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Shiloh (Seda thru Kia)
Re: No Subject
Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:03am

Seda watched Ex go and smiled to herself as she rolled onto her stomach and hugged a pillow under her head to watch the fox walk off in all his glory. Odds were good the shower would only bring more mating, but neither of them seemed concerned about too much sex after such a long dry spell for them… between Ex’s time previously spent focusing on his training and his transformations and then seda’s focus on her crystal magic… they were finally indulging in each other as they did when they first met, until things got so complicated. It was time to uncomplicated everything, and she was happy to do that with him.

Rain whined adorably as Rocky reminded her that there was no moving, holding her hips down. “You… love my… hips‘ happy… d-dance,” she whimpered. And he did, when those hips were grinding against him! “Oh gods,” she whined, rubbing his ears as he indulged in her and his sweet sweet revenge. The deeper his tongue went, the more she swore she wasn‘t going to last for him. It felt so good!

“It was,“ Flurry agreed, still blushing. She took another drink from her glass, finishing off her tea as well. “So…“ she said shyly, setting down her glass and glancing over at him. “What do you… want to do now?”

Cinder smiled and her tail wagged a bit before settling again behind her. “I hope that means something good is coming,” she said, meaning Daisy‘s cheeky smile whenever asked about her and Caz. She then looked up as two waitresses came over to serve the meals, because of how many of the sisters were present with Cinder this morning. They had a full table, well… they would once the quads pulled themselves away from the boys they were keeping away from Cinder to eat.

Tien had blushed a bit when Lance called her out on being late due to mating with Onua this morning. “Yeah, yeah. You can tell me about that when you figure out how to do it yourself,” she teased, meaning the cheetah would have been late for plenty of his own shifts for the same reason… if it wasn‘t for his incredible speed that got him to his post right on time. She looked at Onua and smiled, “thank you,” she said when he handed her breakfast. “Alright, Lance. See you around,” she called out before moving to walk with Onua. “so… I guess he knows why we were late,” she said to the wolf.

“You‘re so cute, Sally,” Nascha said to her friend. “You two seem like you were meant to be,” she said when Sally mentioned how much they both seemed to be doing for the king, the castle and the refugees. “Just make sure you two find time for you, too…” She then smiled at her suggestion about welcome baskets for the new arrivals. “I think that’d be nice.”

Cyan smiled at his words and then watched Tera excuse herself. She nodded, “See you, tera. And… thanks,” she said before looking back to Sinder. “You hungry?” she asked, holding out her hand to him. Seemed that she got the reassurances she needed between her talk with Tera and then just seeing and hearing Sinder speak when he arrived… it all had helped remind her… he was in control. He was her beloved Sinder.

Enola’s tails seemed to be working hard to coax that release out of Ko. “It’s okay…. If you can’t… hold out…. I want it, Ko. I want all you… want to give me,“ she whined, nipping at his chin as he continued to push into her, though seeming to change up his pace to try to hold off his release.

Ivy moaned into the kiss as she returned it, her tongue seeking out Ebon’s, turning it into a heated French kiss. She ground her hips up against him in in return, feeling the heat of his need against her body. There was certainly a lot of Great Dane that seemed to be aching to be inside of her, and if her whines didn’t give away how badly she wanted him inside of her too, then her scent likely did!

Sun watched him get up to get the food, shifting as best she could to get sitting up against the pillows. She had a lot of pup to maneuver around with. She really needed Rev‘s help to control her magic… so this pup could finally come. She needed Solstice to be here with them… finally…

“I love you too, Archer,” the vixen returned between kisses before getting lost in another deep kiss with her boyfriend. She laid back on the bed with him more, her tails curling around them body to caress and move over their bodies along with his hands, which felt heavenly on hers… his touch as heated as he was.

Ari shivered and whimpered adorably, already so wet from his fingers’ efforts. “Auel…“ she moaned, her tail thumping against the bed excitedly. It was surprising she wasn’t in heat with how effortlessly she responded to him, already making his fingers drip with her honey. “This is… so much… better than class…” she moaned.

Slate ignored torrent and, with great reluctance, he felt himself almost compelled by an outside force to transfer his gifts into the stone, the mist having crept onto the bed and curled around Slate‘s arm and down his hand as though Luminos himself was taking hold and saying ‘no, it‘s time to let it go, your time as Guardian is over.’ Slate closed his eyes as he felt the pull of all of that power being dragged out of him. He had his own magic, but he felt weak and empty as it left him. He didn‘t know what he felt or how to feel. The gifts were purified in the conduit stone, no longer full of corruption from being held by a Guardian who should have passed it on to the next Guardian after his Luminara had died.

take the stone, now, Reverton. True Guardian of my most precious gift, a deep voice spoke in Rev’s mind. Luminos.

Julep tipped her head thoughtfully. “I… haven‘t really explored the castle much. I wouldn‘t know too much about what there is to do, although I‘m sure there‘s plenty if one looked,” she said. “I‘ve heard there‘s a rock climbing wall in one of the training rooms… and a pool… You know, I‘ve never swam in a pool before,” she said. In a lake, sure, but a spring fed pool… she wondered if it was much different. “Can‘t do much of that out there these days…”

“Alright, love. We‘ll see you later,” Tripp said. “Come on, baby girl. Let‘s go see the gardens, hmm?” he said to Ibiel, who giggled and barked happily in agreement from her strolled, gnawing on the ear of her stuffy. He headed out to do just that and let Elly get back to work.

“Oh, I don‘t think I could ever not be interested,” Gabby said with a blush as Prowl pulled her in close to him. “I guess I shouldn‘t be surprised with your libido,” she joked. “I can already feel a certain part of you thinking about doing it again,” she noted, after that surprise attack when she‘d gone to answer the crystal, where Prowl caught her from behind and made her howl. It really was no surprise with Prowl‘s appetite that they were expecting. If Gabby could get pregnant more than once, she probably would have been several times over, especially where the ties were involved!

Lyla looked at him and blushed a bit when he said that, getting butterflies in her tummy when he said her name. She loved the sound of her name on his tongue. She nodded a bit. “Sorry… still… getting use to the fact… that I don‘t have to worry about what I do with you,” she said, honestly. This would be the first healthy relationship for her, considering her first relationship ever was with Chaos, who -- with the exception of those moments when Magnus could take control -- was always using fear and force, even though she was willing. She studied him quietly before closing her eyes and shyly moving to press her lips to his in a kiss.

“I guess so,” simon agreed with a chuckle. “I do love you out of your clothes, but… might be best to meet my family with some clothes on… Of course… maybe we should get washed up first,” he added. “Remember… Juno is part dragon. I think she’s able to pick up on the scent of what we’ve been up to now,“ he mused, wanting to see her blush again.

Venna made an impatient little chirp when he teased her and then continued to only give her enough to stimulate her aching needs, wanting to feel him deeper, to feel him fill her up oh so much, and yet he was determined to deny her until he got her sweet pleas and chirps. “Saiken…” she moaned, her fingers pressing into his back as she hooked her legs around his waist, trying to get him to go in more, but she knew the fox was much stronger than her and he delighted in this intimate playtime as much as she did. “So not fair,” she moaned. She knew she could have every inch if she only gave in and begged, but what fun would it be to give in early either!?


Kia nodded a bit. “Okay… we’ll start tomorrow, then..“ she said, relieved that Millie didn’t feel there was any need to rush into it today. Kia needed time to recover with Saber from what she’d endured yesterday to reach him. She’d carved out a piece of the hellcat’s domain within him and made it hers, something pure and pristine that he couldn’t touch within Saber, even if she couldn’t subdue the hellcat any more than that. It seemed to be enough for now.

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    Eros nodded a bit when Acerbus said that, offering him yet more reassurances. Even if his return marked the beginning of a lot of things happening… it didn’t really have anything to do with him. He... more
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        Nikki looked up at Averie as he thanked her. She smiled. “Of course… “ she looked back down and finished up, carefully and gently securing the bandage. She stepped in and rose up onto her tip toes,... more
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          OOC: Hey guys, so… I’m going to be out of the country until the 6th of July. Heading off for Belgium and the Netherlands. I will have internet access at the hotels at night, but I may not be able to... more
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            Holy crap that sounds like quite the trip! Ne safe and have fun!
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              Have a safe and fun trip. ^_^
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