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Kari (Millie thru River)
Re: No Subject
Mon Jun 4, 2018 9:15pm

Millie's ears rose and lowered a bit as that so did not help her nerves not the sound of the locks in her own right she understood that after what Indy showed her but the way the lovely young Lycan who opened the door seemed to go a bit stunned and wide eyed. "Is…is this a bad time?" Millie asked gently as she lowered her hand releasing the medallion she was wearing and looking at the girl not realizing at all that she was staring the way she was for a totally different reason. That perhaps many had believed when Millie's home was attacked she was lost just as her family had been. Or for that matter although she was told she was royalty back home too….she had no idea at all…just what.

Soliel couldn't help it she chuckled as she saw the look that entered into Odette's eyes. As she let her mind wander about either it be one or two crepe's for him. And any playful exchange there might be between them. Soliel shook her head no and smiled. "Neither do I. I'd…never have dared to dream of eating something like this before….after coming here….I still had it in my head to stay in top physical form…but…" She smiled as she looked at the half eaten crepe already. "I'm finding…I'm really enjoying the little treasures in life like this one."

Averie smiled. "I'll call her after breakfast then." he said since he had a feeling if Sunny wasn't busy she'd be happy to come and watch over Kiva for them for a bit. They'd go to the infirmary and then he'd stop and get the fruit she liked and he'd get some for himself too. He never even really thought about it when he ordered it for Nikki but she noticed he supposed that was why they were so good for each other she noticed that while he always ordered special little treats and things like that for her he often left himself out he just never thought about it.

Pherenice looked at him and nodded. "I'll take you up on that offer at some time. It'll be nice." she said warmly as he offered to show her around the Unkindness she liked that idea and she did like the raven-jay. He was sweet.

Yuuri couldn't help it she laughed and shook her head. "Well then you better enjoy it for a long time because I don't ever plan on going back to the Vale until I'm well old and grey. A grandma or something like that…so no more finding pretty things there for me. I'd rather find them here." she said which might be a relief for him to hear. She had no desire to go rushing back to the Vale any time soon. She knew it bothered him and she couldn't change that all she could do was find ways to reassure him she had no intention of ever dying again for any reason. Even if that one if not for Ginger would have been….beyond saving. She had no idea her future at that time could have gone one of two ways this way with her being alive and healthy and fully healed the other…..where she'd be alive but in a coma forever….it seemed. She got the better future. She would never argue or say hey lets do it again.

Fii couldn't help it he smiled and laughed as she said it would be a pretty weird dance. "it would be…and yet I can't help but think the youth of today may try to turn it into a actual one after seeing it. "Fii smiled as she said that and chuckled again. "My love where there is life and happiness we will always find reasons to celebrate and dance." He said gently. Then paused and sighed ah there was a hard one to talk about but…he could not blame her for being curious. "The day my sister was to be anointed as a High Priestess having passed everything raiders attacked Acradia." he said softly holding her as he rested there he didn't tense at one time it had been terribly hard to talk about. Now though not so much. "My mother grabbed my sister as well as the Priestess and rushed from the temple into the palace. There goal was to meet up with my father and I and escape through the back corridors believing that everyone would escape but….there was an ambush waiting for us that way too. Someone had betrayed our kingdom and I to this day do not know why….we were healers and artists….none of us were skilled warriors there was never a need for them." he said as he tipped his head back. "My father took the star of Arcadia for which our city was named and placed it around my neck binding it to me as King….I begged him not to but he ushered us down a different corridor my sister and I….I heard the sounds of battle….and one of the younger maids rushing with us had looked back and screamed even as I heard them myself….my parents were killed it was believed without them alive the rest of the clan would collapse. My sister and I got trapped in an ambush waiting at the end of the hall. Captured and pushed into cages confined….I heard so many death cries that day….and then we were being carted off…that was the last time I heard her voice…until we met in the M.L.P camp." He 'glanced' down at Topaz. "I would have thought they survived but….this cursed sight for what I could not see there faces I saw…the heat of there lives go out. I heard Fai crying that day" Fai paused and sighed softly. "Some day I wish to return to see if any of Arcadia survived….if any of the clan did….and I would love to bring you with me if you'd come. She may not be as grand and radiant a city as I remember…after that but…Arcadia should still hold some of her splendor."

Sable continued to offer silent comfort to Bayla it wasn't easy when an Ancient looked at you with that look as if she held great disdain for you and you'd done nothing to deserve it. But she remained where she was pausing and startled when Tomoe looked back to the tree her ears raising and lowering as if sensing or seeing something that only she could see. It made sense but still. She glanced at Bayla and smiled reassuringly no matter what she was staying by her side.

Tomoe turned at the feeling of there arrival and turned completely at the sound of Nour's voice. She looked at her…at her best friend her ears raising and lowering a bit as she did. "Nour." Tomoe answered her voice lacking the dancing warmth and gentleness it once held it was a horrible sound even to Tomoe herself. She looked from Nour to Solace and tipped her head. "Solace." she said in the same cold tones.

"Tomoe." Solace answered in kind but his voice held warmth a gentle sadness it was so painful to see her like this. To see the light nearly completely snuffed out of her. The warmth of her life was buried so deep could they reach it.

Tomoe looked at them both, before she reached into the bag and pulled out the Tear of purity that had once been given to Dimael. The light no longer in there but working inside of Tomoe herself to hold that last bit of light within her from being consumed by Raiser's dark magic. She also had with her Rohdorn's magic. "Dimael finally found a use for the pendant you gave him so long ago….however it seems it's light went out." She said tossing it to Nour. It was useless to her and it wasn't hers. She wasn't just going to keep it. She had nothing really to say. She started to turn to leave when Solace spoke. "He couldn't kill me….he should have." she finished…..then maybe sleep would finally come and this awful nightmare would be over.

"Stay just a bit….won't you Tomoe?" Solace said softly to her wanting to get her to turn back around. "Please….just a bit longer…"

Tomoe did turn. "And why would I stay?" she asked sharply coldly. "What…..reason…." She said but stopped and turned her head away….indeed what reason? Her ears turned down a bit….aching her heart was aching again. None of this happened before that rotten gargoyle attempted to seal her with that tear….but that wasn't just it was it? Why…why did seeing Nour again after all of this time make her heart ache and hurt so much? She could remember seeing Nour rushing to hold her niece that day…how bitter and how awful how betrayed she felt….but…that wasn't right was it? She hadn't felt that way at that moment….it hadn't been betrayed and hateful….it had been….heartbroken

Sable who was watching this unsure of who she was speaking to but she named Solace and Nour two of the Ancients who apparently were speaking to her through the Spiritus and a soft inquiry to Spiritus confirmed it. The Ancients were indeed speaking to Tomoe but that was as much as Spiritus could tell her. It was the soft pulse though a faint hum from the Ancient they could see that caused a flower that many a druid loved and felt sorrow for. Maiden's tear. It was a lovely flower forever closed unless it rained or in the case of how it's got it's couple of names. If given to a girl who was heartbroken it would open when her tears fell upon the closed blossoms the flowers were rare now and hard to find but here on the ground sweeping quiet far….where the Madien's tear a lovely pale blue flower that held a silver blue inside with soft lavender pistol in the center. Or Heartbroken hope was the other name for it. "Maiden's Tear….." Sable whispered but why…..why would they bloom here and now?

Fauve smiled and nuzzled her a bit. "I know sweetie. Just next time you'd like to go exploring wake Ginga or I and we can go exploring with you okay?" She said gently not yelling not getting angry with the pup she really hadn't done anything terribly wrong. But Ravina would have lashed out striking her and so much more. Would yell at Fauve for being too soft and spoiling her going to make her 'rotten' Fauve doubted that. She felt there was no reason at all to yell and swing at the girls like that. Fauve chuckled and smiled. "She'd certainly let you if you asked her." she said in agreement with Maks and then chuckled. "Oh she did, did she?" She said smiling. "I suppose that confirms it then huh? He's certainly a hero although he wouldn't think so. He's the humble type." Fauve whispered to her sister there was nothing wrong with a puppy crush and Fauve didn't mind, she found it cute and adorable.

"Shale?" she said looking at Ginga and then at the strange kitty sitting there. "Is…she a friendly….kitty?" She asked scooting back a bit.

Shale flopped down on the bed then and tipped her head. "I would like to think so….I was hoping we could be friends and play." Shale said although she was a lot older then she acted she was an imp.

"What…type of kitty are you…." Aster asked quietly holding Fiona close and looking at her tail. Shale giggled and floated up in the air.

"I wouldn't say a 'kitty' although I do look a lot like one I'd admit. I'm an Imp." Shale said happily.

"You fly…." Aster whispered and Shale winked as Aster floated up and yipped looking around as she was holding Fiona in her arms…."Ginga…..?" She asked looking over as she floated there then wiggled and moved as if running or swimming and got to her big sister once there though and realizing she wasn't falling as she hugged Ginga's arm she looked back after a moment her ears rising and falling then giggled a bit as she pushed off floating about in the air….Shale smiled.

"That's a much better sight…" Shale said as she floated there seemingly on her tail tipping her head. "Little ones are much better off full of laughter and smiles……."

Taupe paused as she looked at them. "Really?" She said as she lowered her feathers a bit. "I suppose they noticed because they're all peacocks then and it's a 'status' thing among them….the crown feather or the longest one in the middle is two shades darker then the rest." She said as she sat down. "As Kids it never matter….to him. He never cared….he's a royal blue peacock my being white among them was rare to begin with….but when we parted ways things happened and I ended up with Twilios if not for all of you I would have been a slave." She shook her head. "I know….I act like a nut and I flirt the way I do…I'm sorry it's just…I guess I'm trying to see if anyone else see's the flaw or maybe to hear…"

"That your feather's are pretty?" Braska asked as he looked at her. "They are…I never saw anything wrong with them….and please don't take this the wrong way but your….not my…type." He said gently.

Taupe chuckled. "I don't…I'm…really not as bad as I've been acting and for that I'm sorry…both of you." she said looking at them. "I…this is the third time I've run into him but the first with his girl and each time…he makes me feel like I did back there…back home. I'm not overly sure what happened. She's not a peacock his girl….but he acts like…being around me would taint his image or soil him somehow. It's…sorta made me feel even worse…..and act even worse then before." She shook her head. Taupe blinked and shook her head. "No, nothing like that…he was like my best friend and older brother…kinda feeling……you don't suppose it was him that had feelings and I completely missed it?"

Baillie hugged Meeka. "I'm so happy for you Meeka!" She said happily then glanced back up at Thayne and nodded. "I'd like to….can I Meeka?" Join them. "Frau?"

Frau smiled. "I certainly don't mind and I'm certain Meeka would love it to?" She asked Meeka having a feeling or rather knowing the answer would be yes even before the girl said it but it was always her choice as well but she felt stating that she didn't mind would be helpful.

Ceil looked at Cleo and nodded as he walked through the dinning hall having finally arrived there seeing Thayne standing there talking with what to be Meeka and Baillie according to his talks with Daire. They were both the color of Sunset and then the Moonlight Phoenix the white Phoenix she was lovely to look at but as she turned and looked at them she smiled a bit. "Thayne…" Ceil said in greeting.

He nodded to Frau. "I'm Ceil and this is Cleo." He said to which Frau actually got up out of the chair and walked over to hold out her hand which surprised him a bit he only paused a moment to check his hand and make sure nothing metal was on his fingers before shaking hers she noticed the care and smiled.

"I'm Frau'lea although many call me 'Frau' " She said gently and looked at Cleo. "Good Morning Miss Cleo…" She said in warm gentle tones her voice as always dancing in a gentle soothing candace. "The little Margay is Baillieroux, although everyone calls her Baillie. And the little mink is Meeka." She said gently to them after hearing there names and knowing about what happened she waved just a bit of magic to cleanse the air to keep Cleo from being overwhelmed by Daire's scent. It was a little thing but if she was to understand who Daire really was she'd find out through interacting with Meeka without that fear as a distraction. "Would you like to talk to them for a bit. We can step just to the side." She indicated where Thayne was standing close enough that she could easily return to Ceil if she wished but be able to talk to them.

Baillie looked up. "Cleo looks scared…" Baillie said sadly her ears tipping back.

Rumi smiled and shook his head no. "No…honestly I hadn't….I just kept thinking how lucky I was to have been able to fall in love with you." He said softly. "I hadn't thought further then that at the time…but when I learned it….I was…so happy to be a father to our little ones." he said softly letting her know that while his thoughts had not been there when they first got together when she did get pregnant he had been very happy and excited about it.

Trilander swore she just kept getting cuter and cuter. He let out a playful hungry growl one she would know meant he was very 'turned on' and continued to make his way down along her jawline. His kisses trailing along her neck as his hand traced along her gentle curves running gently over her tummy so as to not upset it but someday he knew soon he'd feel the baby bump. It certainly didn't detour his appetite for the little selkie any!

River glanced over at him and smiled. "Better my skin no longer feels stretched too tight." she said chuckling and lifting her fin up a bit looking at it, the scales were almost all shiny again there were some small patches here or there that weren't quiet there yet. "Probably a few more minutes I have a couple of small 'dry' spots left." she said chuckling and shaking her head then glanced over at him. "You've been in that position a while nothing cramping yet?" she teased.

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