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Shiloh (Nikkala thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Sat Jun 9, 2018 11:07am

Nikki looked over and then paused. “Kiva and Kahiri were really close when they were here… right? Maybe… we should let Kiva have a play date with her cousin,“ she said, likely surprising Averie with her openness and willingness. Kahi and Millie hadn’t babysat for them yet… but… she wouldn’t be opposed to it, especially if it would help Kiva start to bond with those her own age… even if they were babies.

Senn smield and moved to hug her, his arms wrapping around her waist as he picked her up a bit in his embrace and kissed her. He set her down again and nuzzled her a bit. “I love you,“ he said, moving a hand up to run through her hair and lightly over the soft feathered quills behind her ear, nothing to rile her, but just a touch that would make her know the depth of those words. “And we need to stop doing this lovely stuff this morning, or your sister will learn how to use her lightning magic and singe us both,“ he joked, but made no motion to move away either.

Topaz listened to him, his tones in no way upset or distraught by the conversation, which certainly helped ease any sense of remorse she had over making him talk about what might have been a painful subject. She nodded and tipped her gaze down a bit, as though she could see through the bubbles as h mentioned… their little one. She could feel one of his tails moving over her tummy lightly, as though he was always conscious of the fact… and he was quietly still celebrating the news, even if he was being demure about it so he wouldn’t spook her. “Yeah… I could get dry and into something comfy again…” she agreed when he said they’d get out soon. Seemed it’d worked. She was relaxed enough.. She could relax in the bed with him, brush his tails with him, cuddle and talk like this and not stress over the other many thoughts and fears that she’d had last night and when she woke.

Bayla felt Sable’s hand tighten in a reassuring gesture and then her full, fluffy tail come up around her for added measure. She looked at the girl gratefully, but still had a wariness in her eyes. Her ears tipped back at the one-sided conversation and she almost felt her heart leap out of her chest when Sable drew Tomoe’s attention during a remark.

Nour moved to take a step forwards, but not enough to break the magic she used to keep her and solace out of sight. “Tomoe. You are my best and dearest friend. I have never laughed at your pain and never once have I laughed in your absence. When I thought we‘d lost you, a small part of my own light dimmed…” she said with deep regret, for that had been the smallest change in the ocean, which allowed such beings as Bastian to be born, without any light at all… even in one of the purest places on D’Joran. “I didn’t know you loved him in that way… and neither did he. How could we know when you kept it such a secret?”

She looked over and saw Bayla and Sable and how frightened Bayla looked. She looked back to Tomoe and her heart nearly broke when she noticed the look she kept giving the wolf. “She’s done nothing to you… She is not Lureyna…” She said, speaking the name of the mother of the first Luminara, Luminos’ first love, who now burned forever as a light in the night sky near to his own brilliant star, since her passing. Where all of the Luminaras and Guardians since then who left this plane resided now, as well, in his care.

Nour took a breath and shook her head, her eyes trying desperately to get Tomoe to wake up. “Why do you look at me with such disdain when I have only ever loved you? Is it only for being his sister? For loving my niece?” she asked Tomoe in soft tones. She looked at Solace and then down to the tear in her hands, which was almost blindingly brilliant again, like a star brought down from the heavens. “It did help you… whether you realize it yet or not. I still see my Tomoe in your eyes, even if you don’t look at me as you once did…” she said, looking at her again. “You could never hate as strongly as I know you once loved, Tomoe. Nothing you do will make me believe otherwise.”

Luminos was very much aware of Tomoe’s return, but… he did have many responsibilities on D’Joran… and currently he needed to watch over the transition of his gifts from a corrupted Guardian to the rightful one… especially since the outcome directly effected his own flesh and blood, the Luminara. He could not investigate just yet… but was certain, if it was true, he would hear of it in Elysian…

Ginga just held onto Aster for a moment. She seemed far more serious than amused by it all, like all of the others were. She felt like the odd one out for still being overly protective and cautious, finding it difficult, even after unlocking the Divine Shepherd within her… to trust. She looked at Aster and nodded a bit. “I’m sure it was… but you can have fun where you’re still safe… and I don’t want you to fall if she looses her concentration for even a moment,“ she said before moving to set Aster down so she could go meet Maks, too… although she still struggled to accept him. Perhaps that was more a selfish reason… looking down at the woven bracelet Lycos had given her before… His end had been so horrific… she barely managed to keep her tears at bay thinking about him.

Maks looked over and saw Ginga standing across the room, by the beds, away from the rest of them once Aster came over. “It’s nice to meet you, Aster. I’m Maksim… but you can call me Maks. You’re just as cute as your sister,“ he said, meaning Vi. He felt the impulse to go talk to Ginga, to try… but glanced at Fauve to see if she felt it was a good idea or better to leave Ginga alone. Older than the twins and more temperamental, Ginga was going to have a harder time adjusting… that was clear.

Gypsy was also blushing as Taupe figured out they’d only just gotten together, despite the fact everyone else had seen Braska’s affection for a long time and Gypsy’s comfort and closeness to him… to the point that everyone either thought they were a couple already or knew they were headed that way. She then shook her head a bit. “I think uniqueness is a good thing,” she said to Taupe. Gypsy was an odd little bat-fox, her father being a ghost bat, which accounted for her silvery velvet fur on her wings and ears. Her mother a small breed of wingged fox, accounting for her particularly foxy ears, that rivaled a fennec’s, and the tufts of fur on her wings, and her longer, fuller, fluffy tail -- far more cuddly than any traditional bat tail.

She then nodded in agreement with Braska. “Yeah… I like this Taupe… the real Taupe,“ she said with a smile. “And as for your friend… I guess sometimes the same friends can’t always be in our lives, or they grow up or change… but the good news is… he’s not your only friend anymore. When you joined twilios, you became our friend… and a part of our family…“

Cleo looked up at Ceil and her small hands held to his shirt a bit tighter when he asked if she’d like to be set down. She wasn’t sure… she was still nervous… She looked around, unable to see all of the others on the other side of the dining room, as Ceil’s body blocked their view from where she was in his arms…but she could hear them and smell them and knowing there were so many here… she didn’t know if she should get down… Of course, she couldn’t understand that no one’s attention was on the small group far back by the balcony doors, where the sun was at it’s warmest.

“Won’t Cleo sit with us?“ Meeka asked, looking up at the ermine. She was curious about the girl. She’d met Ceil a few times, caught Cleo’s scent on him, but he was never visiting Daire’s room with her. She didn’t connect that Cleo was the one in town who Daire had slept with, gotten pregnant, the one he’d felt awful for a long time because of what she’d endured with the complications of that. But to hear how good she was doing from Ceil had certainly changed Daire’s heart around, letting the guilt pass.

“Come on, Cleo…“ Meeka squeaked.

Cleo looked at Ceil and then down at Meeka and Baillie again. She then gave Ceil the tiniest squeak, nodding her head slowly. As long as he was staying close…

Ashe smiled and returned the kiss, meeting Rumi in the tenderness and depth of it. “mmmm..“ she hummed softly into it. She broke the kiss after a moment to take a breath and smiled at him, blushing a bit, bringing her hand up to caress his cheek softly. “Now that was some kiss,“ she said before leading him in for another one. She was looking forward to when she and Rumi could embrace each other once more. It had been a while. Not because there had been any danger for the twins in doing it, but because having twins depleted so much of Ashe’s energy that Rumi opted more for the cuddling and foot massages than thinking about anything else. Also, it seemed that stallions were more protective than needy once their mate was foaled. But with Ashe’s body recovered from the Zion and her energy slowly returning, those temptations were sure to return.

Lassa got goosebumps from the light caresses over her tummy, being slightly ticklish when he was touching her so lightly. She closed her eyes and returned the kiss once he reached her lips once more, hearing his tender profession of love and never tiring of it. It still gave her such butterflies to hear him say those three words to her. “I love you too…“ she returned, her lips brushing his as she did, then finding herself in another kiss with her prince. Even hungry as he was, it seemed the tender foreplay and affection before embracing her was enough to sate his hunger until it progressed to a point where her body was as ready for it as his was!

Marin walked with a couple of the patrols throughout the morning. She felt so restless in the castle. It was safe here, for the most part, and the fight was out there… and she was a warrior. She wanted to feel less… confined. Fooling around with Trilander, as wild as they got, it was a good outlet for their energy, and he was still indulging in that energy with his other bride. But Marin now needed a new outlet, so she made use of the training rooms and the patrols… and now she heard about the Lemurian architects getting a new assignment to construct a new wing to the castle to house a school… A heavy guard was required while they worked, as they would be expanding La’shire’s boundaries and reclaiming land from the darkness outside. Perhaps while Trilander was making up for a lost month with Lassa, she could see to it that their architects were safe as they aided the expansion efforts.

Rostan smiled back and then slowly moved and sat up, setting his crossword book aside. He draped his arms over the edge of the tub and rested his chin on them, watching her. He reached in, dipping his hand under the water and tracing his fingers down her soft, smooth scales of her tail. “Definitely feels like it’s almost there,“ he said. She’d always told him her tail didn’t affect her the way it would other mystrians, because before they became a couple, she’d invite him to touch it all the time… of course, one had to wonder if she was just saying that… so that he would!

Yuna listened and watched Silvi as she spoke and reassured her. Her ears slowly lifted tall and content on her head again and she smiled, nodding a bit. It was those reassurances that let her know things were different here… with Altair, with Silvi. No one was tossing her away for not doing something right away or having an answer. “How many gardens are there in the castle?“ she asked silvi, indicating she would like to have a walk through one.

Vespa listened to him with that childlike intentness… but when he got to Drak… she seemed to look sad, like she might cry. Like she’d just made sense of something. “He thought I’d hurt you…“ she said in a small voice. “… I did…“ she said, her chin trembling as her eyes welled up. She was still so young inside, and she was reacting like she just realize that she’d caused pain… and to cause anything like that to Haru hurt in her chest. She remembered enough of it… when Raiser let her remember, of being the reason Miharu ended up in that situation… she hadn’t realized it was her fault until hearing about the blood magic that clearly. About… being a puppet…


Mira giggled through her purrs a bit and shook her head. “You can get distracted by me any time you want… after my appointment,“ she noted, moving to give his nose a playful love bite, just a little nip, which he might find amusing. It’d been a while since she did that, and maybe even reminded him of how much he enjoyed those little fangs when she was getting affectionate or frisky. She wasn’t sure how much she could do to finish washing up with her legs feeling like jelly, though! As for Silvi’s plans, odds were Mira and Koran would be finding out about her intentions at some point today… especially if Yuna came around or called to talk with them about it.

Sarah heard the silence for a moment and knew that it meant Drak’s mind went to not so innocent places for a moment. “Don’t get any ideas, Drak,“ she laughed through the crystal before he went into offers of what to bring her. “Hmmm.. Actually… I’m pretty hungry. Could you get me a breakfast sandwich too? One of those egg, ham and cheese biscuits that Tae makes so good. And… um.. Lemon tea would be perfect. And, of course… if you know a dragon who could give a girl some company, it’d be a bonus,“ she added, playfully flirty. He’d be a fool not to think she had a bit more of an appetite after the paces he’d been putting her through! “Good. I’ll see you soon,” she said when he mentioned he’d be there in a few minutes.

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            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kia thru Vespa), Sat Jun 9 11:14pm
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                  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Soraya thru Sarah), Sun Jun 10 10:51am
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                    • Re: No SubjectKari (Fai thru Trilander) , Sun Jun 10 5:17pm
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                      • Re: No SubjectKari (Pallas thru Haru), Sun Jun 10 5:18pm
                        Pallas nodded. "It is." She said as she looked at it as well. "There are so many who have lost so much and the knowledge that would be lost as well….it would set everyone back generations to give up... more
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                          Acerbus had to think about the question, truth be told their relationship didn't start on the best foot. Of course he was running away from his life here and she was doing something else. "It took... more
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                            Eros listened and nodded, smiling a bit. “You wouldn’t know it to see you two now,“ he said, meaning that there were ever any walls between them. “I suppose… sometimes getting past those things are... more
                            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kia thru Vespa), Sun Jun 10 9:40pm
                              Kia smiled, looking relieved when Millie assured her she wasn’t looking for an instant knowledge on it all. “So… are you… are you asking me to… teach you?“ she asked. She’d had tutors back home, they ... more
                              • Re: No SubjectKari (Fai thru Haru), Sun Jun 10 11:01pm
                                Fai nodded as he set it down and paused in what she was making her fingers brushing lightly over where she heard the sound of the metal set down and checked it out. Nodding she put it down and then... more
                                • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Mon Jun 11 12:14pm
                                  It warmed Koran's heart to see Mira flush at his words, it wasn't often that he could get his cute kitten to show one of thoes adoreable blushes but it was so worth it when they came up! Carrying the ... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectRudy (Ex thru Dia), Tue Jun 12 1:10am
                                    "Yeah... We kinda goofed there," Ex said wIth a tired laugh. "That and... Something good happened. I don't know what, but the castle itself seems... happier. Maybe your dad knows what it is." Ex had... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Thu Jun 14 12:30am
                                      Acerbus just smiled at the question and how Eros so quickly backed off from it. He started to think that the White Raven might finally be noticing that HE gets noticed. "We did, though maybe not in... more
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