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Shiloh (Amara thru Ikki)
No Subject
Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:23pm

Amara smiled and closed the door behind the girls. “Well, I’ve done my fair share of wedding gowns. If you don’t mind… I think I just might have the perfect idea in mind for you,“ she said as she lead Tria and Eri over to her work space and made a circle around the tigress to get a sense of her measurements, of what style and design would be more becoming on her and yet within her comfort range, what color would be befitting of this bride. “This is your first marriage. Traditionally, some shade of white would be the norm, but… I think you’re more of a champagne sort of girl,“ she said. A warmer, richer shade that would compliment her fur coloring beautifully and she could play around with colors in aspects of it.

She then looked to Eri, “and for you… your colorings are so dark,” she said, in the indigo hues, “something lighter in shades would suite you nicely. Maybe an empire or high waist,” she noted, already seeming to be going through images in her head of what she could make for each girl, to compliment all aspects of them perfectly for this special night.


Orion nodded a bit at the name. “I’m sorry. I knew she had a daughter, but no one had a name to go with it,“ he said. He’d figured she was off living with her father in another Raven colony, but lo and behold, she’d been with the Goldens, clearly. “Well, thank you again for speaking up and giving us the back up,“ he noted. He looked at Rotta. “Did we cover everything Donovan expected us to?“ he asked. He really kinda wanted to get back to the Inn and yet… he could feel there was something more coming. After all, Donovan would now need volunteers amongst his Guards to retrieve the crystals from the Royal treasury and then to begin enhancing the lanterns.

Eros slowed a moment when Crys spoke to him. He could hear the unusual tinge in her tones. She sounded upset or frustrated, maybe even annoyed… and it seemed it was with him. He would have to speak with her about it later… when the royals weren’t waiting for him to bring Dim to them… when the Oracle wasn’t waiting. He approached Dimael. “They’ll see you. She’ll see you,“ he said, meaning Twilight. “We need to go now, though. You’ve made yourself scarce and undetectable for this long. I need you to be that way going to the Oak,“ he said, “though you’ve already been there plenty,“ he said, knowingly, since Dim admitted to having been around to watch over twilight. “Come on.“

“You may not be sure… but I am,“ Soraya said as she pulled out the pouch and took Fai’s hand, placing the velvet pouch on her open palm. “My father gave me the responsibility of watching over this, something he was given by a kingdom he helped to protect but failed in the end… He had faith it would be returned one day and help restore what was lost and make happen what should have been,“ she said, shaking her hand. “I didn’t understand… until meeting you. I think… they belong to you,“ she said.


Twilight looked at her brother and then at Lukken and Liora, both of whom seemed to be interested in making their aunt feel better. She let her gave wander over to where Jupiter was standing and her wings fell even more behind her as she hugged Lukken gently, but snug as the baby nuzzled her. He looked like he was struggling with things, too, though more likely with how she was feeling and where she was seeking additional comfort. She closed her eyes and rested her cheek against the top of Lukken’s head. “I hope so… because right now, I can’t see it,“ she admitted quietly. Some day… she’d like to have what her brother and Del had, but with Jupiter. They could so rarely just act like a married couple. They’d barely gotten a honeymoon… and although they weren’t at that place right now, even without the Oracle stuff, she did want a family with him one day. It was just hard to imagine a future like that while things were like this…

Vera nodded a bit. “Well, to be honest… now I’m really curious to meet this Gizmo girl,“ she admitted. There was still a part of her that knew the moment she saw her, something inside of her would react to the fact this girl and Rio slept together… on multiple occasions… She had nothing to be jealous about, because Rio was adamant with her on where his feelings were, but Vera wouldn’t be able to help but size herself up again a girl who Rio had a physical attraction to before. She and Gizmo, though, couldn’t be more different. They approached the shack that seemed relatively nondescript. No doubt because Gizmo had valuable items within that she had acquired in less-than-legal ways, only for sale for the right price. She then saw a raven girl emerge, hanging up a glass bowl in a net, housing a flowering plant. Her shop seemed eccentric and yet inviting, and even the girl herself was the same way with her feathers and hair dyed various colors, her hair in numerous braids here and there, dappled with beads and ribbons. And yet she had a scrappy look to her, like she wasn’t afraid to be the physical sort, which Rio knew well. “Is that her?“ she asked, looking at him as they approached.

Koi smiled when Rachel seemed to approve of her thoughts on new robes for the council, at least for herself, were she to accept Acerbus' offer... which was was slowly building confidence towards doing. She blushed then and smiled, shaking her head some. "Thank you, Rachel... but nothing would have looked as good as something you made. You're the best for a reason," she added with a smile. Rachel did tend to be seen as the most well-dressed princess, though most of Delilah's wardrobe, at least the dresses, were from Rachel's personal collection, with some alterations made for Del and her tail. Twilight also had a few gowns from Rachel, who seemed to enjoy her time fabricating clothes as she did doing subtle political moves, like forming the little team with Rio and Crys.

"Saffy turned a bit in his arms to face him, moving to slide her arms around his shoulders. “Aww, you thought I was cute?“ she mused sweetly. “Well… it’s a darn good thing that you figured it out when you did,“ she said quietly, studying him with a warmth in her eyes that seemed to be asking him to kiss her. “I was worried you only ever wanted me as a friend… but I’m glad I was wrong,“ she said.

Blake caught up with Horace, Serg close behind. He stepped into the lab behind his nephew. “This place isn’t somewhere you should be,“ he said to Horace. It was one of the labs that Torin, Rev and Averie used. Torin had made efforts after the incident this morning to ensure his lab was completely sterile and safe and Rev, considering the sorts of things he worked on, usually kept his most dangerous inventions in his room, which had its own small work station. Blake couldn’t deny he appreciated Horace’s curiosity, though. The boy seemed to actually want to learn and understand, now that he was seeing there was more outside Unkindness than he’d ever known, that there were many other beliefs than those his father held.

Juno nodded a little when he playfully coined his making her blush as revenge for this morning. She then looked across to the other side of the rooftop gardens and, sure enough, there was Yuuri and Senn. “She brought Senn with her,“ she noted, making her way over with Torin to meet up with them.

Sandy blushed when Panro called her his wife, liking the sound of it. She happily returned the kiss as he moved lightly over her again, her arms sliding around his neck to rest there and gently hold to him, her tail coming up to rest across his back. Mid-kiss, her soft purrs seemed to deepen out more, those happy tones that were impossible to misread.

“It is,“ Garand agreed with a smile. “I mean, we all know there was a time before us with the Ancients… we’ve seen their legacies in our world… so it’s really no wonder that we all have some story of what was before them…“ He shrugged a bit. “Well then…“ he said, moving to the door and opening it for her, “let’s go find ourselves a shadow creature.“

Ikki listened and smiled, nodding a bit. “Well… so then, sir, what are your plans for today while we wait for all of these wedding plans to happen,“ he asked. Tria and Aspen, Panro and Sandy… seemed everyone in their little family was taking those steps. Heck, even Ikki had what he felt was moving in the direction of a girlfriend… and Sandy would be meeting her eventually… whenever she got around to getting her dress.

    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kia thru Sarah), Fri Jul 13 10:23pm
      ((Thanks, Kari, and trust me… I totally understand crazy weeks. Lol.)) Kia nodded a bit and smiled. “Thank you… Millie,“ she said, finding it necessary to pause briefly to avoid giving her the title... more
      • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sat Jul 14 11:43pm
        Rotta sighed a little bit, "There was, Donovan had me contact Princess Rachel for use of some 'agents' I don''t know who. Seemed they be good at finding the camp the attackers came from. But, I been... more
        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Del thru Nascha), Sun Jul 15 10:51am
          Delilah finally made it to the Sacred Oak where the Healing Ward was. She met with one of the Priestesses, who let her see the other two Guards who had been injured while trying to return to... more
          • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Sun Jul 15 1:28pm
            Koran stuck his tongue out at Mira "Cotton armor? Keep me away from open flames then or I'll become the hottest knight around for all the wrong reasons" he mused with a light hearted laugh that... more
            • Re: No SubjectMira/Sarah, Thu Jul 19 9:38pm
              Mira just listened to Koran and watched him, smiling all the while. She shook her head and laughed, "You're so silly," she said about his quip regarding cotton armor and open flames. She looked... more
              • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Fri Jul 20 2:25am
                Rotta looked down a bit and reading the message a few times. "Well, looks like we already have new orders from the Lady herself. Well, since we don't have any thing to do at the moment sounds like it ... more
                • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Orion thru Nascha), Fri Jul 20 9:05pm
                  Orion sighed a little when Rotta got a report in from Delilah. He couldn’t exactly back out of something the lady of their Unkindness was requesting, especially with Rotta essentially volunteering... more
                  • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Fri Jul 20 10:49pm
                    Koran flashed Mira a warm smile as she called him silly "I might be, but I think you like that playful side of me" he retorts with a light kiss on her lips. As she confirmed that she had recovered... more
                    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Mira/Sarah), Sat Jul 21 8:48pm
                      Mira looked around and nodded. "Oh, Apple's been in charge of it all, but usually I see Larkin." "There you are," Larkin said from the door to her own office and exam room. "You're late this... more
                      • Ic and OccKari (Eri thru Soleil, Sun Jul 22 3:31am
                        ((I've been so busy this week....finally got things to settle down to post. Lol )) Ic: Eri looked at her and smiled as she spoke to Tria about a wedding dress that would compliment her colors nicely... more
                        • Re: Ic and OccShiloh (Amara thru Odette), Sun Jul 22 12:54pm
                          (OOC: No worries! We all know what that’s like. J Glad things are settling down for you. Busy weeks like that aren‘t always fun, unless of course the whole reason is that you‘re actually having… you... more
                          • Re: Ic and OccKari (Eri thru Soliel)) , Sun Jul 22 9:57pm
                            ((Sorta shopping for my apartment. Just takes everything out of me to do it. But worth it in the end. ^_^ )) Eri tipped her head as Amara gave her a pearl of wisdom that perhaps could apply even more ... more
                            • Re: Ic and OccKoran/Dkhoran, Mon Jul 23 9:56am
                              Koran's lip quirked up mischievously as Mira was given some playful grief from her doctor about being late. "Sorry but not actually sorry. My wife simply has me wrapped around her little finger" he... more
                              • Re: Ic and OccAcerbus, Mon Jul 23 6:28pm
                                Rotta nodded to Safira, "Thank you, before you go. If you like to out with us since you been doing this longer than we have as guards please reach out." He said offering a invention to her. ... more
                                • Re: Ic and OccShiloh (Orion thru Juno), Thu Jul 26 10:48pm
                                  Orion watched Safira go and then looked at Rotta. “Get a little ahead of yourself again?” he asked, knowing Donovan would have probably molted at Rotta throwing out invitations to aiding the Guards... more
                                  • Re: Ic and OccShiloh (Kia thru Sarah), Thu Jul 26 10:50pm
                                    Kia blushed just a little as Millie offered they get together for lunch some time and even to have Kia and Saber meet Kahi and Ri. She nodded. “That sounds nice,“ she said, looking back where Saber... more
                                    • Re: Ic and OccKari (Safira thru Soliel) , Fri Jul 27 12:23am
                                      Safira smiled to Rotta. "Perhaps at some point....I'll be happy to toss ideas around any time." She said waving her hand and nodding before walking off nodding again to Orion she knew not to overstep ... more
                                      • Re: Ic and OccAcerbus, Fri Jul 27 5:46pm
                                        Rotta smiled, "Ah, I'll ask for forgiveness later." He said as he waved Orion on to head to the treasury. "And hate to say it, but we need all the help we can get." He noted walking out of the... more
                                        • Re: Ic and OccKoran/Dkhoran, Sat Jul 28 10:34am
                                          Koran tilted his head curiously for a moment as Sarah indicated there were a few things he should be updated on however he didn't hesitate to enter the office with his father and new step mother.... more
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