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Shiloh (Eros thru Orion)
Re: No Subject
Thu Jun 7, 2018 11:49pm

Eros listened to Acerbus talk and sighed a bit. “I know,“ he said simply. Twilight wasn’t just the Oracle, she was Acerbus’ little sister and a beloved princess of Unkindness. She couldn’t be pressed to do anything she didn’t wish to do… even though, the truth of the matter was, many had been trying to do just that for months. It was probably why she withdrew somewhat from her usual routines and behaviors. It had been a difficult adjustment for her. “I hope she’ll meet with him,“ he said. “For all of your sakes,“ he added, meaning for the wellbeing of the family, and not just for the Oracle. “Her light has changed some since I left,” he admitted to Acerbus, unsure if he wanted to hear it, but he needed to. Twilight was burdened by her uncontrollable gift, and that needed to change if they ever hoped for her to reclaim that innocent, positive nature of hers.

Twilight moved out of their suite and looked around. She reached out and touched one of the lanterns that hung all around their perch, an extra assurance that she’d remain hidden from anyone looking for her brand of magic. She then looked at Jupiter as he closed the door behind him and she moved to hug his arm as they headed up a level to Acerbus and Delilah’s perch. “All these visions and I can’t see what he wants to ask me…“ she said quietly, unaware Soraya’s request would likely take a back burner to Dimael’s arrival or the fact someone… Chaos… might know she was here.

“Won’t you be busy with Acerbus… and checking on Donovan?“ Koi asked, not wanting to hold him up any. Though she had a feeling he was saying that for more than one reason. She knew Mars could get nervous at the idea of her flying around alone when something like this happened. At the camp, in the castle, he was always making sure she was okay. She landed with him on the balcony that wrapped all around Rachel’s perch, connecting with the walkway on one side. She leaned up and kissed him. “I have my crystal… I’ll let you know when I’m done,“ she said.

Vera’s ears slowly tipped back shyly as she saw Rio moving in. The idea of being kissed by him again, remembering just how lost in that they’d gotten last night… it made the serval blush, but them… the box distracted him and she stifled a disappointed growl as she jumped back a bit and looked to the box as a small spindle of smoke rose up from it. “Well… that’s… not good,“ she said, her ears tipped forwards curiously as she waved her hand to dispense the smoke a bit. “What happened to it?“

Soraya listened to Donovan as he dropped a small detail here or there about his mate. It wasn’t like they weren’t going to meet her… and yet she could tell he was guarded about how much he disclosed. She understood in some measure. She knew better than to talk about who she loved… not even divulging that it was one of the main reasons for her visit. “Well, if you trust her with it, then we’re not ones to argue with you,“ she said as they made the approach to his perch.

Saffy moved back out and smiled as she saw Duncan finishing getting dressed. “You look like you’re ready for the gardens,“ she said as she slipped on her shoes and then held out her hand to him so they could head out. They occasionally ran into Kip and a handful of mutual friends who tended to take one side or the other, but not too much since the castle’s number of residents had grown exponentially. And Saffy was fairly certain they could have a good morning together in the gardens without any incidents.

Blake nodded a bit. “There’s no sense in fighting a battle when you don’t know the enemy well enough. It just leads to senseless death,“ he said. “Right now, we defend. We offer sanctuary. We protect those who can’t protect themselves from what is out there. Only when we’ve learned the source of the Abyss can we truly fight it. That day will come, but only when we’re ready for it.“ If they knew the end of Raiser would mean the end of the Abyss, the solution would be simply and clear. To kill Raiser at all costs. But it seemed to be an entity separate from her, yet under her control. There was a risk that if she died, it would not go with her… but would perhaps run even more rampant and chaotic without her will directing it. That wasn’t a risk they could take right now, with the Abyss only affecting certain regions, while others still remained spared. “Do you understand?” he asked Horace. He knew Helios was more of a charge in and come what may sort… but Blake had been raised to consider all options and discern the best one.

Juno closed her eyes and just held on a moment longer before pulling back and looking at him. She nodded a bit and gave him a small smile, but it was clear she had needed to hear it. Even though Torin made a point of saying it every day. She was just… off today… and it helped to hear it. “I’ll… let you finish up,“ she said before she moved to pull away and leave the washroom, though he could easily stop her as his arms were still around her waist.

Garand paused a moment and then when Fang asked that next question, he realized that the dragon had figured out they’d encountered the shadow. He looked to Lana as she tried to explain, then back to Fang and nodded. “It didn’t seem like it meant any harm, though, we weren’t in the mood to give it the benefit of the doubt yesterday,“ he noted. “It said it was the last of its kind, that all of the rest had been killed by Raiser, used to help make that darkness out there,“ he said. “He said someone brought him here. He’s probably around somewhere… though not many places for a shadow to hide in this place…“


Delilah looked at Fai as she answered the door. “Thank you, Fai. I---” she paused as she saw her in-laws there as well. She smiled when they greeted her, Judith seeming to be elated for Del to be out of the royal apartments, as she was usually tending to the twins and, when not doing that or looking through letters, papers, requests and the such -- which she could do from their home-- she was usually trying to catch up on her sleep! She nodded a bit, “Actually, I did, but Eros is with him and Twilight will be there soon,“ she said to Judith. Then her smile faded some. “I wish this was a visit, though. Last thing I want to do is interrupt your morning…” she said, turning to face Fai. “I’m going to tell you something and I want you to take a breath and stay calm. Okay? … There‘s been an… incident. I‘ve heard Donovan was involved, but he‘s okay. He‘s on his way back here right now and… I came to check on him and speak with him about what happened,” she said, taking Fai‘s hands into hers as she spoke, wanting to offer the vixen comfort and reassurance, and Delilah seemed to have a knack for it. She exuded confidence to others, even if she didn‘t always feel it herself.

Orion seemed to study her a moment, as though letting it sink in that she’d said yes. He then smiled. “Yeah?“ he asked and nodded. “Well, alright then. It’s a date,“ he said, casually, though the turn-of-phrase might catch Phere off guard, since she knew what dates were, but obviously she might not know it was just a matter of speaking, the way he’d put it. Not that Orion would mind if it was a real date either! She was cute and fascinating to watch and talk with.

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