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Kari (Averie thru Haru)
Re: No Subject
Sat Jun 9, 2018 8:40pm

Averie nodded. "Yeah from what talks I remember with Kiva and even some with Ri while he's still here. He and Kiva were close. It was why they sent her back with him originally believing he'd be able to keep an eye on her and help her heal." He said smiling as he glanced over in the direction of the nursery. "She grows up to be a lovely young lady…" He was so happy to see her future had changed. Also to know that she still adored her Uncle Mov who she had gotten close to growing up and close to here too. Apparently spending a lot of time talking to him and sorting things out.

Yuuri laughed good naturedly as she hugged him back and his comment about stopping the lovely stuff. "I know…she won't be thrilled if I'm overly late to the agreed upon time." She said and kissed him after. It was hard not to. She was soo happy this morning but she did sigh at the idea of Juno getting control of her lightening magics just to fry Yuuri for being super late….that would not be fun. She'd spend half the time dodging and laughing and trying to explain and apologize the not fun part would be anytime it hit. She knew Juno would never use enough to hurt her but make it smart oh sure.

Fii chuckled and nodded as he shifted and gently moved to lift them both standing up carefully in the tub and stepping out onto the plush towel next to the tub he reached over and grabbed a large warm towel and wrapped it around Topaz leaning in to kiss her gently. "Sounds good to me." he said warmly happy to see her happy and relaxed. He had no problem doing what it took to help things settle he understood nerves he had gone through that himself after being freed only a bit more too…having almost been broken completely into that Toy mentality. He had gotten free of it thanks to a lot of effort from the girls. Sarah, Millie….they didn't like the way some of the girls who worked in the castle were only too happy to take advantage of his vulnerable state of mind back then…and well he found out Millie can be quiet the fierce lady when she wants to be….he felt bad for anyone who made that normally gentle and soft spoken princess angry.

Sable slipped her arm free of Bayla's hold only to wrap it around her pulling her into her side. Bayla was so nervous and scared and she knew it. But she also knew they had to tread carefully. The most she could do without invoking direct wrath for disrespect at the moment was move to hold her a bit more securely to her side. Her tail still wrapped around her. This was after all her area….as a High Priestess in Ethion who helped take care of the Spiritus and relayed things for Lorna this was one of her many things to do…only usually it was in prayer for the well being of others not standing behind an irritated Ancient who looked ready to start throwing lightening bolts at any second. She wasn't blind….Tomoe looked fully angry and yet….something about her was just…painfully sad to Sable. Even so she could not let Bayla take the brunt of her anger without trying to buffer it. They had walked into it. She wasn't about to just say oh well fend for yourself. Bayla was too sweet to leave her like that.

Tomoe shook her head. It hurt….she brought her hand up to hold the side of her head because in a sense she knew Nour was right. Even if she had known and been sad that things turned out that way it would not change her love for her niece. Tomoe knew that if it were her bother and her niece it would be the same way. She said she didn't know that a part of her light went out when Tomoe was taken away. That she could never….she looked up…she had originally felt soo foolish on her part…for allowing herself to fall so hopelessly in love with him without knowing how he felt about her….she remembered that as she seemed to glare at them both before her Solace and Nour. She had growled in frustration at hearing Lureyna's name. That she could never hate….as strongly as she once loved she glared. "Your wrong." She growled.

"She's not." Solace said defending Nour's stance. "Tomoe, you are she who is this worlds most beloved Mother Nature. You are she who even now….everyone still looks to. Look around where the darkness has not smothered all the work you put into this world. The plants the flowers the sky….the children of this world cherish everything you gave them every ounce of love and care you put into the trees the flowers the sky….everything…..and Raiser is the one taking and destroying everything. Even now…all of us move to protect this world you cherished so much. Your love was second for the children of this world for D'joran was second only to one. You and Nour both walked for a time coining the phrase the 'purity of nature' because of you two."

Tomoe looked up at him holding her head it hurt….why….it was like a horrible jumbled mess inside she hated….but for a moment what she had hated…was how foolish she herself had been how hopelessly in love she had fallen with one who she didn't know not truly how he felt about her. She had been painfully shy…to even whisper her feelings about him to Nour… caused the shift in the curse Raiser put upon her….her left eye….looking as if Spring had come into bloom the crystalline depths holding the vibrant greens and lavenders the soft pastel colors and pinks and oranges…looking much akin to a spring flower garden in bloom. Loved….it made her think about how much time she'd spend just that word what had she loved she had questioned herself and she had spent time in the ocean city with Nour….and Nour with her in Arcadia. Walking among the gardens up there. But hurt like a chaos of hundred dark voices whispering in her head telling her those memories were false they were tricks. He laughed…..

"Tomoe, no matter what happened please believe that he did care about you greatly when your storm broke your cry for help….Luminos left everything in that moment and ran to you….he used every ounce of his power to cover the distance….his voice pierced the heavens Tomoe screaming your name." Solace looked at her. "it was how Nour and I found were Raiser was facing him….he would never have knowingly hurt you. Not you….he protected you like he protected Nour."

Tomoe shook her head and hit her knee's crying out in pain…"Shut up….shut up…." She screamed although as it seemed to be at them she was holding her head not her ears the tears falling…..make it stop…just let her fall back into darkness….let the voices stop….

Solace glanced at Tomoe a moment longer then at Nour he spoke lowly while she was on her knees. "We have to get her to La'shire….I know….it's dangerous with that dark magic running through her…but…she's not going to make it if we don't get her to….where his seven stars are…Where his star shines above the lands at the moment…he'll be able to reach her through them….to where we all are….even Adriel and Rohdorn at the moment….."

Tomoe missed what he had been whispering but reached up covering her right eye…"Rohdorn….his….it's his…" She gasped through the nose the pain…she hated stealing that was one thing even in her love of the world she hated. Nature didn't steal….Her free hand brushed the woven pouch on her shoulder where the tear had sat…."Its….oh make it stop….please…" She cried out the voices…the horrible screeching voices if she fell into the darkness it went quiet….but they wouldn't stop talking to her….the black runic markings on her arm ached….Raisers horrible spell. "Please just let me…." she couldn't finish that thought…it hurt her head hurt.

Shale blinked as she looked at her she sounded like an over protective momma but she couldn’t get mad at her either. She did glance over at Fauve and the others as she sat on the bed though.

Fauve shook her head mouthing give her time she knew what was eating at Ginga the pain of loss and it wasn't something easy to deal with. "Perhaps…I'll see if Princess Mildune can stop by later." She said softly to Maks. "I've been told….when someone's heart needs healing she's the one they send for." Of course she had no idea just why that was either. "From what I hear…she's well loved and one of the Alpha pairs of the merger between Far Mist and the 106th." She did glance down at Aster though as Maks spoke to her and she ducked behind Fauve's leg going under her tail and peeking around at him blushing a bit as he spoke holding Fiona tight to her. Her fingers wrapped around Fauve's pant leg as she peeked at Maks blushing a bit. Aster was extremely skittish and painfully shy….she wasn't nearly half as brave as Vi. At least to Aster Vi was super; super brave and her? A scared weak little wolf.
"It's okay Aster." she said gently to her.

Taupe smiled shaking her head. "This coming from the adorable Gypsy how can I argue?" She said smiling and shaking her head. "you have no idea how many heads you've turned." Taupe looked at them both before sighing and nodding. "Then I'll do my best not to let bad habits keep going." She said looking at them and nodding. "I am happy for you both though."

Braska nodded. "Thank you Taupe." He said this one was nice this was the real her it was a shame they hadn't gotten to see her earlier but now that they did he didn't want her to go back to the other way. Besides she was a pretty girl he was sure her being this way would get far more attention then the other. Especially since this way she didn't seem stuck up. It would take a little bit for others to notice but once they did he was sure they'd like this side of her too.

Ceil nodded. "I'll be right here." he said gently as he lowered her down to the floor gently letting her feet touch down gently and holding his arms there a moment until she had her legs under her and started moving he never minded. She was delicate and he knew Thayne and Daire if he was there would both understand.

Baillie smiled as her tail swished behind her. "Thank you for coming Cleo." She said then paused and tipped her head….was that right thank you for…she frowned and looked up at them and Frau smiled.

"you're doing fine Baillie." Frau said gently. "But if your looking for the phrase it's 'Thank you for coming over to talk to us'" she said gently and Baillie repeated it before blowing a bit of her hair up.

"That's a lot!" Baillie complained she just enjoyed purring and cuddling her conversational skills weren't always the best but Thayne was always happy when she tried to learn and grow and do more things. Then looked at Cleo and nodded. "Thank you for coming over to talk to us Cleo." She tried again and Frau nodded smiling which made Baillie smile….and might help Cleo feel better they weren't going to laugh or outcast her because she learning everything just like them.

Rumi would happily pick up again once they got there energy back between her having the twins and him chasing after the hyper little foal and quiet fawn unless her brother got her stirred up. But he more then happily returned this kiss right now that she was giving. He broke it and chuckled. "Well you're not so bad yourself." He said teasingly as he leaned in to kiss her again he certainly didn't mind this, this morning.

He growled a bit as she said that her breathe brushing against his lips. He loved hearing her all the time her voice the sounds she made when he drew them from her. It was always incredible but no matter how needy he himself was she was such a beautiful and delicate girl he didn't ever want to take a chance of hurting her. He kissed her again his fingers moving from lingering on her belly to trace up along her curves and down again sliding along her thigh.

Pallas yawned as she watched the crews moving things she had volunteered for this the heavier guard and while many might think she was crazy for doing it the Panther dragon was not always one for the lighter duty jobs. This one meant being on guard. She did see Marin though and walked up as she was heading one of the different patrol units out there. Her long thick black tail swishing behind her as her ears flicked it was easy to forget she was a large massive fur covered dragon for many on her patrol they tended to think she was just a sapphire eyed black panther. "Morning Lady Marin Javin?" She offered the other cup since they brought her two…apparently when she said a double shot Javin this morning they took that to mean to large cups instead of one half the size brewed a bit stronger.

River hide always did just what his touch along her tail did to her. When he ran his fingers along her tail like that it did drive her crazy but in all the good ways and she had never let on. A guilty little pleasure for her in the past and embarrassed to admit differently now. "Almost." She said in agreement after a moment of centering herself as she always did and lounged there. "There's a few dry spots still near the dorsal fin…" she said nodding down to the tiny clusters near the end of her tail…those took a bit longer only because the scales were much tighter and smaller the further down they got.

"Mm inside and out I think altogether somewhere around one hundred." She said looking at her and smiling. "There are the inner gardens then those along the outside on the ground and several sky gardens on different parts of the roof." She said looking at her. "I've been told a Druid got permission to plant and bring to life a singing garden within the castle. That the garden is alive with the sound of music."

Haru looked at her and pulled her gently to him onto him. "You never hurt me." He said it firmly but gently in a clear tone that said he would never accept it otherwise. "Not you." He repeated as he looked at her tracing her cheek as he held her to him in his arms. "That was not you. You were being hurt by her as I was. I ended up there because I chose to stand between you and her. To keep her from hurting you and making the girl I love so much disappear. You are not responsible for what she did she is…" He said as he held her gently in his arms. "I would do it over again for you…" He would protect her.

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