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Re: Ic and Occ
Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:28pm

Rotta nodded to Safira, "Thank you, before you go. If you like to out with us since you been doing this longer than we have as guards please reach out." He said offering a invention to her. Though he is stepping a little out of his bounds here, but the raven had a habit of that which at times made Donovan loose a few feathers in worry.

Donovan had shown Judith and Samson out and hoped to see them soon. Before having Fai come up next to him. It was his turn now to worry a little. He reached up to carefully take her hand. "Everything all right luv?"

Abbadon saw himself out and now waited in the hallway for Soraya to finish what she was doing. Plans had certainly changed quickly since last night. One of his main goals was to keep Soraya safe and so far he done that even after the attack. But, how safe where they really he wondered.

One of the Priestess was coming up to Del. "My Lady...My Lady I feel you should see this." She said having to catch up to her. She was one of the ones sent to help repair the Lantern was damaged. She was bit out of breath having traveled back so quickly. In her hand she was clutching something.

Crys watched as Eros came in and then left again with Dimal. "Didn't even say something to me." She noted lowly. Her feelings towards him use to be something she could control, but lately she has been trouble keeping those down. So much even Phere may start to notice.

Acerbus smiled after getting the little kiss. "You haven't done that in a while." He noted holding his daughter on his lap. He sent out a message for Zanna if she could come and babysit and was on her way.

Jupiter finally felt like he could come back into the conversation and moving to sit down next to Twilight holding Lukken. He moved over to the Prince to rub his head a little.

Lukken blinking and looking over, he just seem to stare at confusion at the older raven.

Rio didn't really had a argument against that sadly. "Well, I have said it now. And that is what matters." He said looking to Vera with a smile. Then looking back up, "So do you have any of the rods I am looking for?" Trying to get this back to what they came for.

Rachel nodding and moving the dress back on to the stand to keep it wrinkle free. She listened closely, "I am jealous of that heart of yours Koi." She told her and moving to the dress screen, "Just remember when you are helping all these people that you deserve some happiness yourself. Hopefully Mars knows how to do that for you."

Duncan smiling as they walked, "Well, I tried to plan the best we can. Well, at least tonight anyway." He told her.

Horace trying to understand all of that, magic was really the only thing he seemed to know and at times care about. Once stepping inside he scanned the room and noted, "Aunt Melena?" He said seeing her sitting with her friends.

Serg looking up a bit as well, he noted that both of their wives were still here and enjoying their time with one another. "Well, they are enjoying the morning." He noted.

Panro was slowly falling into a deep relaxing state with Sandy. He was never this 'lazy' as others, but even though they had something to do he would do it. But, there was no reason to leave where he was laying right now with Sandy.

Lana nodding, "Is that the blue one?" She asked, meaning the chairs and other furniture had a nice blue texted to them. "That could work, it been a little smoothing I bet."

Fang looking back, "That is true." Noting the outside darkness a bit. "It wouldn't take much for Raiser to change her mind and force an attack on us."

Tria moving to sit down, "Champagne?" She asked trying to picture the color in her head and not really seeing it at first. Though she also may be confusing it for something else. Looking to Eri and smiled, she had a plan to find those waters or make them for her. Which have to come a little later as they all had the spot light on the tigress at the moment.

  • Re: Ic and OccKoran/Dkhoran, Mon Jul 23 9:56am
    Koran's lip quirked up mischievously as Mira was given some playful grief from her doctor about being late. "Sorry but not actually sorry. My wife simply has me wrapped around her little finger" he... more
    • Re: Ic and Occ — Acerbus, Mon Jul 23 6:28pm
      • Re: Ic and OccShiloh (Orion thru Juno), Thu Jul 26 10:48pm
        Orion watched Safira go and then looked at Rotta. “Get a little ahead of yourself again?” he asked, knowing Donovan would have probably molted at Rotta throwing out invitations to aiding the Guards... more
        • Re: Ic and OccShiloh (Kia thru Sarah), Thu Jul 26 10:50pm
          Kia blushed just a little as Millie offered they get together for lunch some time and even to have Kia and Saber meet Kahi and Ri. She nodded. “That sounds nice,“ she said, looking back where Saber... more
          • Re: Ic and OccKari (Safira thru Soliel) , Fri Jul 27 12:23am
            Safira smiled to Rotta. "Perhaps at some point....I'll be happy to toss ideas around any time." She said waving her hand and nodding before walking off nodding again to Orion she knew not to overstep ... more
            • Re: Ic and OccAcerbus, Fri Jul 27 5:46pm
              Rotta smiled, "Ah, I'll ask for forgiveness later." He said as he waved Orion on to head to the treasury. "And hate to say it, but we need all the help we can get." He noted walking out of the... more
              • Re: Ic and OccKoran/Dkhoran, Sat Jul 28 10:34am
                Koran tilted his head curiously for a moment as Sarah indicated there were a few things he should be updated on however he didn't hesitate to enter the office with his father and new step mother.... more
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