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Shiloh (Orion thru Juno)
Re: Ic and Occ
Thu Jul 26, 2018 10:48pm

Orion watched Safira go and then looked at Rotta. “Get a little ahead of yourself again?” he asked, knowing Donovan would have probably molted at Rotta throwing out invitations to aiding the Guards to someone he didn’t personally meet or evaluate. “Come on, Rotta. Let’s get these crystals and pass them on to the Lantern teams. I have a lot to do today,” he said. He had to go home, pack… move into the Inn… talk to Pherenice some more…

Soraya came out to meet Abbadon, pulling the door closed behind her. She sighed and then paused and looked at him. “Something wrong?“ she asked him, unaware he was wondering the same thing about her. That and just how safe they were here in Unkindness now that the perimeters were being tested from outside.

Delilah looked at the Priestess who came in, speaking to her. “Yes. What is it?“ she asked, looking to the girl’s hands curiously. What could she possibly have that was of such urgency to share?

Twilight smiled and shrugged a little when Acer said that. “Felt like a good time to do it again,“ she said, then looked at Jupiter as he moved to sit on the other side of her, trying to be affectionate to Lukken. She smiled at her nephew’s perplexed look on his face. “You should come by with me more often when I watch them for Acey and Del,“ she said to Jupiter. She was sure the twins wouldn’t be so confused by him if they got to know their uncle Jupiter better. “You want to hold him?“ she asked curiously. She knew they didn’t have much time before Zanna arrived and they needed to go meet Eros and Dimael in the royal offices.

“Huh….“ Gizmo said simply at Rio’s words and the way he was looking at the Gatan. She’d chalk it up to some odd ear and tail fetish the avion probably had been secretly harboring. “Yeah, but I’m not in the business of giving things away just because we fooled around,“ she said, as though to remind him and Vera of that fact. “So what have you brought to trade for it?“ she asked.

Vera had smiled back a bit at Rio, if just a bit bashful about it, then looked back to Gizmo as she effortlessly dropped her history with Rio again. She glanced at him, certain he’d brought something to trade. He seemed to know it was likely Gizmo wouldn’t just give the tubes to him.

Koi stepped out from behind the changing screen, running her hands through her hair to fix it where it’d gotten a bit mussed when she’d been changing back and forth between her clothes and the dress. She looked at Rachel and smiled, nodding. “Mars is… very good at it,“ she assured her. At making her happy.

Saffy smiled and looked at him, blushing a bit. “Well, I’m really looking forward to seeing all of your planning come into play tonight,“ she mused. “You know… we should have brought something with us to eat. A little picnic or something…“ she noted off-handedly.

Blake looked over when Horace said Mela’s name. He they heard Serg and nodded. “Seems they are,“ he said with a smile. He wondered if they should avoid interrupting them or if Horace would insist on seeing his aunt.

Sandy was relaxed, too, and quite content if her soft purrs were any indication. She seemed more than happy to just stay like this, letting her eyes close as she and Panro rested. “Pan…“ she murmured, feeling herself more or less nodding off for a little cat nap this morning… They would get everything done. They were eager to get to the ‘I do’s’, but they were also very content to just enjoy the afterglow of all of their engagement celebrations!

“That’s the one,“ Garand said before nodding. “I don’t know how soothing a palace full light will be to a shadow. Maybe we can draw the curtains and darken it a bit. Make him feel a little more comfortable and willing to stick around and talk to us,“ he suggested.

“But it would take a lot to break through these defenses,“ Ikki said. “I’ve been investigating the immense light magic here. It seems this place just feeds off of all of the powerful light magic users residing in the castle. Their presence makes the spirit of this castle and her magic even stronger, but… I have heard of a few weak spots in the boundary lines… Though this morning the talk I overheard indicated it was being handled.”

Amara smiled as Tria repeated the color curiously. “I’ll show you,“ she said, setting down her crystal sketch board on the table and then moving over to a hutch. She opened it and hanging from various boards were numerous swatches of fabric. They looked like a rainbow, each board containing mostly hues of that one color pallet. She removed the purples pallet for Eri and the yellows and golds, creamy oranges and antiqued whites for Tria, bringing the panels over and setting them on the table in front of where the girls were sitting. “This… is champagne,“ she said, running her hand under the creamy, warm color, almost a pearly pale amber-beige with a golden tinge to it to make it feel richer.

She then smiled to Eri and set the panel of purples on the sofa beside her so she could look at them. “This is what I had in mind for you,” she said, tapping a swatch of an almost periwinkle and then a pinker hue of lavender to compliment it. As she let the girls look at the colors, she took her seat again and picked up her board to resume sketching out designs, knowing color was only one tiny part, and it often had a lot to do with the design whether the colors worked at all or not. Fortunately, Amara was a natural talent at this for being only 19, and she’d made many gowns. Some even for Dia and Silvitrista.


Eros made it to the Oak in short order with Dimael by being able to go the most direct route. It’d been easier than he thought with Dimael’s cloak in place. He landed and gestured to the aura behind him, which could not be hidden from him behind any cloak, and led him to the royal offices where Acerbus would bring Twilight to meet them. “In here, quickly,“ he said, knowing the way with such ease. But then again Dimael understood what it was to learn to see and feel in other ways when you couldn’t actually see much of anything…

Juno looked at her sister and then at the ring on her finger. “Oh, Yuuri… how could I have not noticed?“ she asked before smiling and moving to hug her little sister. “I’m very happy for you. In fact, it’s about time,“ she said, though that part was loud enough for Senn to hear where he stood with Torin.

“Yeah, well… I thought I should get yours and Traitorin’s blessings first, but… you’re hard to ask,“ Senn admitted.

“Well, not that either of you need it, but… you have it,“ Juno said, looking to Yuuri again and smiling.

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    Rotta nodded to Safira, "Thank you, before you go. If you like to out with us since you been doing this longer than we have as guards please reach out." He said offering a invention to her. ... more
    • Re: Ic and Occ — Shiloh (Orion thru Juno), Thu Jul 26 10:48pm
      • Re: Ic and OccShiloh (Kia thru Sarah), Thu Jul 26 10:50pm
        Kia blushed just a little as Millie offered they get together for lunch some time and even to have Kia and Saber meet Kahi and Ri. She nodded. “That sounds nice,“ she said, looking back where Saber... more
        • Re: Ic and OccKari (Safira thru Soliel) , Fri Jul 27 12:23am
          Safira smiled to Rotta. "Perhaps at some point....I'll be happy to toss ideas around any time." She said waving her hand and nodding before walking off nodding again to Orion she knew not to overstep ... more
          • Re: Ic and OccAcerbus, Fri Jul 27 5:46pm
            Rotta smiled, "Ah, I'll ask for forgiveness later." He said as he waved Orion on to head to the treasury. "And hate to say it, but we need all the help we can get." He noted walking out of the... more
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              Koran tilted his head curiously for a moment as Sarah indicated there were a few things he should be updated on however he didn't hesitate to enter the office with his father and new step mother.... more
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