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Shiloh (Amara thru Odette)
Re: Ic and Occ
Sun Jul 22, 2018 12:54pm

(OOC: No worries! We all know what that’s like. J Glad things are settling down for you. Busy weeks like that aren‘t always fun, unless of course the whole reason is that you‘re actually having… you know… fun. lol)

Amara smiled when Eri expressed interest in her words, although her expression read curiosity. “Sometimes we get so used to seeing ourselves one way, it helps to have another set of eyes to help us see all new possibilities,“ she said in regards to Eri having never worn anything lighter in tone than her usual coloring. Of course, such words could apply to more than wardrobe. “Make yourselves comfortable. You look about ready to fall down,“ she noted, considering Eri’s condition. She moved to her work table and picked up a tablet and small crystal stylus to let her get proper measurements of the girls without having to actually take them in the usual sense. She would start working up several concepts for each girl and decide what worked best.


“Of course. We don’t want to keep you either,“ Orion said when he was snapped back into reality by Safira. “It was nice to meet you and thanks again for your help with Helios,“ he said.

Eros nodded and fixed his own shades over his eyes a bit. He ‘looked’ back at the direction of Crys and Phere’s aura’s… he then turned to head out with Dimael. Once outside, he opened his wings to lead him off. With him cloaked like that, Eros could simply take him the most direct route to the Royal Oak. It would also draw the least amount of attention, because it was the familiar route for Eros and he flew it all the time. No one would think anything of it or that he was leading a cloaked gargoyle to see the Royals.

“So they are yours,“ soraya said, nodding a bit. “I know you will,“ she said when Fai told her she’d take good care of them. “My family has kept those safe a long time… I’m glad we did. I… I should be going. Donovan was injured showing us around Unkindness and it seems only right we leave him to rest and you to care for him,“ she said. “We’ll finish checking the perimeter ourselves,“ she said. “Take care,“ she then turned to walk back over to Abbdon. “Let’s head out.“

Juno looked to Torin and Senn, then back to Yuuri as her sister walked up to her. Such words usually meant something bad was coming, but her tones contradicted that, leaving Juno a little confused. “What is it?“ she asked curiously, trying to read her sister. She completely missed the ring on her finger. She was simply a bit off and distracted all morning, as Torin could attest to. Usually she noticed those things from a distance.


Kia’s ears lifted curiously as Millie stopped mid-sentence. She smiled and nodded, moving to take one of Millie’s hands. “Thank you. I’d… I’d love a new friend,“ she said, her ears falling back a bit, but the smile not faltering at all. “I… I will call..“ she said, wanting to assure Millie she meant not just for being her Guide in her dreams, but… for a friend.

Nour looked at Solace as he spoke and she shook her head before tracing his cheek. “I love you too…“ she said with a whine before leaning up and kissing him. It was brief and full of nervous electricity between them, as though she was unsure if she should have done it. The feeling of their lips meeting, though, felt so right. It put feeling in her tummy she’d never known possible.

“You’re almost there. Once we’re within the boundaries of La’shire’s reach, her hold will be much less than it is even in my company,“ Rohdorn said. He noticed the look she gave him, noting how it seemed the Abyss was running away from him. “There is a kernel of truth in every lie. So it is with the Abyss. The truest of night can never be consumed by a false darkness. It doesn’t know what to do with me. It can’t touch me or my children. I think it fears that more than the light,“ he said.

Topaz paused as she was brushing out another of his tails and she looked at Fii a bit timidly at his words. Suddenly she picked up on the gentle motion of his tails that were around her body, caressing her through her nightshirt with obvious care not to startle her, but enough that he could feel her. “W… we couldn’t…“ she said, shaking her head a little and going back to the task of brushing out his tails. It was clear the thought of mating scared her, because she was certain it’d hurt the baby or it’d make her lose it. All of that heavy breathing and racing hearts and the climactic spasms in all of those areas. Fii was used to baby steps with her. It wouldn’t necessarily be easy to go back to step one after she’d come so far, but it seemed she needed the build of reassurance before she even considered mating while pregnant.

“You’re all but skipping,“ Ginga said, noting the bounce in Aster’s walk. “You’re happy here…“ she added with a smile. “I’m glad.“ It was good to see them happy. Both their tails were wagging. Vi being carried by Fauve and Aster at Ginga’s side, holding hands. It was Ginga who was maybe the most distant. Even if her own sisters, she seemed uncomfortable being so close, perhaps because she was conditioned to believe even they would be ripped from her one day. Had she not gone to get Fauve when she did… they would have. They were next on Ravina’s sacrifice list…

Maks nodded at Shale‘s observations. She had been around a lot longer, despite her youthful and kittenish appearance and her childlike behavior. She knew what she was talking about. He glanced at Ginga and sighed. “I know that look too. I remember when I was a pup, seeing those same eyes… on the faces of young widows. It was one of the reasons the law was put in place in our tribe. That no wanderer or warrior would court or marry a girl until they proved they had the ability and instinct to survive. They put the age at 25, so I definitely have a law to content with when I do return home…” he said, seeing how he was still a few years shy of the mark, although he had proven himself above and beyond to be capable of surviving insurmountable ordeals. It had to count for something.

Cleo shifted a little on her chair and then nodded a bit. “O… okay…“ she said. She’d see what it was like. If Meeka and Baillie looked like they were scared or in pain at any point, she would simply refuse and maybe ask if Ceil could come get her… but he wanted her to try… so she would try.

Meeka listened to Frau try to explain that Cleo wasn’t scared so much as shy, timid. Like she and Baillie had both been. It was just so long ago for them now that it was hard for the mink and margay to remember being so nervous and introverted around others. They could still get that way under the right circumstances, but for the most part, they’d socialized through their initial timidity. She nodded slowly and then smiled when Cleo said okay. “Do you want to come to my wedding?“ she asked Cleo, since they were getting pampered for the small ceremony. Of course, Cleo had no idea who Meeka was marrying… so to say yes and then see Daire would likely set Cleo back and cause a scene.

“Wedding?“ Cleo asked, looking at Frau, since she seemed good at explaining things… though Frau did know about Cleo and Daire’s unfortunate history.

Ashe smiled as she settled in and took the tray from him, setting it on her lap. “Thank you,“ she said, then blushed a bit. “Well… that’s a very long time indeed,“ she said when he mentioned he might only start to tire of it when they were old and grey… and considering just how long a Mystrian lived and maintained their youthfulness, that was an unforeseeable future! She picked up her silverware and started to eat, her tummy very happy for some sustenance after she’d had such little appetite after going into labor and having the twins. It was a good sign, because it meant she was recovering quickly with the help of the Zion.

Lassa shivered at his growl, hearing it and feeling it all through her with them being joined. She closed her eyes as he nuzzled along her neck, drawing more moans from the selkie. She seemed to settle enough, though, that it was probably safe for him to start moving without either of them instantly climaxing! “Tri… land… er…“ she moaned softly, her fingers instinctively stroking his skin where her hands rested on his shoulders. It was such an innocent touch and yet it was also a sign she was feeling good.

“Well, everything’s always better when you don’t have to hide it, right?“ Ros asked with a smile. That went for a simple tail touch or… their feelings for each other. He leaned in and gave River a kiss before sitting back and resting his head on his arms again as they were folded on the edge of the tub. “You’re the most beautiful thing ever, especially when you’re blushing like that,“ he teased.

Yuna was quick to finish her crepes. It had been plenty for her between that, the bacon and the fruit salad that the staff had brought over at Taevasina’s urging, probably having seen what was happening and ensuring the queen and the kitten had plenty to eat without being interrupted too much. It wasn’t exactly every morning that Silvatrista was here, after all. She normally took her meals in the gardens or some private place with Spartan, the two usually preferring the quiet and conversation, even before they became a couple recently. “That was good,” she said, looking at Silvi and feeling just a little sheepish that she’d finished before her.

Odette sighed, “I know, but… well… maybe the knights or the guard wouldn’t be a bad match for you. I mean, it’s a far cry from what life was like before. It’s better,“ she said, meaning the Gladiatorial matches. They didn’t fight for sport or just to live day to day. They did it to protect others. Plus, there was the whole freedom thing.

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            Rotta nodded to Safira, "Thank you, before you go. If you like to out with us since you been doing this longer than we have as guards please reach out." He said offering a invention to her. ... more
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                Kia blushed just a little as Millie offered they get together for lunch some time and even to have Kia and Saber meet Kahi and Ri. She nodded. “That sounds nice,“ she said, looking back where Saber... more
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