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Kari (Eri thru Soliel))
Re: Ic and Occ
Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:57pm

((Sorta shopping for my apartment. Just takes everything out of me to do it. But worth it in the end. ^_^ ))

Eri tipped her head as Amara gave her a pearl of wisdom that perhaps could apply even more to her life then just the dresses. She did happily though take up the offer and sit down carefully in a chair. Eri smiled a bit. "He's...due any day now." She said lowly knowing the time was approaching but...refused to worry about the waters right now. She had to have faith and trust in everyone around her.
Safira nodded and smiled. "Of course any time." she said nodding to Orion and Rotta. "It was nice to meet the both of you too." She said as she turned to take her leave bowing her head a bit.

Dimael moved to follow behind him his duel wings expanding but being covered in the living cloak not able to be seen thankfully though the cloak moved with him easily. He flew behind Eros with enough distance to adjust for any sudden movements or stops.

Fai nodded as she held the pouch close. "Thank you and take care." She said warmly to Sora as she followed them out to come to a stop beside Donovan having slipped the velvet pouch into her pocket keeping the Cleric's rings there for now. She wasn't sure why...she just knew she wanted and needed them with her.

Yuuri smiled as Juno asked that a bit confused but worried too as her sister was usually keen on everything something was bothering her. Yuuri though held up her left hand to show Juno the ring. "Senn asked me to..." she said blushing a bit. "Marry him.." she said happily.
Millie smiled and nodded. "As would I." She said to the love a new friend comment. She nodded as she adjusted again letting her wings fade out and her tail shorten so as to not get it snagged on everything before starting to turn to head out. "I'll take my leave now and let you get back to resting. Perhaps we'll get together at some point and have lunch? I can introduce you to my mate and little Ri." She said sweetly clearly happy with the idea of becoming friends with them both.

Solace's breathe caught a moment how could something feel so wrong and yet so perfectly right at the same time? It was as if they were at a cross-roads. He it made his heart flutter and his breathe catch. He brought one hand up to gently trace her cheek. Having broken the kiss slowly and opened his eyes to look at her. It took him a moment to realize there was a gentle pressence with them. One enveloped in the warm light the Elves of day so adored.

"I did not mean to interrupt you two...but I'm glad to see you both finally coming together." Adriel said gently as she turned her head and looked at the viewing mirror and frowned a bit. Seeing the way Tomoe walked so labored and so slowly but she seemed to take some comfort in Rohdorn being there with her. "Tomoe will be here soon and we'll bring her home....after that..." She looked at them both. "Take some time for was something Rohdorn and I both had to learn from our beloved elves. Our lives are not perfect. We are not perfect, even we are made to need another to complete us and make us whole." She said softly looking at them walking. "There will never be a perfect moment, a time when there will not be a need for any of us even as we watch over them from here." She turned her head and looked at them. "But the same could be said for them. There is no ideal moment no perfect time to fall in love. It is our love for each other for them...that allows any moment to be the right one..." Adriel looked back at the waters. "I only came to let you know....Nour I will lend you my matter what will not loose her again."

Tomoe nodded as she walked with him each step felt heavy and it felt like it was miles away but she knew as he said it, La'shire was truly much closer. "Seems so." She said as she walked with him drawing closer to La'shire's light able to feel her warmth radiating out towards them. "I'm so tired..." She whispered wanting to collapse back into the darkness but knew if she would not be good.

Fii looked at her and smiled gently. "Don't worry love. I'd never do anything to put the baby in danger or you." He said gently as he paused in brushing on of his tails. "There are still things we can do...can be close and not endanger our baby." He said little things perhaps but as those proved to be safe to her they could progress further and further little by little.

Aster looked up at Ginga. "It's so pretty here...." She said softly. "Like it's a world of light." She said glancing about seeing the walls and the such. Then glanced back up at Ginga and smiled. The idea that they were nearly lost to the Furies and the abyss both her and Vi was still there for Aster but she wanted to focus on the pretty castle. On this magical place.

Shale nodded as she watched the sisters walk Fauve carrying Vi like it was nothing but perhaps that was what Violet needed right now she had been acting so tough to protect Aster that she hide her own fears. So perhaps her oldest sister allowed her to feel like a normal little girl and it was alright to be scared. "True." She said as she rested there speaking lowly to Maks. "however one thing to note and will be defended is that here far from home you have endured and come through incredible dangers proving yourself beyond your years Maks." Shale said as she rested there easily. "No matter what there law is. The Ancients who allowed such a rule and such a magic to be woven, would not consider it just in anger but in merit. Your strength and abilities were acknowledged by them."

Frau looked at her and nodded. "That is all anyone can ask Cleo." She said gently. "That you at least see it and then decide for yourself if it's something you'd like. Remember there is no wrong answer and no one will force you to either." She said gently warmly then glanced over at Meeka and Baillie.

Baillie sipped at her drink letting them all talk she knew she was excitable and full of energy so she was trying to wind down some more before she got wound up.

Frau nodded. "A wedding...lets see." She said as she looked at her. Trying to think of how best to explain it.

Baillie for all her timid nature had seen a few Alex's sisters get married. She touched the table and light rippled along it and showed it....the girls in pretty dresses the men in regal outfits. The bride walking down an isle and then up to royal who spoke before the exchanged rings and vows. "It' this." She said softly.

Frau didn't know how to approach this. Since she knew of the history between Cleo and Daire....she worried something like this might send the gentle girl spiraling terribly backwards.

Rumi smiled as he walked around and then settled in with his own tray with breakfast nodding. "You're welcome, and yes...a very long time." He said warmly more then happy with the way things were and he knew he'd never tire of it.

Trilander let out a low rumbling growl of pleasure as he hands moved along his shoulders. He was just as wound up it seemed. He leaned up a bit before he began rocking his hips in long smooth motions. "Thalassa.." he breathed. He loved them both...both of his mates. He could not choose and some part of him knew that was not fair to them. But they both seemed to handle it well with him too. He just hopped it didn't some day create a terrible rift between them. He moved his tail swishing slowly behind him it was intense and incredible and his thoughts even as brief as they were subsided.

River smiled and before she could answer him she was returning his kiss. Once he broke it though she glanced at him and when he spoke like that blushed so much brighter then she had a few moments ago. "Ros..." She said her voice carrying those musical notes that could lure one to there death in the depths of the ocean if she tried, or cause them to go off course. The merfolk though despite legends did not lure sailors to there watery depths.

Silvi smiled as she watched Yuna finish up and shook her head. "I'm glad you enjoyed it." She said warmly as she finished up herself the last few bites. Silvi set down her fork and nodded. "Well would you like to go see the garden's now?" She asked as she shifted to walk with the adorable kitten not showing any sign that she had done something wrong or should feel bad about finishing first. In truth it was fine with Silvi because it meant she was a strong and healthy young Gatan.

Soliel nodded as she looked at Odette. "I'll consider it." she said smiling. "I know." She said gently. "I know there is still so much more to life. I'm looking forward to the coming of the morning. But...I don't want to ever see something like this happen again. I've lived through it...." She said lowly looking at her hand. "What I had to do...I don't want any child born into this world to have to go through. I didn't be trained to be this way however...I can't help but feel now like I can take what once felt like a horrible curse....and make it instead become a tool to keep all of them safe." She said glancing over at young couple further in the dinning hall with there children. "To use the a way that they had not planned on when they forced them upon make sure no one...Mystrian or Hume...ever goes through something like this again."

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          Rotta nodded to Safira, "Thank you, before you go. If you like to out with us since you been doing this longer than we have as guards please reach out." He said offering a invention to her. ... more
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