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Acerbus wanted nothing more than to move over and just hug his little sister. He knew she had taken on some much and wished she had come to see him more. But, things kept them away. He turned hearing Liora he moved to the pin and gently lifted her up and brought her over to Twilight. "I know it is hard, but you aren't alone. We are all here to help. We will get through this." He told her.

Lukken blinked feeling the tear hitting his ear, it twitched cutely and moved in close to nuzzle against his upset Aunt.

Jupiter felt his heart sunk, he had done so much to try and keep Twilight happy. But, to see her break down like this and go to Acerbus, he should have known that no matter what her brother was always the one to try and make her feel better.

Rio nodding, "Well that make things easy for us." He noted and when hearing the question, "Not going to lie, something tells me she will. But, we have nothing to hide." He added moving towards the corner of the market where he heard Gizmo had set up shop. "We are here to shop not for approval."

Duncan smiled a bit and then had to try and think, "I mean, I always thought you were cute. But, you know never even thought you and I could be a thing to be honest." He told her.

Serg smiling a bit, "That means a lot Si...Blake." he added dropping the title for just a moment. He then looked up a bit as he rushed off. He moved swiftly behind him. And if Nascha knew he had as well she wouldn't let him off either.

Horace had paused at the door reading it sign, "Lab?" he said to himself, he knew the place had all kinds of different rooms and places, but this word seemed strange to him. He wondered if it was like his mother's den were she would perform and train her magics. He reached opening the door and going into it. " looks...boring."

Torin smiled leaning in, "A little revenge from this morning." He added and then walking forward a bit, "I think I see your sister." He noted trying to change the subject quickly.

Panro smirked a little bit, "I hope darling wife." He told her rolling back in close to her moving on top and leaning down to kiss her a few times.

Lana thinking a little bit, "Hmmm, isn't it neat that even though we are from two different places our history and stories interlink like that?" Lana dropping some idea of history might even shock Garand like that. For all the time spent together they seem to learn new things. Which is why she was so hesitant when the idea of marriage had been brought up. She wanted to learn more about him.

Fang nodding a little, "She did seem happier last we spoke, but goodness that was long ago." He said touching his chin. "Well, if anything the incident in question has slowed them both a little bit."

Tria nodding, "Well, I would guess something that matches my fur or close to it." She noted bringing her tail up a bit, nice orange black striped. Many took note how she was almost the perfect color for a tigress. Many pointing out a shame she seems to hide behind baggy or loose clothing.

Crys looking over, "Ah nice of you to return Eros." She said but noticing how he b-lined right to Dim. Her arms tense before crossing and turning around on the table. Seems she is never going to get his attention.

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    ((Ugh crazy week. Catching up and Welcome back Shi ^_^)) Eri chuckled as she looked from Amara to Tria. "Mmm not sure how about we just take a look at what Amara suggests and figure out which is... more
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