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Kari (Millie thru River)
Re: No Subject
Fri Jun 8, 2018 8:35pm

Millie smiled gently as Kia said she could come in. "Thank you." She said softly as she walked into the room Millie glanced at the door as she walked in seeing the locks in place and her ears turned back a soft sad look for her to feel that unsafe in the castle…something had to be happening. She knew about the incident that Indy had showed her how rough it had been….had that been happening more and more often then any of the royals knew? Once in the room she looked at Kia and turned seeing things and in that moment the 'mother' in her looked gently at the girl despite what she came here for she took a deep centering breathe and asked what was on her mind at the moment she could always address the other after. "Kia? Are you alright?" she asked her tones gentle motherly seeing how hesitant they were to open the door the locks that had been in place. As she heard Saber speak she glanced between them. "Oh?" She said as her tail swished in agitation that so much had happened. "This Tyce has been doing what?" Millie like all Royals got the reports she hadn't been aware of just what this one had been up to him or his help. Of course….as any of her brothers would tell you having Mildune being the one on your tail for causing problems for others was not a good thing… ended swiftly, she had very little tolerance for it. You didn't harm others like this. She supposed it was some deep ingrained Mother instinct in her she had always been like this protective.

Soliel smiled and nodded as she looked at Odette. "I wouldn't mind the run." She said nodding. "I usually run by myself but it would be nice to have the company." She said not at all minding in fact. She smiled though shaking her head. "Not many can keep up with Cheetah's at full speed. But….it's more enjoyable if your running with someone then outrunning them." she said letting her know that if he did hold back it was because he found it more enjoyable to run beside her then run ahead of her.

Trait looked at Dia as she licked the strawberry and teased him like that he let out a playful hungry rumbling growl as he watched her. "Oh I'm sure I can think of a few ways and my dear Queen probably soo many more." he said in answer to her as she teased him. He watched her with that berry….which so did not help his awoken libido this morning!
Averie nodded as he ate his breakfast with her when she said okay. Perhaps they could at some point even just go out on a date take a walk through the gardens at another point just the two of them. It was good they were able to do more and more and it was good for Kiva too to be able to be around others and learn about forming bonds at such an early age. To meet people and open the kitten up so she wouldn't be painfully shy later. There was nothing wrong with being shy but it would mean she wouldn't be afraid he wanted both Nikki and Kiva to feel warm and welcome and happy always here.

Yuuri turned as she looked at him brush in her hand, she smiled as she watched him dry off and hearing him say that. She walked over cupping the side of his face. "Good because I mean it…there isn't anyone else I'd want this with Senn." She said softly warmly the long life possible family they were things she found herself curious about now since a little before the ring, before he asked her to be his. Yuuri couldn't be happier and to know if not for Ginga waking as the Divine Shepard and saving her….she would have lost all of this she would have broken his heart. That troubled her although she didn't show it. The weight after the fact. The lights in her wings dimmed just a bit as she felt that weight again as she had upon waking everything her sisters her family Aspen all of them…Senn how many people would have been hurt. She did what felt right and natural to her following that pulse that current that guided her always she had no idea how things would turn out…but, she certainly didn't want to ever do a repeat performance.

Fii shook his head and leaned in kissing the top of hers. "It's alright." He said warmly to her. "It was a long time ago. It's not painful to talk about….I prefer to remember the good times anyways. Besides as rough as it was then in those moments had they not happened I would not be holding you in my arms now. I may miss them at times but…I know they would have loved you too." He smiled as he held her. "I'll have to be sure to take you there and our little one. I'd love to hear how you see it when we get there." He said smiling as he felt just relaxed a little longer his skin wasn't getting prune like yet. It was just starting to wrinkle up, they had a little longer probably a few more minutes and he'd like to let her rest those few before needing to move. "A couple of minutes more and we'll need to think about getting out before we prune…but we still have time."

Sable put a comforting hand on Bayla watching this…Tomoe almost seemed to look bitterly at Bayla and she hadn't done anything wrong but she didn't lash out either. Sable offered comfort but just up and leaving the pressence of the Ancient before they were given the okay wasn't good either it was nerve wracking even for her but she didn't want to incur Tomoe's ire. Something bothered the Azure Vixen and she didn't want to make it worse or worse…make her think it was something Bayla had indicated like leaving as if being in her pressence wasn't good or tolerable. As nervous as they were she wrapped her tail around Bayla to offer comfort. Spiritus indicated it was still safe.

"Remind me?" She said bitterly. "Of what….how much you must of laughed." Tomoe said her hand clenching at her side an almost bitter anger showing in her eyes…..

Solace shook his head. "No one is laughing Tomoe." He said gently as he looked at her knowing how much it hurt and when Tomoe narrowed her eyes on him he took it with a grain of salt something was off something was seriously bothering her…not right. "Can you tell me what happened that day Tomoe? What happened that took our beloved Lady of Nature away from us….Raiser laughed saying it was no poison of her creation…..Nour can't speak of it she cries….and Lum…"

"DON'T" Tomoe said so sharply holding her chest when he started to say Luminos…"Don't…." The ache the pain….that name…his name…."she…cries….? He called us that day….I came down from Arcadia…having made sure the Elysian Lake….and the gardens were all set…" She spoke but for a moment that unrelenting dark tone to her voice that bitterness wasn't there and there was the gentle tones of the Fox herself….sweet….warm. "I…met Nour at the entrance to Far Mist….I was…so happy to see her…" she said softly looking at Solace telling him he had not been there…."We walked…and talked making our way through to where….he was….waiting. We entered and Nour….rushed forwards….I…couldn't. I never….felt so much pain or so sick all at once…I…was such a fool…." She said the bitterness was there a moment in time…thanks to Raiser's cruelty Tomoe could not move past. "I left….running entering the meadow…..I tripped and fell I couldn't get them to stop….how stupid I was…." She said and for a moment the brief moment she had been there….before it almost like a pulse of dark energy wrapped around her an awful hateful miasma the markings that ran along the side of her neck and arms perhaps Nour would remember as just the night before….they had started to form on Averie's a spell so nasty to corrupt the purest of feelings into the darkest of hates…to flips sorrows…to control one's blood…by form a blood tie with her and while Tomoe had not originally had any of Raiser's blood in her the dark dragoness had pinned her suddenly and injected her with it…it was all she needed added with the Vixen's own heart ache…to imprison her….in the spell. "Oh how you must have laughed when I left….I hated…" Her voice was wavering between light and dark as she wrapped her arms around her waist. One hand coming up to grip the dress above her heart. "How much of a joke I must have seemed to all of you…."

Solace shook his head. "No no one ever thought of you that way Tomoe…he was the first one there….he out ran us all when we saw you were in danger. He raced to get to you…"

Tomoe looked up. "I hate him!" she screamed at them….as the tears fell she didn't…her heart ached at the words hate him….no…she loved him even now. It hurt so much she had fallen so hopelessly in love with one who didn't love her back and the cruelty of the spell kept twisting that emotion on her head.

Sable spoke. "You love him." She countered and Tomoe stiffened looking back at her. "You do…those flowers….Maiden's tear….Heartbroken Hope…..they….are said to have sprung up in a field one day in Far Mist. The priestess who taught me said….they were born the day Nature wept….no one knows the full story though.

"Your wrong child….I don't love him….I don't…" She said shaking her head it ached her heart…hurt so much. "Poison you say….yes…." She looked back at Solace her eyes burned with the tears her heart hurt. "I suppose so….she didn't do this to me….she made it all go away….the pain the hurt….into nothing….there was nothing Until….Dimael threw that to me….that cursed boy…" She said her heart….thanks to Raiser was unable to heal to move past it twisted her love of that wolf…into the bitterest of hates.

Solace cringed inside….how to explain all of this to Luminos the wolf was pure very pure but how to tell him that it was her feelings for him that caused her to fall to Raiser? And how had he missed it? How had he not noticed any of them that Tomoe had been falling in love with Luminos all the while he had fallen in love with a Mortal Lycan…..Solace glanced at Nour…could she reason with her brother? Surely if they could just get these two to speak could hearing her agony of it…him talking to her could it ease her heart which was trapped….in what seemed to be an endless cycle of bitter sorrow….."Did you tell Dimael what happened?"

"Of course he wanted to know….that boy….even as I….as…" She shook her head attacked him….even as she tried to kill him he wept as he held her at bay…."I told him and then he tossed that at me….the only one to ever chose the Nightsoul butterfly…" the only one who was truly pure of heart.

Fauve smiled. "I certainly don't mind….do you Ginga?" She asked and blinked chuckling as Aster pouted a bit being pulled out of the air. "Shale no being Impish before breakfast please….wait until the girls are at least dressed before you start getting to playful or we'll never get them to the table."

Shale laughed as she looked over and then shifted sitting on the bed. "Yes mam" she said tapping her nose. She stood up though and winked to Aster a bit. Aster giggled.

Aster though glanced at Ginga and nodded after pouting a bit. "it was fun." She whispered not sure if she'd be allowed to fly about like that after breakfast again. She had no idea it would just take a while. Little by little. "Breakfast sounds good though."

Maks could probably assure both of them that they could actually leave the girls safely with Shale for as impish as she was and playful….imps were also highly protective of children. Woe by the fool who made those girls cry if they were around Shale then the kittenish imp….was more like a fierce lioness. She'd protect them with her life it was part of what got her in trouble with that lord up north she had been playing with the lords kids when he went to strike them for just being children….she went as many call it 'feral' but really just protective momma bear. Don't hurt babys around an imp….there childhood was to short to make them spend it nearly all in tears.

Taupe glanced between them. "You mean you two just now….I thought you were." She said despite all her playful flirting and frustrations she had thought Braska was with Gypsy….she shook her head. "You looked natural together I guess." she said putting her chin on the palm of her hand as she looked at them then at Gypsy and shrugged. "Mmm true but Peacocks at least in my families clan were on status and image…because mine wasn't as pristine and perfect as everyone else it was a blight on the family. There's a certain regalia that was expected….I suppose that's why I kept trying to get others to take notice….and no one outside of the village ever did."

Braska shook his head. "Honestly the variation is so slight if you're not pointing it out Taupe it looks natural. Like it's meant to be that way…" He said shrugging and had blushed a bit when she said she kinda thought they were.

"I would ask him but he gets soo angry if I just try to talk to him….I don't know….if it's even worth it anymore. The more I try the more upset I get then I like a idiot take it out on all of you…." She looked at them a bit shamefully. "that's not fair or nice to you guys….I know that and after I walk away and cool off. I'm usually feeling like a heel that doesn't help." She sighed. "I do owe all of you an apology."

Braska looked at her. "how about you just be this…Taupe and we'll call it even. WE all have stuff in our pasts that can make things a little rough….just took a bit for it all be something you could talk about…" he hoped Gypsy and the others felt the same way she couldn’t possibly make that change if they all kept digging at it. But he didn't mind this Taupe the one that was talking and could be friends with.

Ceil nodded to Thayne then glanced at Cleo as Meeka made those adorable chattering sounds. "Would you like me to let you down so you can talk to them? I'll be right here." he asked Cleo letting her know that if she'd like to try to talk to them a bit he'd be close by until she felt comfortable.

Frau glanced at them all and smiled. "You're welcome to join us Cleo. I'm certain Baillie and Meeka would love to be able to be friends with you too." she said still in those soothing tones.

Ceil was honestly amazed at the phoenix he had heard there voices were like that….soothing and warm Daire had said he wasn't worried about Meeka being with Frau because of her warm gentle nature.

Rumi nodded. "That about sums it up nicely." He said agreeing with her and smiling as he sat there This could not be more perfect. He chuckled softly as he looked at her. "Never." he said as he leaned in meaning she never had to wait long as he finished that statement with a sweet passionate kiss.

Trilander moved trailing those tender kisses down along her frame his hand did linger over her belly tracing the toned tummy gently before long it would start to show the baby bump but he was fine with that over the moon about it. His moved back up to kiss her again he wanted so much with her but he'd never rush it. The warmth of the blush in her cheeks was adorable he sometimes though she was going to be flushed like that always but….he had this bad habit of his making her blush because she just looked too adorable when she did. "I love you." he said pausing to whisper against her lips letting her hear the words he could never say them enough. He would have to be certain to marry both of them before the pups were born they were both important to him. Lass was the 'Queen mom' as they often called it in Lumaria Marin was the warrior Queen but someday she might want pups he'd never force it. Playfully try to tie with her it was more of a game but he'd never force her. Lassa though wanted that to have a family and be a mom.

River smiled. "Of course I will." She said as she shifted and leaned her arms on the side of the tub. Her fin breaking the surface of the water a moment before going back under it amazed her really how deep the tub was how long that she could sit in it like this and fully submerge her tail fin and getting back hydrated again. She had heard back from a few of the nurses here who took it upon themselves to try to figure out how to make a lotion that would allow the mercarians to be out of water longer without making there skin oily. Which none of them liked.

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