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Shiloh (Seda thru Kia)
Re: No Subject
Sat Jun 9, 2018 11:06am

Seda listened and thought a moment before looking at Ex and smiling, nodding a bit. “I… I like that idea, and I think he’d like it too. I noticed… we missed that dinner last night,” she said, having seen the invitation. “I do wonder if he was there and missed seeing us… so it’d be good to see him,” she said, unaware her father had the same idea.

Rain yelped a bit as she was suddenly on her back. She looked down and blushed deeply as he spoke from between her legs and then found it almost impossible to withhold any of her moans and whines once he started to pay her such… close and intense attention! “Oh gods… R-Rocky,” she whimpered, one of her hands reaching down to tangle her fingers in his hair a bit, between his ears.

Flurry smiled shyly when their eyes met and she saw Dante blush just as deeply. How she‘d actually met and fallen in love with such a good guy was beyond her. She‘d always felt… unlovable… thanks to first having her very young engagement to Perry broken off and then being strung along by his older brother, Diego, from the time she was fifteen to the day she finally came down from the Salilae Mountains to find out what was happening. She‘d always known he was off with other girls, while Flurry remained untouched, as was expected in their tribe, until marriage. Of course, she hadn‘t quite gone that route with Dante… even though the cougar intended to marry her. She continued to eat and glanced at him again. “How is yours?”

Cinder looked at Blossom and smiled, nodding a bit. “I do worry… I… I never had sisters, so.. I‘m still sort of figuring it all out,” she said, honestly. She‘d only had the one brother, who she still gave herself a moment every day to think of and miss… who Takanu sort of reminded her of, with the exception of him being a Ram instead of a Wolf. But now she had this big family… not just from Dia and Trait adopting her into their‘s, but from marrying Agito. It was like having a whole pack again.

Cyan looked ahead to see Sinder and then her ears tipped back shyly when Tera remarked that they‘d just been talking about him. His response indicated he seemed a bit… nervous about what it‘d been in reference to. “Everything okay?” she asked… obviously meaning where he was coming from. She knew he was coming from Tyce…

Enola whined and let out a few adorable yips as Ko moved with her. If they hadn’t succeeded in making a kit with the help of the Eden yet, then it seemed they were going to make extra certain this morning that they did! “I don’t know… how long I’ll last…“ she moaned, her body feeling like it was already going into those orgasmic contractions. The whole thing felt like one long climax! It was mindblowing, and while his purrs told her he felt the same, her tails were regaling him with that same affirmation, the way they danced and trembled against his body.

Ivy moaned into the kiss, shivering pleasantly at the feel of his fingers tracing her skin. She slowly started to move her hips back against his, helping them both get too riled to hold back much longer. She played gently with his ears as she broke the kiss now and then to take a breath, but it always resumed with equal passion!

Sun closed her eyes as Pat moved to kiss her forehead. She then looked at him as he spoke highly of her magic. It was hard to appreciate it or imagine what it‘d be like once she could control it… when it felt like that day was so far away. Granted, she‘d had little time to practice with it before she‘d gotten pregnant and her hormones began to make her magic behave more wildly. At least it was only affecting her own body right now, instead of causing bizarre rifts in timelines… like her cold had done… transporting infant Auel, Arielle and Aura to the future and their future selves back here. “How is it you always have so much faith in me?” she asked. from the day he’d met her as a runaway spy, he’d looked at her like she was more than she saw herself to be.

Aura looked over as he apologized. “Don‘t,” she said as she stepped out, letting the tub drain, working on drying her tails, her hair up in a sloppy bun to keep it from getting wet. She was likely not helping matters any, toweling herself off in front of him like this. “I was planning on getting out soon anyway,” she assured him, “and, besides, you were there for me through mine… I want to be here for you, Archer,” she said with a bit of a blush. She moved to place the towel in the hamper, now that it had absorbed all of the water from her tails. She then pulled a soft silk robe one, tying it shut, though it left little to the imagination the way it clung to her body. She walked up to him and touched his arm, “Let‘s get you bad to bed,” she said, innocently enough. She‘d let her wings out once there if he was feeling… fetish-y.

Ari blushed a bit and smiled, letting out another adorable giggle at how he‘d finished the sentence. “I‘m the only one in this room who howls… so that seems a bit one-si… ded…” She whined a bit, her body already eagerly reacting to Auel‘s teasing advances, her nipples stiffening at the feel of his tongue and mouth exploring her chest.

Snow shook her head a bit and pulled away from Torrent, moving to leave the room, closing the door behind her. She could feel the tension so palpably that she swore she would be sick if she didn’t leave the room. Seeing Slate again… facing Julianna… it’d been awful. She walked down the hall, hugging herself as the tears slipped down her cheeks. She felt like the villain who had caused every ounce of the mess they were all in.

Slate heard the door and noticed who was missing. He smirked and closed his hand around the stone. “Has no trouble walking away from me these days, does she?” he asked Torrent. He knew his friend was feeling torn between going after his wife, the wolf he‘d secretly been in love with since they were all pups, and staying for his son‘s sake. But Slate knew Torrent wouldn‘t trust him alone with Rev, especially with a conduit stone in his hands… so in a way it tickled Slate to know how torn Torrent would continue to be in this moment. “You know… you left her. Never looked back, not for any of us. I thought I screwed that girl up, but you‘re her real father. Absent 19 years. Damn. Maybe you‘d have actually been the sort of father to keep her from becoming a slave,” he said, getting his way under torrent‘s skin. All the while, he was feeling the stone in his hand, turning it over and deciding… did Reverton deserve it? The power of the Guardians, gifts from Luminos himself? And yet, were they to ask the Deity himself, Luminos would probably spurn Slate for coveting the gifts and letting them corrupt him by not giving them over to the rightful Guardian.

“She did,” Julep said, regarding Naiya‘s gift of the Zion. “I heard a little chatter this morning, before I left… that another from the same village may have found something to help fight the infection from the Abyss,” she added with a bit of excitement in her voice. She looked up at him and then ahead again, blushing deeply as the Pomeranian‘s ears pitched back shyly. “Sorry. I guess I get excited sort of easily,” she said, of course, only over things that interested her. She‘d certainly enjoyed their conversations yesterday and had been full of vibrancy and energy in their discussions, her giggles and laughs so joyous and sincere whenever he got them out of her. It was no wonder Elly found them cute together. And others had been taking notice of the fact someone was now spending time with Parak -- who still had a stigma to his name, despite everything these last few months.

“Not as cute as us, though,” Tripp mused, moving in to give her a kiss. “But, yeah… I could see it. I take it… if you‘re playing matchmaker, one or both of them must have said something to you,” he mused. “You seem particularly keen, then, on seeing Julep happy…” He couldn’t help but chuckle. “Wow… if you’d have told me months ago, Parak would be back in a young body and falling for my wife’s newest friend… I don’t know if I’d have believed it.”

Gabby smiled at his exclamation. “She has your strength, I see…“ she mused. Seeing that broad, proud smile on his face… over their pup… knowing how far they’d come. It made her heart flutter. “So… are we planning on doing this all day?“ she asked curiously. Not that Prowl or herself ever really complained about days spent in bed, but she just wondered if he had anything to do with Hunter or Elly or any of his friends, or if he intended to celebrate their engagement some more!

Lyla turned and looked at him and blushed a bit, smiling as she saw him looking at her. He looked half-asleep and so handsome… and she wanted to curl right back up against him and snuggle in like she’d done all night. She slowly moved back over the to bed, setting the crystal onto the nightstand. She climbed back onto the bed and sat beside him. “Just a bit… I ordered us waffles with fresh fruit,“ she said, figuring the whipped cream was a given. “I…“ she blushed a bit deeper, her large fennec ears managing to tilt back a bit instead of just out to the sides. “I worried everything from yesterday had been… a dream… and I woke up and… I’m glad it wasn’t.“

Simon laughed and pulled her in closer, wrapping his arms around her. “I‘m sure you will,” he mused before catching her in a kiss. “I look forward to the workouts,” he teased. “I wonder if we should maybe… actually get up and do something today… what do you think?” he asked. All that was left of his family was in this castle… and he really wanted to introduce Jessie to at least a few of them. If he could pin any of them down.

Venna let out her adorable chirps and coos as Sai wasted no time stirring the little hawk up. “Don‘t pretend you‘re not,” she returned at his ‘eager‘ remark. “I know how hard you are,” she chirped to him, running one of his ears between her fingers as her other hand still played with the base of his tails, trying to coax the fox to take her oh so completely.


Odette smiled and nodded. “Oh… I know it. Trust me, I know when he’s holding back and when he’s not,” she laughed, blushing faintly. He certainly didn’t hold back in bed, though she so couldn’t say that to his sister! “Well, I think it’ll be fun to run together now and then.” She then looked to her crystal. “Hmmm.. I was sort of hoping to hear from Lance by now. You know, maybe that he’d meet up with us later or something…”

Kia‘s ears fell back as Saber made it very clear to Millie, even if his remarks were directed towards Kia, what was bothering him about all of this. “I know..” she said quietly to her boyfriend but then looked at the princess standing in front of her. She felt somehow comforted by Millie‘s presence. Perhaps it was because of what she was… the den mother, essentially… one of Luminos‘ seven lights. “I…” She didn‘t know how to answer such a simple question. Was she alright? And then Millie asked about Tyce and what he‘d been doing and Kia shifted her weight from one foot to the other, glancing at Saber. She felt uncomfortable even saying what Tyce had been doing. She looked at Saber when he answered a bit for her. She then nodded a bit. "I'm... just tired..." she said quietly, though Millie probably wasn't going to let that stand. Kia had been locking herself in her room since before Saber came into her life, after all.

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                      • Re: No SubjectKari (Fai thru Trilander) , Sun Jun 10 5:17pm
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                              Eros listened and nodded, smiling a bit. “You wouldn’t know it to see you two now,“ he said, meaning that there were ever any walls between them. “I suppose… sometimes getting past those things are... more
                              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kia thru Vespa), Sun Jun 10 9:40pm
                                Kia smiled, looking relieved when Millie assured her she wasn’t looking for an instant knowledge on it all. “So… are you… are you asking me to… teach you?“ she asked. She’d had tutors back home, they ... more
                                • Re: No SubjectKari (Fai thru Haru), Sun Jun 10 11:01pm
                                  Fai nodded as he set it down and paused in what she was making her fingers brushing lightly over where she heard the sound of the metal set down and checked it out. Nodding she put it down and then... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Mon Jun 11 12:14pm
                                    It warmed Koran's heart to see Mira flush at his words, it wasn't often that he could get his cute kitten to show one of thoes adoreable blushes but it was so worth it when they came up! Carrying the ... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectRudy (Ex thru Dia), Tue Jun 12 1:10am
                                      "Yeah... We kinda goofed there," Ex said wIth a tired laugh. "That and... Something good happened. I don't know what, but the castle itself seems... happier. Maybe your dad knows what it is." Ex had... more
                                      • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Thu Jun 14 12:30am
                                        Acerbus just smiled at the question and how Eros so quickly backed off from it. He started to think that the White Raven might finally be noticing that HE gets noticed. "We did, though maybe not in... more
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