as the spoke. " this everyday?" He asked sounding like that wall helped put up by his father starting to crack.

Torin moving over behind her and then rubbed her shoulders as she brushed her hair. "But, your father still wanted a different kind of darkness." He said, "And we stopped that one and we will stop this one." He told her.

Lana shook her head, "Why didn't you come to the dinner Master?" She asked a little curious. Her ears tipping towards the elder dragon.

"I do apologize for that." He started, "I was having a mediation and lost track of time." He noted, "I got this odd feeling. Like some thing was in the castle." He noted walking about. "Nothing threatening but, scared, lonely even."


Tria smiled little bit, "Come on then. More time we waste less dresses we get to look at." Trying to sound excited but, that was more for Eri she noted. She was going to need all the help.

Crys looking back over and then seemed to relax, "Well, you have been upfront with all of this. So...feel free to stay. Might be nice to have a roof over your head again."

Judith listening in, " Oak needs more of that." She told her and sipped on some tea. "I think he just like being around you. So what if he is a little late if that is the case." She added, "Do you still work on that garden of yours?"

  • Re: No SubjectKari (Averie thru Opal) , Sun Jun 3 9:19pm
    Averie smiled as she said that and he nodded then tipped his head. "We can call Sunny if you like after breakfast see if she's free to watch Kiva for a bit." he said since it would be nice to go out... more
    • Re: No Subject — Acerbus, Sun Jun 3 11:00pm
      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Eros thru Garand), Sun Jun 3 11:48pm
        Eros turned his attention back to the twins. “Hmm… he’s been starring,“ he agreed. “Probably the white feathers…“ he said, figuring Lukken probably was just curious because Eros looked so different... more
        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kia thru Vespa), Sun Jun 3 11:49pm
          Kia slowly moved in front of Saber and began unlatching all of the locks. She‘d had many put on her door, because of how unsafe she felt in her room alone with those pushy males pursuing her. Even... more
          • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Mon Jun 4 12:25pm
            Koran rumbled a deep chuckle as he pressed his forhead against hers "I don't know about babies..but I am following what my body wants, I can't resist its urges to mate with you which seems to be... more
            • Re: No SubjectKari (Eri thru Fai) , Mon Jun 4 9:14pm
              Eri chuckled as she stood up from the table nodding. "You're right." she said as she moved to walk with Tria feeling a bit bad she'd be moving so slowly because of her to begin with. But it sounded... more
              • Re: No SubjectKari (Millie thru River) , Mon Jun 4 9:15pm
                Millie's ears rose and lowered a bit as that so did not help her nerves not the sound of the locks in her own right she understood that after what Indy showed her but the way the lovely young Lycan... more
                • Re: No SubjectKari (Silvi thru Haru) , Mon Jun 4 9:15pm
                  Silvi nodded. "Yes." She said gently. "Oh sweetie, I could never take the place of your momma in your heart nor would I ever try to." she said gently. "What I would like to do is have you as my... more
                  • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Mon Jun 4 11:42pm
                    Acerbus nodded a little and moving to sit down in the chair near the little play pen they made for the kids. "I agree with you Eros. But, I can't force Twilight to do something she doesn't want to... more
                    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Eros thru Orion), Thu Jun 7 11:49pm
                      Eros listened to Acerbus talk and sighed a bit. “I know,“ he said simply. Twilight wasn’t just the Oracle, she was Acerbus’ little sister and a beloved princess of Unkindness. She couldn’t be pressed ... more
                      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kia thru Sarah), Thu Jun 7 11:49pm
                        Kia looked at Saber and nodded to him, making a small gesture with her hand that it was okay, he could relax, and should try to. She didn’t believe the princess, of all people, would be there to... more
                        • Re: No SubjectRudy (Ex thru Dia), Fri Jun 8 8:39am
                          "Well... I was thinking," Ex said, why don't we visit your dad today? I'm sure he'd love to hear about what happened." "Really now..." Rocky moaned. Within a few seconds Rain would find herself on... more
                          • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Fri Jun 8 1:47pm
                            Koran smiled reassuringly as his eyes were locked on hers "I have faith in you my sweet kitten but we'll cross that bridge when we get there" As he spoke he finally extracted himself from the gatan,... more
                            • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Fri Jun 8 8:17pm
                              Acerbus looking over as Eros talked, he wasn't well versed in what the raven 'sees' in terms of light or auras. It was explained to him by the raven himself, which is why he was sent on the mission... more
                              • Re: No SubjectKari (Dimael thru Phere, Fri Jun 8 8:34pm
                                Dimael paused at her question and then smiled shaking his head. "No, this is the first anyone in the Unkindess has seen me." he said as he paused to take a drink. "I was here but I didn't wish to... more
                                • Re: No SubjectKari (Millie thru River) , Fri Jun 8 8:35pm
                                  Millie smiled gently as Kia said she could come in. "Thank you." She said softly as she walked into the room Millie glanced at the door as she walked in seeing the locks in place and her ears turned... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectKari (Silvi thru Haru) , Fri Jun 8 8:35pm
                                    Silvi smiled. "Take your time sweetie. This isn't something that ever needs to be rushed." She said gently and than paused as she asked that question. "Of course we can." she said gently realizing... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectRudy (Sally, Saber, Dia), Sat Jun 9 1:48am
                                      "Wow, that sounds exciting! With everything going on, its a good idea to look towards the future," Sally chirped. "If you need a music teacher, I'd love to volenteer!" "Yeah... I won't go into too... more
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