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Shiloh (Kia thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Thu Jun 7, 2018 11:49pm

Kia looked at Saber and nodded to him, making a small gesture with her hand that it was okay, he could relax, and should try to. She didn’t believe the princess, of all people, would be there to cause them trouble. She looked at Millie and moved back a bit. “You can come in…“ she said. In fact, Millie -- upon seeing how unsafe Kia felt in her home -- would probably be a good friend and ally going forward, to ensure their troubles with Tyce and his friends would come to a swift end. Especially were she to learn Kia was the one who had been attacked in the nursery… which she’d received a report on, as all of the royals did when things happened in the castle. Saber had taken care of it, though, so Kia insisted nothing else come of it. She hadn’t wanted the attention… or the possible retaliation. But right now, Kia was trying hard not to stare… Millie looked… like something she’d seen only in a dream once… the dream walk one first takes when they learn how to traverse the subconscious.

“Nothing says you can’t enjoy things and still take care of yourself,“ Odette said. “Every morning, I usually like to go for a run through the castle. If Lance isn’t on a morning shift, sometimes he comes with me, though I know he holds back… I just couldn’t keep up with him at full speed,“ she noted. He and Soliel were cheetah’s after all. “But… maybe you’d want to run with me some morning,“ she offered with a smile. She wanted to involve Soliel. She wanted her to know she wasn’t just part of Lance’s family, but her’s now too.


Nikki smiled and nodded as she moved to continue eating. “Okay,“ she agreed. She seemed more comfortable with the idea of a baby sitter today than she’d been last night. Perhaps because she now knew Sunny and knew Kiva liked her and was safe with her. Or maybe because she was so concerned for Averie and knew it was best to not drag the sleepy kitten along with them for this. Or maybe some part of her was looking forward to some them time this morning, which was something Averie had been trying to coax Nikki into, but it was a rare event with her usually so nervous to leave Kiva… even if it was with Kopak and Enola or Silvi or Trait. She was finally coming around to it, though. The family dinner seemed to have done her good. Baby steps were growing into slightly bigger steps for her, lately.

Senn looked at her as he came back out of the washroom. He leaned against the doorframe and used the towel in his hands to dry off his shoulders and neck, having just run the water over himself very quickly to freshen up. He smiled at her and nodded, knowing she meant those words. “I know… and, trust me, I appreciate hearing it,“ he admitted. To know she didn’t have any intentions of leaving him again like that. He wanted a future with Yuuri. That ring on her finger was evidence of that. He wanted a marriage and maybe a family with her some day. He was in no rush, but he liked knowing they had all the time in the world.

“I’m sorry…“ Topaz said quietly when he explained that, with no uncertainty, his parents were both gone. She didn’t know for certain what became of her mother. She’d never known her father. He died when she was tiny, but as she’d explained when they first met, she learned all she knew about her sassy, feisty nature from her mother. They’d been separated when someone set fire to their swath of savanna and her mother and others went one way, she and a couple of other joeys went the other. Of all of them, Topaz saw them all die, unable to adapt to the Sklave training. Tough as roos could be, they also struggled when out of their element, which was why Topaz sometimes got so anxious when she was in any new situation… like being in a relationship or becoming pregnant the day she also became engaged. It could be overwhelming, but she’d proven her ability to adapt… and Fii had shown his ability to help her do so. “Sounds like… you have a lot of good memories with them, though. I… would like to see Arcadia some day…”

Bayla looked at Sable and stayed standing a bit behind her, her hand firmly holding onto Sable’s. She wasn’t sure what was happening. She did hear Tomoe speak again, addressing others she couldn’t see. Names of other Anicents, one in particular that was important to the Lycans… Nour. She looked around and stepped in closer to Sable, moving her other hand up to hug the girl’s arm as all of the blossoms opened around them.

Nour’s ears fell a bit at the way Tomoe said her name. She’d never heard her name spoken like that by her friend. She caught the tear she tossed at her and shook her head as she closed her hands around it, the light returning to it, being in the hands of one who was so purely light. “Tomoe, that’s not what its intention was and you know that,“ she said, meaning that it wasn’t meant to kill her or trap her. Just like the Phoenix Stone wasn’t intended as a prison for Solace. It was meant to remind her, if anything…

Maks shook her head a bit. There seemed to be no objecting. Fauve was always telling him how good he was, which he always humbly brushed off. And now he had her little sister calling him a hero. Shale didn’t help any with assuaging the compliments. He moved to close the door, to give them privacy from anyone walking by, then turned to watch all of the sisters and Shale interact with each other. He could tell Shale was going to love having the young pups to be impish with.

Vi nodded a bit as she returned the nuzzles. She smiled at Fauve as she held onto her and just let her big sister hold her. She looked back at Maks and then to Fauve again and whispered in her ear. “Can Maks and Shale stay for breakfast?“ she asked. Not that muffins were a full breakfast. Odds were they’d order more than that, or perhaps go to the dining room and show the twins more of the castle.

Ginga just kept a watchful and slightly wary eye on Aster and Shale. She knew Fauve had essentially assured her that she and Maks were okay. Ginga still didn’t know about the unique relationship the three shared yet, though. But it was obvious she was super protective of the twins and with things being the worst they’d ever been after Fauve left, she’d had very good reason to become so protective. She wasn’t sure at the moment about Shale making Aster fly around, though, and soon she reached up, grabbing her sister’s waist and pulling her down into her arms, giving her some tickles. “I think breakfast before flying would be a good idea,” she said, doing so in a way that wouldn’t upset her sister, but keep her happy.

“That’s so wrong,“ Gypsy said quietly when taupe said that she was teased amongst her kind because of the coloring of a single feather. She then listened and shook her head a bit. “I don’t know. Can’t say I’m the most… observational girl when it comes to guys or what motivates them,“ she admitted, which might make Braska blush. She’d missed his affections and interest in her for years! Until now, that is, and that’s because she’d heard him say it and then had Juniper reinforce it. “Maybe you should just come right out and ask him what’s going on. If you were friends for so long and you were that close and he’s acting that way all of a sudden… there must be a reason and you should feel within your rights to ask what changed…”

Meeka smiled brightly and nodded. “I would,“ she said in agreement with Frau, that she would love it to have Baillie join them.

Thayne smiled as well. “Well then, I’d rather not intrude on your day together…“ he said, but then paused as Ceil walked up. He was more than a bit surprised to see him, unaware that Daire had contacted him with the suggestion to help Cleo socialize more… finally letting her meet Meeka and, it would seem, Baillie as well. But Cleo’s timidity tended to make Ceil a scare presence around him and Daire lately. Ceil always seemed supremely cautious about Daire’s scent on him if he ever met with his brother while Cleo was sleeping. “Ceil,“ he greeted. He then looked to Cleo and moved back a bit, not wanting to be intimidating to her by any means. She already looked nervous enough. It was funny, really, how similar she was to Meeka and yet not at all at the same time. Seemed the brothers had similar tastes in who they fell for, though.

Cleo looked around nervously from face to face and then down at Meeka and Baillie looking up at her. Her little heart was racing so fast it was amazing it was staying in her chest. She looked at Frau as the pretty phoenix spoke in soft, soothing tones, her voice almost melodic, like a hushing lullabye… which served to settled her some, but not completely. At least the table Frau had chosen was far from the main crowd, back near the balcony doors that lined the length of the dining room. They were open with a warm spring breeze coming in from the long balcony dining. At least that made it a little less overwhelming. She then heard Baillie mention that she looked scared and she looked up at ceil with a little squeak.

Meeka recognized the sound and stepped up next to Baillie a bit. “It’s okay, Cleo,“ she said to her with a squeak of her own, followed by some chattering sounds that seemed to perk Cleo’s tiny fuzzy ears a bit and draw her attention back. Minks and Ermines essentially cousins of each other. And the sounds Meeka made seemed to… help…

Ashe listened and she smiled, blushing a bit as he said such sweet things. “I feel the same way. I didn’t even know that I was missing anything until I met you, Rumi. Now… I can’t imagine how things ever were without you, and I know… now, I’ll wonder how things ever were without them, too,“ she said, looking over at the crib where their little ones were sound asleep until their next feeding or changing. She then looked at him with such love in her gold-flecked eyes and smiled again. “So… how long do I have to wait for a kiss?” she asked softly.

Lassa shivered pleasantly when he growled like that, which only kept the blush on her face. He growled like that a lot during foreplay and even when ‘embracing’ her. She’d come to know what they meant and she let out a soft, shy moan as he moved lower with his kissed, her blanket trailing down her body with his wandering touches as she laid back against the pillows more. It tickled, the way his hand danced over her tummy, where a pup was going to make itself known soon enough, and she blushed even deeper knowing that’s why his touch lingered there. Trilander was over the moon that she was pregnant, and that made her so happy inside, because she’d wanted to have his pups as well.

“I’m fine right here,“ Rostan said with a smirk as he placed the book on his chest and looked at her. “And if my back gets a cramp, I know my girlfriend will help me work it out later, after she’s feeling herself again,“ he noted, meaning he didn’t mind however long she needed to be in there to feel fully rejuvenated.

Yuna’s ears lifted and fell a bit as Silvi spoke with such tenderness and reassurance in her voice. She wouldn’t rush an answer from the kitten. It was understandable to her, it seemed, that she would need to think about it, would even want to talk to Altair or even Mira… And then to hear the reassurances from Silvi that… were she to say yes… it wouldn’t mean she didn’t love her own mother… or than Silvi would in any way replace her. But she would give her something else, something she was currently missing in her young life, something she shouldn’t have to be missing. She nodded a little to Silvi. “… Okay,” she said quietly. She would think about it, and for now… she seemed content to spend time with Silvi, which might help her decide. “Can we still have breakfast together?” she asked, as though her lack of an answer might mean their morning was over… though odds were Silvi would be more than happy to reassure her that wasn’t the case.

Vespa listened and nodded a bit, gently, moving to rest her head against him a bit. “Thank you…“ she said quietly as he reassured her. “Why… didn’t I feel like this about her before?“ she asked, not understanding. She never feared her mother or felt anything like this about her before yesterday…


Mira smiled, still panting and trying to catch her breath, her purrs broken and yet softening as she calmed a bit. She looked into his eyes as he held her firmly, but gently in his arms. “Not all the time… we do… plenty together… besides that. Though… that is fun,“ she agreed, smiling again before giving him lips a light lick, follow by a little nuzzle to his cheek. Her ears danced a bit on her head at his confident words… that when that day did happen for them, she’d be a wonderful mother. She blushed a bit and shook her head. “Maybe,” she said. She didn’t know that Silvitrista, at this very moment, was asking her little sister if she would let her adopt her… or that she wished to do the same for Mira… to give both girls a mother, where neither had much time or chance to know their own. Yuna remembered more of her than Mira did.

Sarah smiled, able to hear it in his voice that he was doing the same. “Well, I’m glad to hear it went well and they look good,“ she said. It was a relief. She had worried about them both, even if Drak managed to distract her plenty last night… She then thought a moment at his next question. She looked at the vial in her hands and the golden liquid light that rolled back and forth in it as she tipped it in her hand. “I’m a bit stuck in the office for the moment… so a snack and some company would be perfect,“ she said. “You know what I like…“ she added, obviously meaning as far as a drink and snack, though the remark could be taken many ways by Drak.

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