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Shiloh (Eros thru Soraya)
Re: No Subject
Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:40pm

Eros listened and nodded, smiling a bit. “You wouldn’t know it to see you two now,“ he said, meaning that there were ever any walls between them. “I suppose… sometimes getting past those things are what make people stronger together,“ he noted, sitting back a bit. “Would you say you were friends first or I mean… Sorry…“ he apologized, suddenly feeling very intrusive.

Twilight looked at him and smiled. She knew it wasn’t always a good thing, but… she did find it to be a compliment as well. Jupiter more than made up for it, though. He seemed to make it a point to help Twilight let go of everything going on outside of their perch and just be the two of them… as much as he could. She moved up to the door with Jupiter and brought up her free hand to knock.

Koi nodded a bit. “Oh, right. Of course,“ she said, moving around to the dressing curtain, not wanting to risk damaging the dress by taking it off the mannequin the wrong way. She’d leave that to Rachel or her magic. She blushed a bit as her mind wandered over to another thing Rachel had been making for her. “And… the other one?” she asked shyly. Nothing risqué, but a special nightie for the wedding night. Something Mars had never seen her in. Something that would hopefully ruffle his feathers just at the sight of her in it. She’d initially refused the offer, but after a couple of days, she’d reconsidered…

Vera watched Rio curiously. He suddenly seemed so unusually nervous, which she wasn’t so used to. When it came to them… he was always the confident one, leaving her blushing and shy. So to see him suddenly on the other end of that, she wondered what was up. She’d have to figure that riddle out as they went. She closed up the box and moved it back into the bar, tucking it under the counter again where it would sit discretely once more, then moved around to take a seat and wait for Rio to come back… unaware just what was running through his mind about the potential of going to see Gizmo… with Vera.

Saffy smiled and nodded, loving his optimissm. Duncan wasn’t always so sunshiny about the future, but that’d certainly turned around… though she wasn’t arrogant enough to ever assume it had anything to do with them and their relationship. Though she did tend to be the one to point out the silver linings to him. “So then… imagine years from now,“ she said with another smile, closing her eyes a moment as they stepped out into the sunlight and she took a deep breath, sighing contently. “Mmm… it feels so nice to have the warm sun on you, huh?“ she asked, looking at him.

Blake smiled as he could feel the slight resistance in Horace when he’d guided him away, the awe and wonder of a child was powerful. He had a feeling… that visual of the light standing so strong against the darkness out there… was what would finally make a real shift in how Horace saw the future and the actions they take to get there. He nodded to Serg and then reached the next room, repeating the comforting, concerned visit again… and they would do it at least a few more times before they stopped to get Horace something to eat. Perhaps themselves, too. “Would you like to try one?“ he asked Horace, meaning to be the one to ask how the family was, if they were well, to let them know if they needed anything… they need only ask for it and it will be available to them… he wanted Horace to be able to experience the feeling of being the one to offer those in need a sense of security, comfort and gratitude.

Juno looked around and shook her head. “I don’t think so…“ she said. “Not unless you think one of your meters or something would be of any help to you,“ she said, meaning in collecting data, in the event she actually succeeded. She stood up and headed to the door, waiting for him and in case he needed to grab anything else before they headed out to meet with Yuuri… and apparently Senn, too.

Sandy fell back against the pillows under Pan, panting heavily, a sheen of sweat on her body from just how wildly they’d played around. They could probably even do with another quick shower after that exertion. She was purring brokenly through her heavy breathing, but she had a smile on her face that showed just how much she’d enjoyed being with Panro, regardless of what they were doing! “Pan…“ she purred lovingly, her dainty claws kneading his back, nothing uncomfortable, but likely feeling very good after what they’d just done. Of course, neither of them would notice yet the note left for them under their door by Ikki, regarding the list of names for them to get all of their errands done.

Garand listened to Lana’s suggestion and nodded. “Alright… but we don’t know how to do that. We’d have to consult with Duncan, maybe see that book he used to bring it here in the first place,“ he said. There was no way of knowing if they just tried to set it free through the caves or something, that it could even go, or if the spell had trapped it here. But odds were that Tenebrae would come in handy elsewhere, like when Twilight finally went to Aeon… which would no doubt be a dangerous venture, even with Dimael now making himself known to protect her.

Nascha listened intently, knowing where Mela was going with this… and the snow owl was curious herself to hear the answer.

Orion nodded and moved over, signing his name onto the roster. “Where’s Eros?“ he asked, unaware that he was excused, being with Lord Acerbus at the moment. Orion didn’t even know the details of all of his friend’s missions and meetings with the Royals, only that he seemed to be frequently in their company. It was perhaps why he knew nothing about why Phere was really here or who she truly was. He hoped to hear something about who had been injured in the incident, and already knowing one of them had been Donovan, hoping their captain was okay.

Delilah listened keenly, and the more she heard, the more her concern grew. She knew such strategies meant… planning. This was no impromptu attack. Someone was aware of their defenses, had been watching long enough to know the lanterns barriers experience a glimmer of weakness when being crossed… Someone had been watching. She then looked at him as he spoke lower and she ran a hand over part of her tail under the table to hide any bristling of the already fluffy fur as the name. Chaos… “Thank you, Donovan. Now we just need to confirm the reason. Was this pointed at Unkindness directly or are they after something,” she said, not wanting to come right out and ask if he thought Twilight was in danger here, now.

Soraya watched Fai work on Donovan and the vibrations became more of a warmth. She reached into her cloak and moved the pouch from its hidden pocket, just enough that she could see the contents of it glowing. Something she‘d never seen before… but… She looked back at Fai and tucked the pouch away, the glow ceasing when Fai‘s magic did. “Arcadia was destroyed… I was told none survived… but it wasn’t true. She’s not the first I’ve encountered. I think she was in the camps, but I never made the connection,” she said. “That must be how she ended up here… with him,” she said, meaning Donovan. Then hearing Del‘s words, she struggled to defy her urge to speak up about the Oracle… about knowing that Chaos was after Twilight… Did she dare confront them all right here about it?

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