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Kari (Fai thru Trilander)
Re: No Subject
Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:17pm

Fai continued to work lowering her hand and satisfied that there wasn't anything dangerous in the wood no slivers….no poisons or other infectious things. She set out her stuff then walked out to the balcony collecting a few plants that would seem otherwise poisonous if you didn't know what you were doing and although she had never had classes on any of this….she had just always known. Even the seemingly most dangerous of plants what they were used for. Fai lowered her hand the markings fading but also seeming to submerge beneath her skin…her faith in her skills so badly shaken. Judith, Delilah, Samson…Acerbus…all of them kept asking her. Donovan had such faith in her abilities….she was the only one who it seemed didn't. But she worked quietly as she began making the different things she would need to treat and clean the wound as he was there she rarely made things up in advance finding that most things were better treated with fresh medicines not that the made up in advance was bad it just allowed her to adept the medicine for the patient….after she checked the wound like that. Her soft ears twitched as she listened unaware Sora realized she was an Arcadian or that she had something that was resonating with her magic.

Millie listened to her and shook her head. "it's alright if it's not something that can be done all at once." she said gently. "I've…been having the reoccurring dreams for a while now…but there more like a bad vision that I can't figure out at all. Millie had nodded before when Kia asked to see the Medallion and then said it was…Somnambulan…."I haven't done that I imagine there is much I don't know about the magic I have." She said softly. "The most I've learned how do without it wavering is the Dream Arc…" She said referring to the dream bridge she had brought here for Drak to travel and get to Miharu a bridge that…Raiser who held no light at all could not cross nor was that an easy spell to master. But it was one that came more naturally to her. Being a sort of Den Mother it was a means of safely taking those from one place to another even through something as dark and dangerous as the Abyss which recoiled from it. "Honestly…I wasn't expecting it to be something so simple….I've seen the countless paths….dreams can take from the reflections in the arc….which is why I had hoped for guidance. I know its going to take patience….I'm willing to try."

Soli followed Odette's directions and blinked a moment or two smiling. "She's adorable." She said seeing the white dove that Odette was pointing out. She nodded though as she sighed. "I think…Lance might be a bit disappointed if I told him at times….I miss it…not the killing the fighting…but the general sense of…Purpose I guess? It's hard….I feel at times listless…" She said she didn't want to go back into that kill or be killed mentality but she wanted….to feel something other then….like her days were spent empty like she had accomplished something.

Averie loved the sound of that purr. How happy it meant she was as he worked on finishing his meal. He finished up the last few bites before getting up to put his dish and cup on the cart and rolled it out into the hall. He did pause though and glance at his arm before walking over and leaning in to kiss her on the cheek. "I'm going to go see about cleaning this up a moment and rewrap it lightly." He said gently as he looked at her.

Yuuri shook her head laughing as he teased her about twisting his arm. "Yup so no being a slow poke or you'll be the one she's chasing with the lightening." She said laughing and shook her head it was a teasingly light comment Juno had a wonder sense of humor to her she was discovering. "Mmm not really ironically she encourages it." She said as she leaned against the wall. "I think it allows her to look over what we've tried later too and see if she can figure out why it's not happening. And for him I think it's just a healthy curiosity thing. This is also the first time I think anyone has tried to teach someone born on the human side of the Half Mystrian's to be able to shift…." She glanced over at Senn. "Although Fii mentioned a Half Candid by the name of Seimei-maru once to me…he said he has the ability to shift but not like one might think….apparently his blood ebbs the Mystrian in him around the full moon it makes him nervous to be around others." She said as she looked at her hand. "mean while I couldn't become human until my aunt decided to…accidently poison me." she shook her head. "Dragon's bane is not fun….in fact if not for the fact I'm half like my sister…it might have killed me then…which is a sour thought."

"I think…Nour is trying to purge the darkness from Tomoe." She said softly. "But….that is where it…gets difficult. Those vile feeling markings covering her right arm suddenly began to put off like a misasma before it moved, and Tomoe shoved….with her left even as her right seemed to try to claw….I think…Tomoe is trying to fight the curse on her and Nour is trying to help her but the curse is taking control and making her strike back at Nour…." Sable said just from what she was seeing and What Spiritus was relaying to her. "But Tomoe is crying….begging her to stay back…" she whispered softly.

Tomoe looked up feeling that warmth surge through her again it seemed to go easily through her left side through her heart…..but then the curse surged again this time was bad….worse her arm seemed to swing as if a mind of her own Tomoe brought her right arm up again as the tears fell as much as she screamed she hated….as much as she claimed….the idea of seeing Nour hurt despite her tones hurt worse then anything at the moment made her heart ache. And the cursed voices would not silence in her head it hurt so much. It was Tomoe though who yelped as she blocked the curse pushing Nour back as the claws went for her face…she felt them lance into her own skin a reckless harshness to the spell that didn't care if it hurt her to get it's way or not. "Get her away from me please!" Tomoe yelled at Solace inside the barrier of magic…..before the last bit of light inside broke because she took Nour from this world even if she claimed to be angry and hateful towards her… was hard to absolutely hate Nour. She was after all her best friend and like a sister.

Solace moved grabbing Nour and pulling her back into his arms wrapping his wings around her as he dodged to the side looking at Tomoe whose right arm fell to the ground as if not her own her left bleeding pretty good. He took a deep breathe and seeing the tear lifted it as he held Nour to him not letting go knowing she'd reach out again and tossed the tear on Tomoe's lap. "Tomoe listen to me…those feelings that need to protect Nour to the point you got hurt trying to fight the curse hold onto that. Take the tear….keep it close to your heart, it holds Nour's warmth her love for you….get to La'shire."

"La'shire…" She said lowly in answer her voice sounding tired cold broken…sad….

"La'shire….we'll be there….we'll figure out how to break that curse and then whatever may come your sorrow, your pain your tears….we'll accept them all because they'll be from the real Tomoe. Form our sweet friend."


"You have the Night's verse don't you? Moment's ago you mentioned something about Rohdorn….getting something back to him whatever was used to take it…you have it right?" When she looked at him tipping her head and touched the pouch with her left hand she nodded. "Then if the voices get to be touch much….if they try to consume your light touch it…whisper to him call him he may not be able to purge it but he can give you the strength to fight it back….he can help you…and he will. Rohdorn and Adriel are worried about you just like we are….Get to La'shire Tomoe we'll be there with the means of getting that curse out of you…we won't abandon you Tomoe."

Tomoe stood backing away. Staggering back she could not stay….the pain the hurt but he said to get to La'shire for some reason he believed…she hurt inside the aching back and forth feeling as she walked the chain of the tear wrapping around her wrist. It was slow she felt so horrible inside but as she came level with Bayla who was now thankfully on her left side she looked at the child as she walked past seeing her trembling seeing her hurting and the pain…did she cause that? She reached up without thinking with her left hand brushing the backs of her fingers against her cheek letting them bloom the pain in those eyes her head….must hurt but unlike for Tomoe herself she could do something for her. The flowers and vines were tiny a gift to a village whose children had gone playing in an old abandoned mine when the Ancients once walked….the children all had massive concussions and would be lost for the swelling and pain she had given them then to the children the flowers coiled and rushed up through Bayla's hair and down forming a natural 'crown' with a sweeping veil down her hair and rushing down over the frightened lycan's arms to the backs of her hands. Right now that flower was consider to be a weed useless as it's really only purpose was this one….the scent of the flowers the oils of the vines and pollen that fell from the tiny silver and gold blossoms all had one result Bayla would feel instantly the pain…would be gone. Not fading but gone…as if swallowed up by what many called a weed not knowing it's name. "I'm sorry child…" She whispered her voice holding the notes faint ones that belonged to Tomoe as she walked off moving to leave Ethion. It was all she could do now….to apologize to the young lycan Nour was right she wasn't Lureyna and even if she was….she hadn't deserved that but now…La'shire was a long way off she just hoped she could hold onto the small bit of warmth….long enough. To stay was to hurt Nour…

Solace closed his eyes as he felt his own tears fall now collecting them and moving to place them against Nour's wounded side he had not seen Tomoe's gift to Bayla. "I'm so sorry child." He spoke through the magic the barrier letting his deep musical voice come out soothingly to Bayla not knowing….Tomoe had apologized to her. "That was not….who she really is…Raiser has cast a curse upon her one which we are having a hard time finding the means to break at the moment….I hope some day…you can find it in your heart to forgive her." He said as he worked to heal the shallow cuts that Nour received at Tomoe's hand….

Fauve nodded. "Sounds good." She said and then glanced at Vi and Aster having a better idea about who should go ask…it was hard even for her to stay depressed around these two. "Hey you two, did you want to see if Ginga would like to join us for breakfast in the dinning room?" She asked Aster and Violet, Aster who was blushing brightly and shyly took her hand back before ducking and peeking out from behind Fauve's legs.

"It….it's nice… meet…you." She whispered from her safety spot. Aster glanced up at Fauve. "Okay…Fauve you coming too Vi?" She asked as she peeked around the other side and Fauve moved to set her down.

Shale was all but dying did he really have no idea at all the effect he had on those girls? They were smitten he had to work harder to get a blush out of Fauve in the beginning she had been wary of trusting him he had to save her twice for her to begin to open up more and more these girls were already blushing he was one dhole who was in trouble. The twins might start fighting over him or worse decided to try to figure out how to share him. She was giggling so much she rolled off the edge of the bed and let out a mewrl as she hit the floor.

Fauve glanced over. "Shale….seems to be amusing herself again with something she's thought of…" She said seeing just the imps insanely long tail sitting on the bed.

Braska nodded as the Waitress asked him his order and ordered steak and egg plate with a side of bacon and hash browns himself. He had no problem splitting it was Gypsy in fact that was one of his favorite things to do.

Taupe smiled and ordered a Banana's and burnt butter pancakes with crème. A side of bacon which got the waitress to chuckle because it seemed like everyone's favorite and she ordered a crepe as well. It just sounded like a nice treat.

Ceil looked at her and nodded. "You can join them…it's why we're here." He said gently with a smile and a nod. Letting her know if she wanted to join them it was fine she didn't need his permission. She hadn't needed it to begin with but. Baby steps.

Baillie nodded. "It's fun though…." She said as she moved over and climbed up into a chair and smiled at Cleo. "You can stay right?" Baillie asked her ears twitching a bit she moved so that they were all sitting to one side of her although she had gotten the Zion it was still taking a bit for her to be able to hear correctly out of her left ear.

Frau smiled as she walked over to the table and then glanced at Cleo. "Is everything alright Cleo?" She asked not assuming the chair was too high or something else. She left it open for the little one to decide if she needed help…."If you need help with anything just ask I don't mind." Frau said as she moved and started to set down her hand on the table.

"Ah Frau no….!" Baillie said having seen the sweet phoenix one other time not notice the forks in the napkins Frau paused looking at Baillie.

"Something wrong Baillie?'

"The fork….it's peeking out from under the napkin….it's metal…." She said her ears twitching. "I'm sorry…I just didn't want you to get hurt Frau…"

Frau shook her head and smiled. "Oh no it's alright Baillie…I'd rather you tell me. Thank you." She said lifting her hand away from the napkin covered fork the table was set for anyone to sit down but the waitress had not come over yet to switch out to the special silverware Trait had crafted kept in the kitchen for the two Phoenix's residing in the castle. Frau Daire had once to Liam was much like a gentle teacher for the girls no matter what even little outburst like that a yell but excited she'd not get flustered but rather calmly and gently inquire….it helped give Meeka and Baillie courage to speak out more and more because she helped encourage it.

Ceil looked at Thyane and nodded. "I know….but Seeing how encouraging Baillie and Meeka are to have her around…I hope it helps." he said lowly watching the girls. They were all adorable tiny little things it was hard to imagine why…they ever had to suffer. His heart broke with the knowledge that Cleo who she was, buried under fear of being allowed to be herself this perhaps would be good for her if she'd agree to stay with them….She seemed to want to and the girls where happy to encourage her to.

Rumi chuckled as he got teased like that and smiled. He kissed her back and chuckled as he held her in his arms leaning his head in. "Well then I'll have to more often." He said playfully back he didn't mind. It was the little things that made him so happy and right now this was one of them. He felt like king of his world and if he was King…well she was his Queen and she was his world….she and there twins.

Trilander moved down slowly making his way over her belly and lower letting his gaze travel up as he watched Lassa the way she responded. It was of course only making the wolf hunger more for her and her fingers in his hair brushing his ears made him shiver a bit. She had the most delicate touch out of anyone he knew and yet she could with that one gesture send ripples through him just by brushing his ears and he knew…which made it worse she wasn't even doing it on purpose! He smiled and licked his lips playfully having paused in trailing the kisses down before leaning down and licking Lassa knowing darned well how sensitive she was but…he wanted to hear those adorable moans.

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