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Shiloh (Eros thru Delilah)
Re: No Subject
Sat Jun 9, 2018 11:14pm

Eros seemed a tad uncomfortable broaching the subject with anyone… but Acerbus felt like someone safe to ask. “When was it that you knew… she was the one for you?“ he asked. “How did you know?“ Truthfully, not many in Unkindness knew how they’d met, but merely accepted that Acerbus had returned with a wife and that she had been fully accepted by the Royal family. Delilah’s devotion to Unkindness was essentially what won over their love.

“…Me too,“ Twilight said quietly. “I wish I knew how to control them…“ she added. “It’s hard to see anything about myself anyway. It’s never clear. It’s always the people around me who I see instead.“ She saw her brother’s perch getting closer and closer, wondering what he needed to tell her.

Koi smiled brightly as she walked into Rachel’s workshop, standing in front of the dress and shaking her head. “It’s amazing what you can do, Rachel. Mars’ jaw will hit the floor when he sees this,“ she said, blushing a bit. She couldn’t believe how close it was getting. Although everyone felt they acted like they were happily married already, the reality of marrying the raven of her dreams was butterfly-inducing for Koi. She reached out to feel the silken fabric. It wasn’t too over-the-top. Fairly simple in its design, and yet so stunning. It almost looked too beautiful to put on.

Vera’s ears did this adorable little dance at the way he said that last bit. “Someone you’re not fond of involving?“ she asked, noting the way he’d said the girl’s name. “Gizmo isn’t her real name, is it?“ she asked with a smirk, quite sure it had to be a nickname earned through her particular brand of thievery. “Well, alright. We have this morning, so… let’s go see this Gizmo and get these rods,“ she said.

“Next few months?“ Saffy asked, looking at him curiously as they walked. Duncan always seemed to be thinking ahead, imagining the future, usually all positives. She smiled. “Tell me what you think this place will be like in a few months,“ she said, stepping in closer and hugging his arm as they reached an exit to head out into the sprawling gardens all around the castle grounds.

Blake opened the balcony door and stepped out with Horace and Serg. “Look that way. Do you see it? The light in the distance, eating away the darkness? That, I’ve been informed, is light from the Spiritus Tree. I’m sure your father taught you about the three spirit trees left by the Deities… the Ancients… to help protect the light of this world. Well… their lights have faded some since they were first grown… but I’ve learned that something has been found to make them strong again. Something that could help us with the fight yet to come. A reason to hope,“ he said with a smile. He then looked back at Serg and smiled, patting Horace’s back. “Let’s check on a few more rooms… and then how about we get you something to eat.”

Juno looked back at Torin and blushed a bit. “It’s just a ponytail,“ she said, though clearly the remark had a bigger effect than that, if her blush was any indication. She then moved to put her shoes on, watching him get dressed as well. “Don’t forget your notebook…“ she mentioned, hoping he wouldn’t be documenting another failure on her part today. She wanted to be able to do this… but after that dream… she wasn’t sure how focused she could be today… and were she to learn Yuuri had the same one…

Garand heard the sound Fang made, and indeed it did make the dragon prince nervous. But then his comment left him perplexed. “Help how?“ he asked.

Orion made his way to the Noble Oak, beside the Royal Oak, where his family’s perch was. He needed to get dressed for the meeting, which appeared to be held by Rotta in Donovan’s absence, and also to gather some of his things to move to the Inn for a while, until his father came to his senses. He swore his father never let him live down his mixed blood, and yet he’d been the one to fall for his mother, an ambassador who had been visiting on behalf of the Blue Jay tribes… making him a reality. He packed his satchel and headed off to the Royal Oak to the briefing hall where he joined the other guards to hear Rotta’s updates on this morning’s incident.

Nascha smiled and listened, curious as well. Movado tended to be the busiest, being the head of the knights and having taken over the scheduling and recruitments for all areas of the protections, security and patrols in the castle, delegating different ranks to different instructors. “I hope he’s making plenty of time for married life,“ she added with a smile.


Del nodded a bit, moving back to let Fai do as she needed. She moved to the open door to the perch, waiting for Donovan to arrive, though she’d be surprised by who was bringing him. She listened as Samson and Judith spoke quietly amongst themselves. Acerbus had also been trying to get Fai to take position in the Oak as the royal healer after her help with his father’s ailments… but Fai humbly refused many times over, for whatever reason she didn’t seem to have the same faith in herself that everyone else had… They would keep asking, though… perhaps one day she would say yes.

She saw then finally coming up the final set of stairs, seeing Donovan being helped by Soraya and Abbadon. “This way… Please put him at the table by the balcony… Fai has everything set up over there,” she said, stepping aside to let them in.

Soraya looked at Abbadon and moved inside with Donovan, doing as told and helping him to sit on the bench at the far table. She withdrew, her shirt stained with some of his blood from helping him, but at least it wasn’t hers.

“You weren’t hurt were you?” Del asked as she closed the door and moved inside, checking on their honored guests to Unkindness… and clearly, they deserved gratitude as well, for helping Donovan. She then turned her attention to him. She needed to ask him about what happened, but… she also didn’t want to distract Fai…

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    • Re: No Subject — Shiloh (Eros thru Delilah), Sat Jun 9 11:14pm
      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kia thru Vespa), Sat Jun 9 11:14pm
        Kia looked at Millie and watched the way she moved, the look in her eyes. Her ears lifted a bit and her wings seemed to relax as she nodded. “Thank you,“ she said quietly before shaking her head.... more
        • Re: No SubjectKari (Fai thru Haru), Sun Jun 10 12:49am
          "The only blood scent I'm picking up is Donovan's….but there are any internal Injuries without broken skin I won't." Fai said as she picked up the pitcher and everything walking over having filled... more
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            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Soraya thru Sarah), Sun Jun 10 10:51am
              Soraya watched Fai work, but stayed quiet during the girl‘s accolades over the wound‘s dressing. She took in all of the aspects of Fai and then turned with Abbadon and spoke in barely a whisper.... more
              • Re: No SubjectKari (Fai thru Trilander) , Sun Jun 10 5:17pm
                Fai continued to work lowering her hand and satisfied that there wasn't anything dangerous in the wood no slivers….no poisons or other infectious things. She set out her stuff then walked out to the... more
                • Re: No SubjectKari (Pallas thru Haru), Sun Jun 10 5:18pm
                  Pallas nodded. "It is." She said as she looked at it as well. "There are so many who have lost so much and the knowledge that would be lost as well….it would set everyone back generations to give up... more
                  • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Jun 10 6:59pm
                    Acerbus had to think about the question, truth be told their relationship didn't start on the best foot. Of course he was running away from his life here and she was doing something else. "It took... more
                    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Eros thru Soraya), Sun Jun 10 9:40pm
                      Eros listened and nodded, smiling a bit. “You wouldn’t know it to see you two now,“ he said, meaning that there were ever any walls between them. “I suppose… sometimes getting past those things are... more
                      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kia thru Vespa), Sun Jun 10 9:40pm
                        Kia smiled, looking relieved when Millie assured her she wasn’t looking for an instant knowledge on it all. “So… are you… are you asking me to… teach you?“ she asked. She’d had tutors back home, they ... more
                        • Re: No SubjectKari (Fai thru Haru), Sun Jun 10 11:01pm
                          Fai nodded as he set it down and paused in what she was making her fingers brushing lightly over where she heard the sound of the metal set down and checked it out. Nodding she put it down and then... more
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                              • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Thu Jun 14 12:30am
                                Acerbus just smiled at the question and how Eros so quickly backed off from it. He started to think that the White Raven might finally be noticing that HE gets noticed. "We did, though maybe not in... more
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