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Shiloh (Kia thru Sarah)
Sat Jul 7, 2018 12:49am

Kia smiled and nodded a bit when Millie let her know there was no rush, that they could wait until tomorrow or later if Kia needed more recovery time from what she’d gone through. “I… I could contact you by crystal and let you know…“ she said, though her tones seemed a tad uncertain, as though she wasn’t all that sure she could directly contact the princess. She hadn’t had all that much direct interaction with many of the royals here, at least not to her knowledge!


Nikki blushed a bit, deepening the kiss as Averie bent down closer to meet her in the kiss, nearer to her level. If it could go on just a little longer, he would have the sweet sounds of her purring on top of the kiss! But soon the gentle knock came at the door. Sunny was waiting patiently in the corridor, in no hurry if they weren’t. Nikki broke the kiss, still blushing some. It didn’t seem to matter how often or how much they kissed or mated or that they had a kitten together… a tender moment from Averie always left the lynx blusing, which was most of the time, and much to his delight! “That must be… Sunny. She’s quick…“

Senn smiled as they reached the roof, Juno and Torin sure to be there shortly. He turned to face Yuuri and moved in to give her a kiss. “Trust me, Yuuri… I’m doing the same,“ he said, curling a strand of her hair around one of his fingers before gently drawing it away, letting her hair fall free. “This morning has already been the most amazing…“ he said, obviously meaning that she had said yes to his proposal, “so I have a feeling it can carry us through the whole day,“ he mused. He hoped their good morning led to a good experience for Juno, who had been struggling to connect with her dragon side since her rebirth.

Nour stared at Solace’s chest as he spoke to her and held her, practically hiding the wolf in his arms and wings. His hands on her back, that tenderness and yet the pressure that felt reassuring for her. She curled her fingers into the fabric of his shirt on his chest and her tall, elegant ears fell back as she glanced up at him. There would never be a right time for them. There hadn’t been for eons. “I’ll always need you, Solace,“ she said quietly… which meant, he would always be there.

Rohdorn suddenly made the world around tomoe ripple and fade away into a corridor of dark mirrors. It seemed to block everything from her but them and a brilliant light at the end… La’Shire. He stood behind her, hidden from the view of mortals here in his magic, night elvin runic writing pulsing and scrawling in and out in gold on the walls. It was his verse, the one Traya kept safe for him. He stepped up behind tomoe and moved to help her stand on her own two feet. “I will not leave you until you are in Nour’s light,“ he assured his friend. La’Shire, a spirit born from Nour’s love with the intention to help protect those precious in the light, as she had with Lemuria.

Topaz seemed much calmer, likely a combination of the berries he’d let her take in the bath and the bath itself… being so focused on a task, the task of carefully brushing out his sensitive tails, likely helped too. Topaz was always calmest when she was focused on something… though sometimes she could so easily forget that whole she was focused on his tails, he was focusing on not giving in to the urges that her handling his tails stirred in him! She finished brushing out the tip of a second until it was finally done and then moved onto another, unaware with each tail poor Fii, who was a bundle of wonderful emotions himself after the engagement and learning of the baby, was likely having a harder and harder time controlling his foxy instincts with the blue nocturne roo. “These aren’t too bad,” she said quietly, noting that the conditioning in the bath had made it much easier to brush them out.

Vi looked at Fauve after returning the hug and she smiled, nodding her head a bit before hugging her big sister again, wrapping her arms around her neck and just holding on.

Ginga looked at Aster as she squeezed her hand gently. “Come on.. We should get going, hmm? I bet your tummies are hungry,“ she said.

Maks cocked his head towards the door to Shale before he moved to it and opened it. “sounds like a good idea to me. Ladies first,” he said. He would close the door behind them all. He was very used to being the only guy in a sea of girls, looking after so many sisters back home.

“Well… I think Syao just needs to see the real you… like we’re finally getting to see, Taupe. It’ll take time, but… I think everything will only get better from here for you,“ Gypsy said, honestly. “Honestly, we… we appreciate the fact that you felt you could finally be… you… around us.“

Cleo looked at Baillie and then back at the doors where Ceil had disappeared through with Thayne. She then looked back at Meeka, Baillie and Frau’Lea before down at the water glass in front of her. She pulled her legs up onto the chair close to her to make herself a bit smaller. “What… things?“ she asked. What sorts of things were they planning to do… that would distract?

“I never would have guessed by looking at you… and how you look at her,“ Thayne said sarcastically when Ceil mentioned that he has a tendency to melt and give in to Cleo’s every wish. Not that the girl likely even realized the power she had over him. She was just starting to figure out what it meant for him to be so in love with her, and her own feelings in return. He then paused a moment and smiled, nodding his head as Ceil confessed that, as of last night, he and Cleo were ‘mates,‘ putting it delicately on a footing that was natural for Cleo. “Well, congratulations,“ he said with a smile. “I know you’ve been waiting for that,“ he said, not meaning Ceil was waiting for finally sleep with cleo, but that he was waiting for her to finally be open to a relationship, to understand it enough to be with him like that, to let him in that much and have such trust in him to let him be intimate with her. It was a big step and a good one, considering she seemed okay this morning. She hadn’t been put off by the mating, which meant she was in a good place with him. He knew his friend’s patience had been worth it for him, to ensure she understood it was more than a physical thing.

Ashe giggled a bit and smiled, returning the kiss. “You are far too sweet to me, my stallion…“ she mused, even if she knew he’d claim he could never be sweet enough for her. Her ears tipped back a bit and she glanced to the door just as there came a soft, hushed knock. When approaching rooms with infants, the staff seemed to be aware and careful to knock just loud enough for those inside to hear, but not so loudly that they might wake a sleeping baby.

Lassa shivered and turned her head a bit into the pillows as she squirmed a bit under Trilander, her body responding so effortlessly to his grinding motions, just as it had to his other attentions. She was going to be one exhausted little selkie when all of the ‘embracing’ was finally at a plateau, which seemed far off! She had one passionate prince who she hadn’t shared a bed alone with in nearly a month… and he seemed more than eager to make up for that and then some! She turned her head the other way, blushing deeply as she let out her adorable gasps and moans and he hadn’t even begun to join with her again yet.

“Maybe it’s not,“ Rostan said in regards to her comment about it not being fair, “but you’ve been doing it for a long time,“ he added with a playful smirk, obviously not upset. “So… will it change things now to not have your little secret when I touch your tail?“ he asked curiously, playfully. “I’m sure there was a certain bit if thrill in it,” he mused.

Yuna nodded happily when Silvi agreed to take her to the sky garden. It was still within La’Shire’s realm of protection, and she’d be with Silvi on top of it all, so there was no doubt Yuna would be safe. Besides, with her desire to mother the kitten, odds were that silvi would never bring her anywhere that posed even the most remote threat. Yuna looked at the food in front of her and started to eat. She had worked up quite an appetite playing with Altair last night, even if she never made the connection between the two things.

Odette laughed and nodded. “Sounds good to me,“ she said. She then glanced at her crystal and the time. “Hmm…“ Lance would normally have been off shift by now and met her here… It happened at times that the next shift was a little late or things happened. She knew that from having been on patrol herself. She knew he was probably on his way to meet them, though she didn’t know just how right she was.


Mira looked at Koran, her ears twitching adorably when he said it was a secret what he would be having for their picnic. She wasn’t sure if he was hinting at the notion he’d be indulging in her or if he was planning an actual treat for himself to eat! She watched him walked over and smiled, reaching up to loop her arms around his neck as he lifted her up into his arms. Her tail swished around a bit before finally coming up to curl over her lap. “I have a feeling you would do this all the time if you could, reason or no reason,“ she joked. He seemed to enjoy carrying her or just having her in his arms, regardless of how!

Sarah smiled and swayed a little before moving to set the vial down on her work station again. She turned to walk back over to Drak, moving to take a seat on her desk and unwrapping the napkin holding her sandwich. “Well… nothing wrong with being selfish now and then,“ she said, “though I would like to eat first,“ she teased back. “Did you get anything for yourself to eat?“ she asked, “or are you just spoiling me?“

  • OOC/ICShiloh (Soraya thru Garand), Sat Jul 7 12:49am
    (OOC: I am officially back from Europe! It was a wonderful trip, but I’ve missed my bed and my cat and being able to post/write, so I’m happy to be back. ^_^) Soraya shook her head a bit, though... more
    • Re: OOC/IC — Shiloh (Kia thru Sarah), Sat Jul 7 12:49am
      • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Sat Jul 7 7:28pm
        Acerbus nodded to Eros, "Go ahead, but..." he looked to the twins playing. "Let's do it in the meeting room." He noted not sure what may transpire when Twilight talked to him. He call up Zanna to... more
        • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus (Abbadon/Donovan), Sat Jul 7 7:53pm
          Donovan watching Soraya and Fai talk a little bit, looking over to Del. "Lady Del, with your permission I can get started on upgrading the lanterns as Fai mentioned." He knew they agreed that they... more
          • Re: OOC/ICKoran/Dkhoran, Sat Jul 7 9:36pm
            (Whoo! Welcome back, I Hope your trip was memorable!) Koran laughed at Mira's observation seeing as he couldn't hope to refute her words "That is to be expected carrying my cute wife. Your my... more
            • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Mira/Sarah), Sat Jul 7 11:14pm
              "Well, you know... just because you like to is a plenty good excuse," Mira purred with a little giggle as Koran carried her out of their room and off towards the medical wing so she could have her... more
              • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Del thru Ikki), Sat Jul 7 11:14pm
                Delilah looked across at Donovan and nodded a bit. "Of course, but... I'd much rather you rest some this morning. Perhaps we can get you some Zion to aide in the healing," she said, knowing Fai had... more
                • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Sun Jul 8 9:37pm
                  Staying quiet to watch the proceedings both Samson and Judith looked on to Delilah with pride. There were some who thought transferring the power was a mistake, that Acerbus and Del were not ready.... more
                • Re: OOC/ICKoran/Dkhoran, Sun Jul 8 9:20pm
                  Koran's lip twitched into a bright smile at this reused conversation bit, seeing as this isn't the first time they've done this song and dance "Well your my cute princess and thats what really... more
                  • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Del thru Sarah), Sun Jul 8 11:06pm
                    Delilah smiled back at Samson and Judith before she excused herself, showing herself out. She pulled the door closed quietly behind her and made her way from Donovan and Fai’s perch back across the... more
                    • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Mon Jul 9 9:26pm
                      Acerbus took a note that there wasn't much else to his son would say. He looked over, "Twilight..." He started lightly moving next to you. "I think he can help, Eros seemed to think he can do... more
                      • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Twilight thru Eros), Mon Jul 9 10:13pm
                        Twilight just hugged her nephew on her lap and looked at Acerbus. She took a breath and went to speak, "For a long time you were the only--" Her breath caught in a sharp inhale as she seemed to hold... more
                        • Re: OOC/ICKoran/Dkhoran, Tue Jul 10 9:59am
                          Koran did his best to valiantly ignore the occasional stares he was getting as another mystian couple passed them, he'd be quite thankful if no one asked what happened! Clearing his throat he... more
                          • Re: OOC/ICKari (Eri thru Soli) , Tue Jul 10 10:59pm
                            ((Ugh crazy week. Catching up and Welcome back Shi ^_^)) Eri chuckled as she looked from Amara to Tria. "Mmm not sure how about we just take a look at what Amara suggests and figure out which is... more
                            • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Wed Jul 11 10:29pm
                              Acerbus wanted nothing more than to move over and just hug his little sister. He knew she had taken on some much and wished she had come to see him more. But, things kept them away. He turned hearing ... more
                              • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Thu Jul 12 2:08pm
                                Rachel smiled brightly, "Now that is more like the Koi I have grown to know." She said and moving to check off last few items. "And believe me I've been trying to get them to make new clothes for... more
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