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Rudy (Ex thru Dia)
Re: No Subject
Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:10am

"Yeah... We kinda goofed there," Ex said wIth a tired laugh. "That and... Something good happened. I don't know what, but the castle itself seems... happier. Maybe your dad knows what it is." Ex had no idea it was Spartan and his blossoming relationship with Silvitristra that made the walls hum with joy!

Rocky chuckled as he heard his wife's moans of approval, reaching around to rub the base of her tail while using his skilled tongue to really make her toes curl!

"It's good as always," Dante said as he licked his lips absentmindedly. "Its amazing how the cooks always make such great stuff."

"Well we're more than happy to show you the ropes, and I'm sure Caz amd Indy can help you adjust to having so many girls around," Blossom giggled, "It's honestly a shame that Daisy, Caz, and Indy all have work this morning."

"Sheesh, I was hoping to be off by now," Lance sighed, his replacement yet to relieve him so he can see his girlfriend and sister. Soli has been more than vocal about him not taking Odette's hand in marriage yet, and he had plans on changing that, but he needed to be off shift first!

Sally giggled a bit. "Busy as you would expect. I miss him, but it's not like I exactly have an open schedule these days; this is the first time in months I've had a day off."

"As good as you can expect, I guess," Sinder sighed. The Serpent didn't have the strength of the Hellcat, nor did it have memories to exploit, so it bound itself to Sin's feelings of righteous anger, lashing out whenever it boiled over and staying put until those feelings were sated. It was both Tyce's actions against Kiana and his threats towards Cyan that pushed the badger over the edge, and the Serpent seemed to enjoy every second of pain the wolf went through as his mind experienced the Circles. "Hopefully Tyce will repent soon so this hellish force within me will be quelled..." It was clear that outside of the first time at most, he didn't agree with the Serpent's methods, and had to fight to keep it from going any deeper than the Third Circle.

Ko didn't mind at all that Enola was on the edge; in fact he liked her that way! He did his best to keep from climaxing too early himself as he pushed on, wanting her to release just so he can build her right back up!

Ebon eagerly returned each kiss, his hands trailing Ivy's pantyline before slowly pushing her bottoms down and off, enjoying each newly exposed inch of skin.

"Well Mom used to tell me the way to change the world is to see it not as it is but for what it can be. I see no better example of the world deserving that faith than you, Sun," Pat said before he sighed. He hadn't talked to or about his mother for months; her vile treatment of Christmas and Mina still leaving a bad taste in his mouth.

"Okay..." Archer said softly, the heat radiating from his body as he moved to the bed, the way his tail sagged showing Aura that there was no need for her wings this time!

Auel briefly lifted his head, a soft smirk on his face. "...Is that so?" He mused before returning to his work, his fingers working between her legs to get some more of those whines he loved so much!

"You know, subtle was never your strong suit, Slate... Hard to believe you're considering denying our god's decree for the Guardian to receive what is rightfully his," Torrent said knowingly. "As for me, you know water never flows backwards. I've come to terms with what happened; the pain I caused you and Juli, the loneliness I put Snow through, the years I missed with Rain... But don't delude yourself in thinking you're innocent in all this. Abandoning me right before what was to be our pilgrimage to find help for our pack, the decades of abuse you put Snow through, turning your back on the children who saw you as a father, using Juliana as a means to get back at me and Snow..." He paused as he looked at Rev, who shook his head, before sighing. "You and I aren't so different, nor is FarMist so different from the rest of the world. I just wish you could see that.

Saber could feel the anger coming off Millie; it was simular to the fury Sinder unleashed when he felt someone was wronged. He decided to take a step back on this one; besides, it would be good to expand Kia's social circle, and she and Millie seemed to have... some sort of connection.

"Oh no need for apologies; it's an exciting thing indeed," Parack said with a smile, "Such a thing would of been a game changer in my day- uh... They do say that these days, right? I don't sound too old, do I?"

"Well if you told me that Parack was anything but the evil asshole who caused so much grief for my family, I wouldn't believe you, either," Elly admitted, "But before you and Marcus I didn't have much faith in anything..."

"Eh, honestly I wanna just chill with you here if that's cool with you, Gabs," Prowl admitted before letting loose one of his bad boy smirks. "Besides, ya look so good in nothing but a t-shirt. Easy to take off too."

Magnus smiled softly as he pulled Lula close to him. "As you see, we are very much real," he said softly, running fingers through her lavender hued hair.

"As much as I'd love to keep my sexy king all to myself... You haven't got to see your family for a bit, have you?" Jessie said softly. "I mean, Juno is actually Lord Traitorin's baby sister? That's crazy! I mean, I'm sure you two would want to catch up; I'm sure she's surpried you're king now."

"Who said I wasn't? Obviously you can tell I am," Sai mused, pushing in just the tip, "I just know how much anticipation can make you squirm..."

"You have something on your mind..." Dia more stated than asked as she wrapped her tails around
Trait's waist and used them to pull her up against him. "What is it? Can I help in any way?"

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