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Shiloh (Nikkala thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:04am

Nikki looked up at Averie as he thanked her. She smiled. “Of course… “ she looked back down and finished up, carefully and gently securing the bandage. She stepped in and rose up onto her tip toes, resting her hands on his chest to balance herself as she placed a tender kiss on his lips, likely with a bit of an accommodating bend in her husband’s taller stature to achieve it. Sunny would be here any moment, she was sure.

“Well then… it’s time to start thinking bigger… make more dreams… so I can help those come true too,“ Senn said with a smile as he kissed the top of her head while they walked, making good time. They would reach the stairs for the rooftop gardens shortly.

Nour nodded a little and just studied the white phoenix who had her still so secure in his arms and wings, as though if he let go of her, she’d rush off headlong into the wrath of the curse that plagued Tomoe. “I’m glad you were here,“ she said quietly to him. It was almost unbearable, though, to feel like they could so easily pursue something that they’d been dancing around for eons, but… it didn’t seem right to either… while tomoe was out there going through this. But there would always be a crisis. How many did they let stand between them?

Rohdorn didn’t find it difficult to locate Tomoe… he only needed to follow the ravaged land that seemed to darken in her wake now, as the curse struggled to overpower her. He walked beside her in the shadows, hidden from all mortal eyes by a thin veil of natural darkness that existed between their plane and the unnatural abyss, but Tomoe would see and hear him, as she had with Nour and Solace. “You cannot let this false darkness steal your light, Tomoe. You must keep walking,” he said, his mere presence seeming to put a rift in the Abyss’ suffocating presence around her.

Topaz nodded a bit as she finished with another of his tails and drew another from around her over her lap to start brushing through, being gently and taking her time with it. She never quite understood just what her touches, even the innocent ones, could do to him, though he seemed to be in control of his urges if he was having them right now… and honestly, he always seemed to have urges when he came to the roo! She didn’t want to think about why they were so tangled to begin with. They’d only required such deep conditioning because of what happened yesterday… but she quickly pushed that out of her mind. It did nothing for either of them to dwell on how close she’d come to losing him to an emotional shut down or for him to recall the event. Much more pleasant things were in fii’s head today, thanks to her, fortunately, between her ‘yes’ to his proposal and the news that he would be a father.

Violet followed after her sister and watched her spin around. Vi would not be doing that bit. She hugged Hank to her chest and walked up to Fauve and Ginga, reaching up to take Fauve‘s hand. “Who gives us the hugs?” she asked when Shale said that.

“Highly doubt lonely is the right word for what he’ll be,“ Gypsy laughed. Syao could no doubt find plenty of ways to happily sequester himself and Zyna to the room throughout her pregnancy so he could just dote on her and… well… be the lovebird he seemed to be when with her. “But… we do need to make sure they’re out and about. I think you’re right… a good idea would be to tell him it’s best for Zyna and the babies for her to get out and about.“

Cleo looked at Baillie when she started talking to her directly. She seemed curious and yet healthily cautious about her new companions just yet. But… she looked back where Ceil had gone and down at her lap, nodding a bit.

“It’s okay, Cleo. He’ll come back for Cleo,“ meeka said with a little squeak. Daire always came back for her, after all. She no longer worried about being away from him, about never seeing him again. She was going to be Daire’s wife and he always wanted her there.

“Honestly, Ceil… I think I’m more worried about you looking back and seeing that cute face and those large eyes just staring at you and you would be the one who wouldn’t want to leave,“ Thayne chuckled as they finally broke free of the dining room and started to make their way through the castle to find Daire, who had left a message with Thayne letting him know where they could find him… “That girl will be just fine with them. I think you’re probably going to have a harder time with it. It’s your way. Maybe it’s the whole nurturing doctor thing, but you saved her for a reason, you fell in love with her, you’ve barely left her side, and that’s not all on her,“ he noted, having been there himself. “Speaking of… how is that going?” he asked, aware that Ceil had been trying to explain it over time to Cleo about feelings and his love for her, to help her figure out her own feelings… Thayne wondered if he’d made progress, unaware just how much he’d made. Cleo was his girl now in all ways. Thayne had simply missed Cleo’s funny little walk that Frau had noticed!

Ashe laughed softly. “Oh, a very bad thing,“ she agreed playfully. “I’m sure I’ll be just as tempting after we’ve eaten,“ she added, smiling sweetly at him, no doubt inviting him to steal another kiss for as long as they had before the knock at the door would interrupt them. The staff here knew, though, of the birth of the twins and would never knock so loudly as to risk waking a sleeping baby.

Lassa was panting heavily, blushing so beautifully for him as he moved back up over her. She felt all tingly from his attentions and the depth of his explorations. His tongue certainly felt quite different than when they were mating. It was like he sought out all the places that made her body give in to him and had no intentions of letting up until he finally pulled himself away, no doubt because he was eager to share that pleasure with her in what could easily become another tie at this rate for the prince. Marin certainly did him no favors in working him up to the point of wanting a tie only to deny him it. It meant all of those pent up ties were now happening with a very willing Lassa, who had become pregnant at merely the first tie! “Tri…“ she said in a small voice between her heavy breaths, looking up at him and curling her fingers against his collarbone as he moved over her and her legs rested against his sides as he laid over her.

“Well, you’ll have to come for a visit some time… when this is all over,“ Marin said with a smile.

Ros smirked and laughed a bit, shaking his head some. “You could’ve kept that little secret to yourself forever and ever… but you told me…“ he mused. “Why?“ he asked curiously, moving his hand up to brush some of her wet hair off her blushing cheek.

Yuna listened to Silvi explain there was a place they could go where she could, in fact, see the island… from down here. Just enough… if you knew where to look, which Silvi did. She smiled and nodded a bit. “Can we?“ she asked, her tail flicking behind her through the rungs of the chair, full and fluffy with her silken white fur. It was a happy motion, as Silvi would know. Were Yuna unhappy or uncomfortable, it’d be tense and close to the chair or thumping with an annoyed rhythm, nothing so languid.

“Okay…“ Vespa whispered even as he eyes were growing heavy and closing. As long as Haru would be here when she woke… she’d let herself fall asleep and rest.

“Well, let’s not say those things in front of Lance, anyway. He knows you can handle yourself, but he’s still your brother and I know he’s protective,“ Odette mused, unaware her boyfriend was well on his way to join them now.

Mira laughed when his mind immediately made the detour to a naughty picnic. “And what are you planning on eating at this picnic?“ she asked with a little rev in her purrs. She then shifted a bit and gestured with her tail in a come hither manner. She got herself dressed, but now she needed her drachen mate to keep up his offer and carry her off to her visit while her legs regained their full strength.

Sarah blushed, despite having started the joke. When Drak took it in stride and followed through with it like that, it was impossible for the Flair not the blush! “Maybe after I’m done, unless you intend to make me take a break… and insist I work too hard again,“ she joked, which he liked to use as an excuse for some fooling around in her office. She nodded as she looked at the vial. “Nope, your nose was right. I just wonder how on D’Jorin that girl managed to figure it out. It’s not like there’s any written recipe, or even a suggestion of ingredients,“ she said.

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    Seda watched Ex go and smiled to herself as she rolled onto her stomach and hugged a pillow under her head to watch the fox walk off in all his glory. Odds were good the shower would only bring more... more
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          Holy crap that sounds like quite the trip! Ne safe and have fun!
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            Have a safe and fun trip. ^_^
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