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Shiloh (Kia thru Vespa)
Re: No Subject
Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:40pm

Kia smiled, looking relieved when Millie assured her she wasn’t looking for an instant knowledge on it all. “So… are you… are you asking me to… teach you?“ she asked. She’d had tutors back home, they called them Watchers, who helped the young ones learn their way safely, to guide them. She wasn’t experienced to do it, but… she was the last of her kind that she knew of… unable to connect with any others through the dreamscape. “Okay…” she agreed. And in a sense, to have Kia so tethered to Millie, it would serve as a sort of security, as no one would dare mess with someone in her company. “Wait… you said you made a dream bridge yesterday… but you said you weren’t ‘unsealed’ until last night… You must be very strong…” she said quietly. “Princess Millie… do you now what you are?” she asked, because although Kia had been born after the last of their kind had seemingly been killed off, she knew of them. Of course. The Dream Wolves would know of any race that could intermingle with the dreamscape. Feiralupa, though… they were thought to have all died long ago, back when Raiser was last on this plane…

Odette looked back to Soli and smiled. “You’ll find your place again soon, Soli. Your new place here… It takes time, though. Hard to know what you want to do if you don’t know what you like to do,“ she noted. “But we’re going to figure that out… together. And if, in the end, you want to be doing patrols with Lance and me, I’m sure he won’t mind. And… you know… maybe you even meet someone who helps make you feel a bit less listless,” she said playfully.


Nikki nodded. “I’ll get dressed, then,“ she said, moving to get up off of the bed. “Please… let me know if you need any help,“ she said, meaning with rewrapping it. As nervous as she was to touch anywhere near it out of fear of causing him pain, she would rather help him than to have his struggle to do it himself, if he couldn’t.

Senn moved to put an arm around her and pull her in, giving her another kiss. “Let’s not think about that…“ he said, meaning what might have happened to her if she hadn’t been half human. “I’ll finish getting dressed and we can go,“ he said, pulling away and moving to do just that.

Nour struggled some against Solace, but not wanting to distress him further, it wasn’t enough to really succeed. Were he to let up even a bit on his doubled embrace on her, his arms and his wings, she would have tried again… she’d have never stopped trying… now that she knew where Tomoe was. She watched, with great reluctance and obvious sadness, as Tomoe left… She looked up at Solace and then moved to rest her forehead against his chest, her ears back, closing her eyes. She could feel his hand under her robes, on her side, his tears healing the shallow wounds Tomoe tried to spare her from. She finally hugged him, burying her face in his chest more fully. Awful as it all was, she was grateful to have reconnected with him last night, to have him here now.

Bayla leaned into Sable a bit and looked up at the tall vixen nervously as she reached out and touched her. Her ears lifted as, indeed, the pain seemed to disappear all at once, the blossoms sprouting all through Bayla‘s hair. She watched Tomoe walk away after, hearing her apology and then looked to Sable. And then her ears twitched again, as though she was hearing something… someone was speaking… directly to her. “I think… I just heard and Ancient…” she said, knowing Sable had said that Nour and Solance had been present as well, if only hidden.

Vi nodded as Fauve set her down, Hank still tucked under one of her arms. She then took Aster’s free hand and the two ran off to the washroom to ask Ginga to come to breakfast with them. “Ginga!” Vi giggled as they barged into the washroom as Ginga was drying her face.

“What has you two so excited?” she asked as she hung the towel up again.

Maks moved in closer to Fauve as they both watched Shale tumble off the bed in a fit of giggles. “I can’t imagine what….“ he said, obliviously. He moved to give Fauve’s cheek a kiss, bringing his hand up to touch the small medallion around her neck that he’d given her. “Told you… you would be back,“ he said with a smile.

Gypsy smiled as she looked at Taupe and Braska. “All we’re missing is Menda, Syao and Zyna.“ she said, Zyna having been made an honorary member of Twilios after she became Syao’s mate… and soon to be wife… and mother of his babies! “Oh… did you hear yet, Taupe?“ she asked with a playful smile. “About Syao and Zyna?“

Cleo watched Ceil for a moment and then seemed to be slightly startled when Frau moved near her, just catching her off guard. She looked up at the lovely phoenix and then at the chair, which she could usually easily climb up into, but she was… sore… and for good reason, though no one but Ceil knew that! She looked up at Frau and nodded a little. “I…“ She barely got to finish when Baillie’s outburst startled her again and it looked like Cleo might draw away and go back to Ceil…

“Baillie, you can’t be so loud. You scared Cleo,” Meeka said, noticing. “No, cleo. Stay. You’ll get so hungry if you don’t eat.” And Meeka knew that for a fact! Daire often left her famished after making the bells sing for her… and although the scent wasn’t strong, she could tell Cleo must be hungry… because she’d mated!

Cleo hesitated a bit and looked around between Ceil and Frau and the girls before stepping back up to the chair. “I can’t climb up it..“ she said in a small voice, looking up at Frau. “

“Well, that was close,“ Thayne said, meaning that his beloved margay almost spooked Cleo right out of the dining room. “She just… gets excited,“ he explained quietly to Ceil. Baillie was a bundle of energy and effervescence, so it didn’t seem to matter what she did, she did it with a certain level of excitement attached to her.

Ashe giggled softly and smiled, looking into Rumi’s eyes. “Please do..“ she whispered, being so very close with him right now that she didn’t need to speak any louder for him to hear her oh so clearly. “I’m so happy, Rumiheir…“ she said softly, smiling again, bringing her hand up to caress his cheek, moving her fingers lightly over his bottom lip, as though showing the temptations she had to kiss him again.

Lassa’s breath caught in her chest when she inhaled, sounding like one of those cute little hiccups that he could get out of her when his playful, needy attentions caught her off guard. She’d known these feelings were coming, but not when the moment would be, and as sensitive as she was, her hips shifted a bit in response, probably like a teasing game to the wolf who would have to catch her a bit to keep her in place for him to lavish her as much as he intended to! Her fingers curled around his ears as she made her cute little sounds, moans and gasps with that puppish seal bark to them that came deep from her chest, that she couldn’t control.

Marin nodded. “I suppose Mystrians from all over will be sending their children to study here, then…“ she said. “A school of magic and practical studies,“ she mused with a smirk. “Has a ring to it, I suppose.“ She then looked over at the crystal stones being laid. The shipments could still pass safely from Lemuria to La’Shire via the waterways, because the Abyss could not draw near to the purity and light of the fleet, allowing them the ability to keep expanding the castle, giving La’shire more dominion and more within her walls to look after and enjoy the presence of. “Are you married, Pallas? Do you have plans for children in your future?“ she asked curiously.

Rostan blinked, confused, as River sunk beneath the water. “What the… River, really? Why?“ He grumbled a bit and sighed. She’d never tell him why… why she’d retreat beneath the water for a while and come back up as though nothing happened, and only half the time with an answer to whatever question or comment he’d made before she played her disappearing trick.

Yuna smiled as silvi agreed on the first garden and then described another. The Arcadian gardens were even more vibrant as a result of the joy of the sacred golden apple trees, which witnessed the birth of two hald-hinds right there beneath their boughs. I would be a lovely garden to witness during nature’s celebration. “That sounds pretty,“ she said with a smile. “Are there any… that look like you?“ she asked. She found Silvi so pretty and wondered if there was a garden of where she was from…

Vespa looked at the flowers that coiled around their hands as he brought them to his chest. She smiled and looked up at him as she rested in his arms. “I always believe you,“ she said quietly, honestly. If he said it, she knew he only ever wanted to be truthful with her… even if it had made him uncomfortable, like when he felt it impossible not to admit his feelings for her or what his body desired with her back when he first met her, first fell in love with her.

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