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Kari (Eri thru Trait)
Re: No Subject
Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:14am

Eri glanced at Tria wondering if she would be too nervous to answer and tell her what was needed either way she was glad to be holding still for a moment figuring this might be the place but wanted to leave it to Tria to speak up first. She just hoped she wasn't suddenly too nervous to.

Safira stood there she was the daughter of Chancelor Lillyanana a Raveneness who was very outspoken on may views around the Unkindness her father was according to her mother in politics in the Golden Empire but who he was she had no idea. She herself though was wearing a travelers cloak having been out and about this morning early having been here in the Unkindness for a while but finally feeling up to being up about and moving. Although she was no longer on the battlefield and in a leave of absence from Aer'Oro's forces. Her left arm was replaced from just above the elbow down with a prosthetic arm that looked and worked like a real arm except it was metal, she had a wing capable of basic flight in place of her left wing as well…having lost both her wing and arm in a battle with a Fury when they first arrived. She had been part of a patrol, protecting a village under the protection of the Golden Empire when they were attacked she lost half her patrol to that thing the other half in bad shape limike her. She was on her way back to her mothers home to see her step father and the kids. Although she didn't always feel all that welcome there. They tended to voice purity….that argument burned at her more then anything. She wasn't among those 'pure' races that they spoke of. Yet…she had been the last one standing when the reinforcements from Aer'Oro arrived. So…because she often found herself arguing for mixed breeds like herself…it was hard to ignore Helios's comments.

Fai finished healing up Donovan and after rebandaging the spot to keep it protected front and back she shook her head and looked at him. "Take it easy with that wing and you should heal up fine by tomorrow morning." she said shaking her head as she leaned off her hands and then began breaking everything down she had an order she did everything in so she didn't miss anything but had no idea Sora wanted to talk to her about anything.

Averie smiled as she took the bandage and began to wrap up his arm he barely felt her fingers she was always so careful to not harm him. "Thank you." He said to let her know he appreciated all of the extra care she gave him. Everything she did right now. It did mean a lot to him that she worried about even making the skin irritated by too much pressure not that he ever though this adorable kitten could be rough about anything.

Yuuri smiled. "I'm sure anything would be more then I've ever dreamed of." She said softly as she walked with him. "I've already had my dreams outdone by you Senn….this is far more then I ever thought I'd have…" She said warmly being a sklave such things as family and love were not things she even humored but now….she could little by little and more and more start wondering and getting ideas about it. He opened up her world to so much.

Solace nodded. "Which is why I called you." He said they didn't have any idea on how to help her they knew she might not make it on her own but….Rohdorn could reach her she had the Nightverse she wasn't on her own out there not even now. He looked down at Nour as she spoke shaking his head. "I want to say no…but we have no idea just what Raiser has put her through." Solace took a deep breathe. "Tomoe has always been a perfect balance of light and shadow….she is nature all that warm about it and all that is dark…but she's always been in perfect harmony. Raiser threw her into darkness….I have to hope that she's able to hold on….and Rohdorn is searching her out. If he can find her in time…he maybe able to help her."

Tomoe walked on each step felt like it was miles away. She stopped a moment holding her head it hurt but she looked up the castle….it felt like the worst walk in her life some part of her knew she had to keep some sort of balance inside even as wildly dark as it was….she could not allow…everything to go off…this world would be torn apart if she did…but didn't she want that…It hurt the confliction inside tears falling still down the left side of her face. Her vision a little blurry there. She started walking again the chain of the tear wrapped around her wrist and she staggered and nearly fell….it was so very far away…the voices wouldn't stop couldn't she just fall into the darkness give in….Solace said something about the NightVerse….Rohdorn's….she felt like the inky black nothingness was trying to swallow her up again…she wanted it to end but if it did….Nour….would get hurt. She didn't want to hurt that which she loved and yet the darkness made her feel like she did. She reached into the bag pulling out the ebony sphere that seemed to have a glow deep inside of it…like the light in the depths of space or the night. She paused looking at it holding her head….why would Solace think this…would help her? It was Rohdorn's power wasn't it…it belonged to him…there was no way she could use it nor would she try to. She looked up she could see La'shire she was close but still so far away…the foothills of the mountain on which the glittering castle sat and fell to her knee's holding her head. She pulled her hand holding the sphere close curling up around it wanting the pain to stop….it felt horrible. If she just gave in would it…but she didn't want to…for even a brief moment to feel that warmth….it felt like a terrible teeterotter inside of her….

Fii smiled as he worked on brushing out one of his own tails usually by the time it was all down he was all worked up but it was going much smoother then normal perhaps because of the conditioner. "Indeed the conditioner seems to have helped with that." He said as he sat there working it out. They had been much worse this morning. The fur starting to form little nests…..and those were painful to brush out. His ears twitched as he sat there it was easier for her and she never seemed to mind. "I'll have to deep condition them more often…"

"Really??" Aster said as she rushed out with Violet giggling as she looked up at Ginger and Fauve. "Lookie" She said pausing to do a cute little spin.

"Quite Adorable." Fauve said and Aster huffed she wasn't sure adorable was the look she was going for today. She wanted to look cute or pretty…but adorable but she failed to realize Adorable was good too.

Shale smiled as she jumped up on the bed. "I'd say adorable beats out Cute any day. Adorable is when you get tons of hugs." She mused which made Aster blush a bit.

Braska snorted. "Hey I'm not trying to rain. I'm trying to foreshadow something we may need to….coax out." He said trying to think of how to phrase it. "We can't let our daring leader decide to become a lonely nester and never come out of the room with Zyna again…."

Taupe laughed. "He is the protective papa bird isn't he?" she said shaking her head. "But there has to be ways to coax him out perhaps if we can convince him it'd be better for Zyna's health, usually walks through gardens and the such help for healthy babies."

Baillie smiled and noticed the way Cleo looked back watching him go. "You know what the best part of coming out with us is? How happy and warm you'll feel when you see him after having fun and his welcoming smile." She said always happy to see that with Thayne.

Ceil did as he said although it was not easy. "That is not easy I want to glance back and make sure she's okay but chances are she's watching me….walk out right?" He said as he walked calmly with Thayne out of the dinning hall speaking lowly. "Good to know…it's like falling in love and having a kid…all in one…" He said thinking about the first day he took Beatrice to her studies and glanced back….she had a fit he could not leave.

Rumi let out a soft baying sound shaking his head. "That is the hard part….would be a bad thing to miss breakfast." he said playfully. But he moved up and paused looking at Ashe and smiled. "I can't let that happen…but your so tempting." He said playfully as he kissed her again. Feeling much like a young Colt he did have to be careful to not get carried away.

Trilander finally came up for 'air' and smiled licking his lips as he moved leaning up over her. "Las?" He asked her a bit huskily and breathlessly as he braced himself on his elbows leaning in to nuzzle her having let her legs come down to rest on the bed. She was absolutely adorable but she did need a few minutes to catch her breathe…he had certainly gotten a bit carried away but at least always felt good.

Pallas nodded. "it is the hard part. Before the shadow of the Abyss covered the lands I used to go out…further then the castle. Doing recon and patrols for Lord Traitorin letting him know how things were…..but now even with the protections my abilities give me its still too dangerous to wander too far. But" She said and looked at her. "I've never seen the endless freedoms I've heard those from Lemuria talking about."

River looked at him as he teased her about turning into a coral blossom. "I know." She said as he said that…she was so flushed she swore she was going to bake from the heat she could feel in her cheeks. When he asked her that….her ears rose and fell beside her head. "I didn't count." she answered.

Silvi paused and thought about that. "Mm there is a place here you could see it." She said looking at her. "If you like we can visit the first two gardens then go up to the rainbow falls tower. Called as such because of the arc's of rainbow light that criss-cross and fall like a waterfall from that tower. There is a spot up there you can see the Isle and almost a level with the land there, you'll be able to see the hints of tree's from there." She smiled as she looked at Yuna.

Haru nodded. "I will." he said as he looked at her. "I'll stay right here with you can get some rest. I'll be here when you wake…may even wake before me this time." he said playfully but sweetly and kissed her cheek.

Millie listened to her and thought about it. She looked so worn and tired and although one would think that was a good thing with dream magics it was really just the opposite the more tired you were the more the dreams controlled and less you did she knew that much aa least. "Not right this moment. I figured since you know it better then me…you'd know when you'd be ready to start. The last thing I want is you to push yourself and get hurt tring to show me anything. Nothing has even happened remotely like my dreams have warned yet…but they keep returning. So for now there is still plenty of time." She said looking at her. "I have a feeling we keep changing events without knowing it and pushing that bad omen back further and further so for now…I'll error on the side of caution. I'd rather not see you hurt."

Soli looked at Odette as she said that and blushed shaking her head. "Odette…" She protested her friends teasing her in such a way about that. She certainly didn't think she'd be turning that many heads but she could be wrong.

Trait smiled as she said that and reached up to grasp her hand. "Then I'll see it returned to Silvi." he said softly when she said something Silvi often said in the past but now. He didn't see her as much but as a friend. He looked at Dia Seeing emotions flickering through her beautiful eyes…."I’m sorry for the way I've made you feel….oh Dia." He said as he moved his hand and pulled her into his arms seeing the doubt and the clarity seeing her own guilt at her own feelings he wasn't a fool he knew what she had worried over. But it wasn't there like it had bene centuries ago. "I love you."

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                      Have a safe and fun trip. ^_^
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