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Shiloh (Twilight thru Soraya)
Re: No Subject
Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:14pm

Twilight smiled up at her brother and then nodded and headed into the perch, turning a bit to look back at Acer and Jupiter. She sighed a bit, knowing Jupiter was in protective, defensive mode at the moment and it made for unfortunate moments between him and her brother at times. She hoped that she could come into her powers… so he could worry a little less -- which wasn’t likely -- and just enjoy being part of the family. Maybe it would alleviate some of the tension between him and Acer and him and her father…. She looked over at Eros when Jupiter addressed him.

“I am,“ Eros said. “But seems when I returned with news of Aeon, I brought with me a series of events it seems…“ he said, though none of it was his fault. Dimael had already been here, probably since before Erose even left on his reconn mission two weeks ago. And there was no confirmation that the attack today had anything to do with outside knowledge of Twilight or her gifts.

Koi smiled and shook her head. “I don’t think you have to worry about your steak,“ she said as she turned left and right and then all the way around to look over her shoulder at the back of the dress. She couldn’t get the smile off her face even a little. It was everything she’d imagined it’d be. She’d give Rachel a few personal feelings on things, likes and dislikes, and then she just put her trust in Rachel to design it from there… and it was so much better!

Vera looked at Crys curiously. “No, wait… what does that mean?“ she asked, but Rio came back down the stairs and over to them. She nodded a bit. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s go,“ she said, flashing a confused look back to Crys before walking off to the exit with Rio to head out and find this Gizmo. Just what that smile from Crys and her remarks were all about, and Rio’s nervousness, she just couldn’t quite figure it out. “Hey, uh… something I should know? About this Gizmo girl?” she asked as they walked.

Saffy smiled and happily let him pull her in against him a bit. She moved in more and gave his cheek a kiss. “Which we will do later if I know you as well as I know I do,“ she teased. She looked around and breathed in deeply. “It’s amazing to think of how many mystrians and humans this place is protecting these days. It’s always been such a sanctuary, but… it’s nice to share it with so many in need, you know?“ she asked, looking over at the castle as they walked. They both worked in it before the Severin matters grew too dire in the region… and Traitorin began the habit of taking in guests seeking sanctuary. Although he’d always had the habit of taking in others. Most of his children being adopted.. Heck, even they’d both grown up here. Their parents leaving the service of the king later on to return home and live a quieter life, but Saffy and Duncan both remained and stayed to work in the palace themselves.

Blake sighed a bit, nodding in response to Serg’s remark. “I’ve noticed,“ he returned, almost just mouthing the words rather than giving them any volume. He placed a hand on Horace’s shoulder. “Forgive him. He’s learning how to socialize with others on an equal footing,“ he said, which was sort of true. Horace usually got away with flouting his princely station and talking down to even his own friends as a result. But here… they were just Mystrians addressing other Mystrians… no titles needed, and if one is used, it is only to offer a sense of security and comfort to the frightened newcomers, to know that knights or guards are present to protect them. “But his heart is in the right place. Please take this crystal and let us know if you need anything,“ he said, giving Horace’s sholder a light squeeze to remind him to give the girl the crystal that would put her in touch with all aspects of the castle.

Juno nodded a bit. “Yeah. You were in there a lot… but for a good cause…“ she said. “At least we won’t have to worry about that anymore,“ she said. The Rage virus was now cured and under control, no longer a problem… but more dire ones were out there. At least it wasn’t their fault. She wrung her hands in front od her as they walked.

Sandy happily cuddled up with Panro in the bed, sighing deeply as he started to catch her breath. “Mmmm… I know we can’t do this all day, but I could just stay like this for a while,“ she purred softly, hugging his waist and nestling her head against his shoulder.

Garand looked at Fang and then smiled a bit. “It’s funny, but… I imagine my dad would have probably told us the same thing,“ he said. “You’re right,“ he said, then looking to Lana. “We should go figure out where this shadow is… talk to it… It should be okay, and besides, we’ll be together.”


Orion noticed the look thrown his way, although not to any of the others. His feathers ruffled some. Blue Jays were many things, one being perhaps a bit too feisty for their own good and a touch abrasive, though also unwaveringly loyal, honest and resilient… unlike Helios. But to imply that he was somehow weaker simply because he was half Blue Jay… it brought that ire up in him. Did Helios forget… they were all Corvids and of the same family, in essence -- their differences meant to be beneficial, not seen as a burden. Though even his own father seemed to imply such, having been a staunch supporter of Helios’ beliefs before the shifts in power.

He might be overstepping, but the Raven-Jay wasn‘t willing to sit quietly amidst possible betrayal to the Royal Family and Unkindness, and Rotta was revered by Donovan, but was younger and perhaps not as willing to confront the former prince. “You have no reason to be at this meeting, Helios. You are a civilian, and the Guard meetings are not open to civilians,” Orion said, stepping forward. Helios had been stripped of his royal titles, his position in the Guard, his perch, his children and his marriage. Orion could scent a potential mutiny in the making with Helios taking advantage of a delicate time in their defenses. He didn’t care what came of it, he would call him out and put a stop to it right now. “All of you who are no longer of the Guard should leave now or face time in the cellars.” The cellars being the Unkindness’ version of a dungeon or holding cells, located in the root systems underground, gotten to through a stairway that spiraled down through the interior of the massive trees they called home. An ‘out of sight, out of mind’ sort of punishment.


Soraya listened keenly as Fai spoke of the fall of her home, the oversight of those who failed to listen to her father and… his Golden advisors… No doubt her own father. She curled her fingers inside her cloak around the pouch holding the large crystal encased golden bracelets. Her father had spoke of them being all that remained of a once proud and peaceful nation that they had failed to help protect… he’d also called them optimistic fools who turned a blind eye to any possibility of a threat. They were peaceful, after all. Who would ever wish to hurt them, they often wondered. He’d told her of the king who he had convinced of the need for a good defense, if they weren’t willing to seek out and crush their attackers first… but the king himself seemed unable to change the mindset of the masses and perhaps only turned his own opinion too late in the game. Atticus had told her these bracelets were given to him by a dying king, to keep safe in Aer’Oro, and he would know their purpose one day. When he became Emperor, that duty to safeguard the bracelets became Soraya’s…

“Clear crystals…“ Delilah repeated. “I think the treasury has a good number of those,“ she said, recalling that, although the Unkindess were darker magic users, the light magic stones were given in ample supply as gifts from Traitorin, as they could bend and refract and enhance almost any magic, except the exceptionally dark, which had no light within it at all.

“The vixen is right. The crystals… will work to strengthen the lanterns,“ Soraya said. Now, more than before, knowing the Advisor Fai spoke of had been her own father. “But it can’t be your only measure. You should let me summon a Golden Watch to assist your Guards, to help them prepare a proper defensive strategy, but also to ensure they are ready to make offensive motions if it comes to that. They need not be seasoned warriors, but they must be able to fight with confidence in what they‘re doing, and in the cause behind it.”


“Your son… he…walks with mist?” Kia asked slowly. She’d seen another recently in the Dreamscape, though he seemed to walk on its edge, and always seemed to stay in one room, unaware it was that which housed Celluna’s dreams. He was always protecting her in her slumbers when he was in his. He never noticed anything beyond that and hadn’t obviously explored or met any others who walk that realm. “I can help you find those dreams and understand them. Sound more like memories,” she said, “but… I can’t help but wonder how far back they’ll go…” she said, honestly. Millie’s kind hadn’t been around in ages, which meant… Millie and her mother or caretaker were the last… but how could a baby exist for ages without aging if Raiser destroyed the last of the Feiralupa when she was last in this world, which was… long before Millie should have been born. And if so… did that mean she was kept in some sort of suspended dreamscape for a time until it was safe enough to return… or perhaps the Ancients themselves made a motion to interfere, which they’d been known to do… Perhaps Luminos himself, who saw the loss of the last Fae-lycan infant too great a cost and kept her until he knew she had a means of growing up safely, and granted her gifts not given to other Feiralupa, in that she was different. She was the Lumina. The only Feiralupa to be touched with his mark and his light. Even her staff did seem like the night sky… his domain… And surly if Millie went back far enough with Kia… she would have a memory of him and words he shared with her before returning her to the proper plane, so she could finally grow up.

“You never know, Soli. You shouldn’t be so cynical. Not saying a guy is needed to give you a happily ever after, but sometimes it’s nice to have one around now and again. But, it’s more rewarding to find someone like that after you’ve found yourself,“ Odette noted with a smile. The young Setter certainly didn’t understand that until she overstepped with her Alpha, got ousted from the pack for a time, found new purpose in the MLP, then met Lance, and eventually she was able to reconcile with the 106th… now Horizon… merged with the Far Mist.

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                    • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Tue Jun 19 4:23pm
                      Koran's lip turned up slightly at Mira's playful accusation "Well...when I first picked out the dress I hadn't put thaaat much thought into it, initially it was for ease of removal if that had been... more
                      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Eros thru Soraya), Fri Jun 22 4:03am
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                          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nikkala thru Sarah), Fri Jun 22 4:04am
                            Nikki looked up at Averie as he thanked her. She smiled. “Of course… “ she looked back down and finished up, carefully and gently securing the bandage. She stepped in and rose up onto her tip toes,... more
                            • OOCShiloh, Fri Jun 22 4:05am
                              OOC: Hey guys, so… I’m going to be out of the country until the 6th of July. Heading off for Belgium and the Netherlands. I will have internet access at the hotels at night, but I may not be able to... more
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                                Holy crap that sounds like quite the trip! Ne safe and have fun!
                                • Re: OOCKari, Fri Jun 22 12:16pm
                                  Have a safe and fun trip. ^_^
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