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Kari (Fai thru Haru)
Re: No Subject
Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:01pm

Fai nodded as he set it down and paused in what she was making her fingers brushing lightly over where she heard the sound of the metal set down and checked it out. Nodding she put it down and then moved to take the bandages off of the front and back setting them down she soaked a clean cloth in a purifying solution and then glanced at Donovan. "This is going to sting…a lot." She said because of the depth of the wound but that could not be helped if she numbed it…it wouldn't do him any good either but the sting would only be any debris or dirt being cleaned out as she pressed it against his wound.

Millie looked at her as she agreed to teach her and smiled feeling a bit relived at that. Even if they were baby steps a little at a time helped and then paused…."Oh." she said as Kia said her magic must be quiet strong…Millie took a deep breathe and moved to make sure nothing was behind her….then unleashed her wings the wings like her hair looked like they were captured from the depths of the night sky covered in living stars and then let her tail come to it's full length longer then a Lemurian's as she bowed her head a bit and looked up. "I was told…that the most they know I'm a Fae-lycan a Moon Wolf…and apparently of the royal line there…having no idea…she was the last Alpha….of her line….that all believed to be gone. "Other then that no…I'm trying to put the pieces together this morning….figure it out little by little." She said softly looking at Kia having no idea how the Dream Wolf before her would know of hers…Feiralupa…she looked at the floating crystals above her shoulder. "Please could you work with me for a bit?" She asked as she held out her hand and the crystals floated to her hand the 'moon' floating up forming the inverted 'bowl' with the crystal floating above it, long down to the floor and taller then Millie was the 'star's' seem to become metal weaving in and out as if something made from dreams alone and formed a series of crystals near the bottom of the staff whose end rested on the floor. "And this…I know from the magic in the staff is the Lunar Crest….but she seems to have a mind of her own at times…All I do know is she's…been protecting me since I was little."

Soli looked at her and chuckled as she said that and nodded. "Eventually true I'm still figuring all of that out and if patrols are my thing…well see. I know he just really wants me to find what makes me happy." She said smiling knowing her big brother still had the best intentions for her and wanted her to find happiness above all else now. "Ack..someone to….I don’t know…I've been told I'm a handful by some of the males around here." She said mostly when she went to vent and practice in the training yards the guys couldn't keep up but Gladiator training was not the same as knight training for sure! At least as far as Severin thought about training.
Averie nodded. "I'll let you know." He said in agreement as he walked into the washroom and removed his robe looking at the bandages and unwrapping it. Solace was unusually quiet this morning but he had a feeling the Ancient was dealing with something on his own. Averie washed his arm and flinched it was so sensitive he hated to think of what that magic would have done to him if it had taken effect.

Yuuri smiled. "Sure thing." She said as she leaned there after he gave her a kiss. She smiled he never wanted her thinking about the negative in life. As far as he was concerned her being part human was no big deal. It was just a part of who she was. "Don't be long or they'll beat us there and be waiting." She said laughing.

"Nour…listen to me you did reach her….the fact she protected you…pushed you back means you woke her heart up. The darkness does not have as much of a hold on her not anymore." He said gently as he worked on healing the scratch's. "She protected you not once but twice….she's there Nour. She's struggling but she's there, that curse has had too long to take root….If you reached her then you and your brother can drive it out of her save her the rest of the way…we know where she's going…we need to get back there and ask La'shire to let her in…she's not the enemy. She's hurt and struggling." She said reassuringly as he held her hugging Nour close. "You reached her….you were right about her…you gave her something to hold onto Nour…your belief in her. That her love could never be overpowered by that false hate." he whispered. He went off of Nour speaking from things she had told him over the years from knowing Tomoe better then anyone. "She hurt herself before allowing that curse to hurt you…are you ready? We need to speak to Rohdorn and Luminos…if Rohdorn knows it's Tomoe who has his Night Verse his hymn to the elves he might be able to push the curse back long enough for her to get to us." he said brushing his fingers over her soft hair. "And we need to let Luminos know…let him know what happened what she said…we can reach her."

Sable nodded. "Spiritus said….Solace was speaking to you…she's sad something about Tomoe not being herself…" She said looking at Bayla. "Those flowers….are you alright they just….rapidly appeared…" Tomoe's gift she had no idea at all it was the Ancient's apology to Bayla….to heal her the rest of the way.

Tomoe walked…she still felt like she was being torn apart but were as she floated to Ethion on a cloud she walked across the lands which had an odd effect really the flowers on the side of her left eye and nothing on right. The voices hurt….so much there were so many. Her arm hurt too…but she chose to focus on that pain on something real and tangible and not the voices. As long as it hurt it gave her something to keep from allowing those voices to swallow her up again. Nour…as much as she had been angry and hurting because of this…this darkness that tried to swallow her up…she didn't want to hurt Nour.

Aster giggled as she looked at Ginga. "Fauve said we could go to the dimming hall!" She said not realizing it was dinning as she'd never really heard the words before. Her own Fiona was tucked in close to her as she smiled her little tail wagging.

Fauve nodded and leaned in kissing his cheek. "You did. You never doubted." she said softly grateful for him for his belief in her and smiled shaking her head. "Ginga…just needs time…she lost…the one she loved."

Taupe blinked and looked between them. "What about Syao and Zyna?" She asked having not heard about it yet. "Your right though if we got them here it would be a family breakfast." She said chuckling and yet she was curious about it.

Braska chuckled but remained quiet nodding to Gypsy letting her have fun telling Taupe.

Baillie blinked and covered her mouth with her hands and then ducked her ears. "I'm sorry Cleo." She said softer. She didn't mean anything by it…she was just always full of energy. Unless Thayne wore her out and that she certain had fun doing! Baillie looked at Cleo and ducked her head a bit. "Thank you for staying."

Frau smiled gently to Cleo and nodded reaching down to gently help the girl into the chair she reached up touching her own cheek under her eye seeing the way she was walking and then touched the tear to Cleo's cheek. "Just a bit of magic to make the day more enjoyable." She said sweetly it would work to help ease that soreness it wasn't a bad soreness but it would make things a bit more awkward for her.

Ceil shook his head. "How ever do you keep up with her Thayne? She's a little ball of energy." He said seeing her even sitting there her tail was bouncing around on the chair as if holding completely still just was not possible for Baillie at all.

Rumi smiled as he felt her fingers dancing over his lower lip and kissed those fingers. "I am too." he said warmly as he reached down and caught her chin gently with his fingers tipping his own just a bit to give her that kiss she was teasing so gently for. This morning was just magical to him then again all mornings with her were.

Trilander let out a playful but sensual growl as her hips shifted he knew why they did and he continued the game, Finding it fun to playfully tease her there knowing just how it felt by the way she was moving and the sounds she was making but he slide his hands gently along her legs and sides before catching her slender hips in his hands finally holding her still. Once he did though he lavished her with attention exploring with his tongue knowing she was already sensitive but….that was even more reason to make sure she felt wonderful from start to finish.

Pallas shook her head. "It does." She said in agreement and then paused shaking her head. "No I'm not married…I thought about Kids once…but, I realized even if I do find someone I'm not ready to have kids…I'm…to wild inside to settle down yet…take care of them right….my heart is still to much out there fighting making a difference." She said shaking her head. "And I suppose I just haven't found the right guy to change my mind." She looked at Marin and smiled. "How about you? I know…your engaged to the prince right?"

River for once actually answered him while under the water she lifted her hand up and held up one finger. She actually spoke…even if she was embarrassed to tell him it wasn't fair to him to keep doing this. She knew her voice would carry above the water just fine….if she pitched it. "I don't know if I'd say hungry…Ros….or Hungry….." She answered putting emphasis on the second time on purpose as she shifted up slowly breaking the surface to look at him. "Let's just say…I wasn't entirely honest about my tail……" she said blushing a bit.

Silvi smiled. "It is pretty." She said and paused then tried to think a moment before shaking her head. "Nothing here in the castle…the only one I know of left…is up in the sky on Crystalin…it's an isle that floats high above here almost completely lost in the clouds. It's the only place I know of that still has a garden of living crystal flowers and plants." She said softly looking at Yuna. "Perhaps some day I can take you up there if you like. It's been a while since I've seen it myself….I can also inquire see if one is here that I don't know about…I hear Fiore has taken great care to try to make a garden representing all of the places around the world that he can which is why there is soo many here."

Haru smiled as he kissed her cheek and nodded. "I'll always be honest with you." he answered her back being truthful even if he wasn't sure how to put something he'd never lie and he'd never let her think for a moment something was her fault just because he didn't know how to explain it. He held her gently in his arm as he looked at there hands with the flowers around them. It was so relaxing being here with her like this.

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