Kari (Eri thru Soli)
Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:59pm

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Eri chuckled as she looked from Amara to Tria. "Mmm not sure how about we just take a look at what Amara suggests and figure out which is suits you the best." she said looking at her as everyone was different it seemed the best opinion.

Safira looked at Rotta and Orion nodding as they spoke and then glanced at Orion when he asked which council member was her mom..."Councilor Lillianna." she said easily her mother one of the most outspoken among them on the side of Acerbus and Del. Her step father though was another story he wasn't so fond of her being a 'mixed' breed.

Phere could not help but smile. "Perhaps....but there all too new to me to be troublesome being heard more then once. It may take a few for me to remember them." she said lightly smiling not at all put off by that. Then glanced over as Eros returned. "mm seems Eros has news for Dimael...."

Dimael paused in 'reading' the book his fingers ghosting over the text before him using an enchantment to read the words on the page. Sadly his own...but in this daylight he could not see them. He did glance over though at Eros curious what news he had to share.

Fai paused and tipped her head shaking it. "It's not your fault....to many...my people have become something of a myth a legend." She said setting down the basket unaware that Soraya had something that no doubt belonged to her. Something that had been meant to be given to her. "I'm not even sure anything of the lands that belonged to Arcadia survived."

Millie smiled as she looked at Kia. "That would be perfect." She said smiling warmly at Kia. "This way I'm not worried I've rushed you into something before you've had time to recover. Please call me....when your ready and of course...if anything happens do not hesitate to call me directly please." Millie said as she looked at them both stressing it. "You never should have been made to feel soo unsafe in La'shire. I am terribly sorry something like this even happened a little bit. I will be addressing the situation." She said gently. "Don't worry about it causing trouble. My family would be more hurt not knowing you were troubled by others while you should find safe harbor in our home. The knowledge that you have not...troubles me more then anything." She said glancing at the door....this would end....now ..

Yuuri smiled. "It should." She said and tipped her head aware that if she was picking up on Juno and Torin that no doubt Senn picked up on them too. She was still floating somewhere on cloud nine.

Solace looked at her as he held her safely in his arms. "And I will always be here for you." He said warmly. "I love you Nour." He said softly as he held her gently in his arms. "Perhaps instead of waiting for the right time....we simply make time while still taking care of everything else. I suppose taking the lives of our beloved children out there....should be an example if they can find the time to be with the ones they love and still manage to do what they do...then why can't we?"

Tomoe accepted the help standing up. The verse that guided all of his magic safely with Traya. She looked at the mirrors as the horrible voices seemed to become a quiet whisper, and heard him say that he would not leave her not till she was safely in Nour's light. Tomoe nodded as she looked at him feeling the sting in her one arm from her own claws. But that sting hurt far less then her almost maiming Nour had. "Thank..." She started to say and shuttered that hurt...the darkness of the abyss was still inside of her. Raiser was still there but not nearly as loud as before. "It's....alive Rohdorn....the abyss....what she's done....it's countless lives and souls...lost to the Vale....in agony it wants...the pain to end to everything to fall silent..." She whispered. "To sleep endlessly in the darkness....they are in endless pain."

Fii nodded. "Thankfully the time in the tub detangled a lot of the long fur." He said and he was very thankful for that. If not for that this would smart much worse then it did and yet....it also didn't help his endless desire for his petite nocturne roo.

Aster nodded as she looked at Ginga. "I am." She said in agreement to being hungry.

Fauve just smiled and turned to begin walking with everyone to the dinning hall. Still holding onto Violet. She certainly didn't mind the pups had been through a lot.

Shale smiled and chuckled as she moved seemingly springing across the room and landed on Mak's shoulder one of her favorite roosts when going about the other being Fauve's of course but....Fauve was busy holding Vi and she would never disrupt something that allowed that pup to feel safe and sound.

Baillie paused and touched her lower lip and then glanced at Frau.

Frau smiled. "Well to go and get pampered a bit." She said looking at Cleo. "We're going to go and have our hair washed and done. Then claws, and try on pretty dresses." She said gently looking at Cleo. "It's all very gentle and the girls who do this it makes them happy to help others like us feel pretty and happy when we leave there company."

Rumi shook his head no. "Not true, my lovely Doe." He said leaning in and kissing her cheek. "I can never dote on you enough." He said meaning he could never be enough of a caring or doting husband and now father. He did shift though and got up. "I"ll get that." he said gently as he moved over to get the door and there breakfast's.

Trilander leaned down and kissed along her cheekbone as he moved slowly beginning to join with his adorable selkie but pausing as he did no matter how much he craved to be with her he'd never dream of rushing this step. Lassa was such a delicate and beautiful girl the last thing he wanted to do was frighten or upset her.

"True." River admitted as she looked at him. "But it was mostly because....you were the only one I ever wanted to allow to touch me like that." she said softly looking at him. "Not really not for me...there was a small thrill to it." She said shrugging. "But....the only change I'd worry about is my admitting making you want to stop."

Silvi smiled as she began eating breakfast a bit more too.. She was enjoying this morning with Yuna and would certainly enjoy taking her to the different gardens. She was still worried about what was happening between this adorable Kitten and Altair and while she didn't want to say she was discouraging the relationship she knew it needed to slow down in some aspects for both of there sakes. The other could drive a wedge between them that would be painful. But a wait could only serve to make them both stronger in there love.

Soli looked at her and smiled. "Wondering where Lance is?" She asked aware that her brother always met up with Odette and worked on finishing her breakfast. "I'm sure he's on his way..."

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