Shiloh (Del thru Sarah)
Sun Jul 8, 2018 11:06pm

Delilah smiled back at Samson and Judith before she excused herself, showing herself out. She pulled the door closed quietly behind her and made her way from Donovan and Fai’s perch back across the bridges and walkways to the tree where the others had been taken, planning to make her way up from the bottom level once she got to the right tree. She slowed a moment and looked at one of the lanterns, sighing a bit and looking beyond it at the open expanse of forest. They were out there… watching and waiting… and that made her so mad, but… she wasn’t in a place to let herself be reckless with her feelings anymore… she was responsible with Acerbus for all of Unkindness now… and they would do all they could to make sure nothing worse came of this morning’s attack. She pulled out her crystal and notified the Treasury Guards to prepare the clear crystals, gifted from the Elves to them along with the lanterns, to be picked up by whoever Donovan sent to collect them… and then she continued to make her way back up the tree. For a fleeting moment she wished she had wings, if only to make the trip quicker… but she still had that little thing about heights! “Hope Acerbus is having better luck with Twilight…”

Twilight smiled and hugged her nephew, cuddling with him a bit as she looked up at her brother. “I already knew that,“ she said, and not because she was the Oracle, but because what else could Lukken have possibly been trying to say? She kissed the top of his head, smiling. “I love their little ears,“ she said. The cute fuzzy raccoon ears and tail like their mama, their daddy’s wings. They had to be the cutest things in Unkindness. “Acey… Do you think this… Dimael… can help me be more normal?“ she asked. Right now… she honestly didn’t know if she’d ever known normal, between her childhood of nightmares and visions and, now, being the Oracle and having no idea how to be it. Things were just so much simpler when she was holding her niece or nephew… or cooking breakfast with Judith… or cuddling up in Jupiter’s arms before any of the rest of Unkindess was even awake…

Koi listened and looked at Rachel. Slowly she smiled and nodded. “When you put it that way…“ she said. “One condition… you help me with the Council Robes… I don’t want the same old, boring ones all of the others have worn since the council first was established,“ she said. If Koi was going to be shaking things up in the Council, she was going to do it with a bit of flair, something Rachel would probably approve of, since she had a fondness for shaking things up.

Vera listened and nodded as they walked. “I see… so I guess I can expect it to be a little tense and awkward…“ she said. He and Gizmo mixed bad business with meaningless pleasure. That didn’t make for a great rapport in the wake of things. “Well, all we have to do is get those tubes from her and fix your radio transmitter thing… and then, when things seem settled enough… we can head through the portal to La’Shire,“ she said quietly, as though she was nervous to bring it back up, like maybe he’d change his mind about going with her. A night away from Unkindess, just the two of them… it was a big step considering they’d just gotten together last night.

Saffy looked around when she suddenly realized Duncan had fallen back, but before she had a chance to figure out where he’d gone, she felt him move up behind her, his arms around her waist. She smiled and laughed softly, tipping her head to one said slightly as he kissed her neck, giving him a bit more access. “What did I do to get this response?“ she asked sweetly, though not minding. She never minded being on the receiving end of Duncan’s affections.

Blake chuckled a bit and patted Serg on the back. "Well, we've always been a bit competitive. It's knight thing," he joked. "So, then... do these plans coincide with your plans to... leave the Knights?" he asked. He knew Serg didn't intend to fully leave. He would still have the honors if the title, but he would be putting his energies into headmastering the school and playing a role behind the walls instead of out on the front lines... He just hoped Serg would talk to him about his plans instead of letting Blake hear it through the grapevine.

Juno looked at Torin and paused a moment before sighing and shaking her head. "No. Well, wouldn't be if I knew it would actually work..." She knew the problem was her. No location would really fix that, would it? Something was holding her back, and for all of the weight her resurrection had cleared from her shoulders, cleaned her slate so-to-speak, there were still little things that crept back in and made this wall keeping her from connecting to her heritage. Having any dream at all about her father after not giving him much thought these last months certainly hadn't helped put her in a mindset for success today... "Sorry... I do plan on trying, I just... I'm not used to things not coming naturally. It's frustrating..." she admitted.

Sandy sat up a little and looked at him curiously. "There are things about me you don't like?" she asked, that naivete sort of coming back to the surface. Sometimes the way Pan phrased things could confuse her. It was cute, except when it made her worry about things she had nothing to worry about! Like whether or not there were things about her Pan didn't like. She was easy to reassure, the moment easy to salvage, but she was a little literal at times. "Can I fix them?" she asked.

"That's a story you'll have to fill me in on," Garand said about the Darkness Plain that her mother had told her about. "Maybe they are related. All stories start with a kernel of truth, right? And every race has their stories for how things came to be, and they're all usually different stories, even if they're all talking about the same thing." He finished pulling on his shoes and stood up, looking over at his girlfriend. "Ready when you are."

"I'm just curious about what she's been up to in that place. Can't imagine an Avion society is all that exciting for a Gatan," Ikki said, though he had no idea just how much Vera had enjoyed her time there. It'd been good for her and she had a chance to just find herself in a whole new way. "So, now you're offering training to Aspen's little brother?" he mused when fang mentioned he was glad Garand was open to learning a few things from him. Honestly, he was glad that Fang had reconnected with his real son and was connecting with his new family... As much as they all meant to Fang, he knew having Aspen back in his life was priceless.


Mira giggled and gave Koran a cute little mew. “A tiny castle…“ she repeated, amused at the thought. “Is there even such a thing?“ she asked. The only castle she’d ever seen was this one, and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. She turned her head a bit as some mystrians passed them in the hall, eying the couple curiously with Koran carrying Mira as though she was incapable of walking. Little did they know, she was! Her legs were still recovering from the powerful affections of her drachen husband in the shower this morning, not that they needed to know that. “So… if I’m your princess… does that make you my prince or my knight in shining armor?“ she asked, having been learning how to read along with her little sister, and she seemed to find fairytales the easiest. They were at least entertaining.

Sarah laughed a bit when Drak explained the kitchen situation, nodding her head a bit as she continued to eat, her tummy grateful for the food. “Well, you do get all huffy at the word ‘no,‘” she teased. She followed his gaze to the work desk. “You can get a closer look if you want…” she said, then shrugged. “I’m sure it’s been more times than she could count. There’s no shortage of failures when it comes to something like that. I just wonder what finally unlocked it for her,” she noted, unaware it was the silly musings of a tiger that gave Kirie the realization of what needed to be done to achieve Miravanna.

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    Koran's lip twitched into a bright smile at this reused conversation bit, seeing as this isn't the first time they've done this song and dance "Well your my cute princess and thats what really... more
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        Acerbus took a note that there wasn't much else to his son would say. He looked over, "Twilight..." He started lightly moving next to you. "I think he can help, Eros seemed to think he can do... more
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          Twilight just hugged her nephew on her lap and looked at Acerbus. She took a breath and went to speak, "For a long time you were the only--" Her breath caught in a sharp inhale as she seemed to hold... more
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                  Rachel smiled brightly, "Now that is more like the Koi I have grown to know." She said and moving to check off last few items. "And believe me I've been trying to get them to make new clothes for... more
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