Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:59am

Koran did his best to valiantly ignore the occasional stares he was getting as another mystian couple passed them, he'd be quite thankful if no one asked what happened! Clearing his throat he responded to Mira finally "Well..nothing says a tiny castle would be impossible, however it would hilariously impractical and costly for what it would be" he mused with a small grin.

He knew it would be stable and quite livable but the cost in construction and effort to make compared to a normal home... "Now for being your knight in shining armor? I've been that since the first moment I took you away from that slave market, and you know I have bright shiny armor to back that up! However that would be a whole lot more uncomfortable for you if I held you since metal isn't exactly the nicest thing to be held by"

Drak chuckled as he reached past his lovely wife to pluck up the vial to inspect it closely his draconic eyes turning into slits as his expression turned to one of a fascinated researcher, truly it wasn't often where the puriee would show intense curiosity about something. He briefly removed the stopper for a long sniff mentally cataloging what he could detect through smell and magical means before quickly replacing the stopper. "Its been far too long since I've seen this.." he admitted returning the vial back to its resting place and stepping back to give his mate his full attention once more.

What he wasn't saying is where his thought process went 'I wonder if this could be replicated but refined and distilled to be coated on weapons to use against the furies, would that even work? striking them with blades coated in something that purifies their poison?' even he wasn't so thoughtless as to speak like that in a house of healing so kept his thoughts to himself for the time being.

He tilted his head briefly as he sniffed once more "Hmm seems like Koran and Mira are on the way to the infirmary if my nose isn't deceiving me, does Mira have an appointment today?"

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    Twilight just hugged her nephew on her lap and looked at Acerbus. She took a breath and went to speak, "For a long time you were the only--" Her breath caught in a sharp inhale as she seemed to hold... more
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        ((Ugh crazy week. Catching up and Welcome back Shi ^_^)) Eri chuckled as she looked from Amara to Tria. "Mmm not sure how about we just take a look at what Amara suggests and figure out which is... more
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          Acerbus wanted nothing more than to move over and just hug his little sister. He knew she had taken on some much and wished she had come to see him more. But, things kept them away. He turned hearing ... more
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            Rachel smiled brightly, "Now that is more like the Koi I have grown to know." She said and moving to check off last few items. "And believe me I've been trying to get them to make new clothes for... more
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