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Kari (Safira thru Soliel)
Re: Ic and Occ
Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:23am

Safira smiled to Rotta. "Perhaps at some point....I'll be happy to toss ideas around any time." She said waving her hand and nodding before walking off nodding again to Orion she knew not to overstep he might be Donovan's second but she was a solider in another kingdom's army there even on 'sick leave' was boundaries she dared not cross. But that didn't mean she couldn't offer advice and be a sounding board. Safira stepped out and looked up at the sky....a sky that was hard for her to be in now while the fake wing worked in place of her real lost wasn't the same and didn't hold up as long for flight.

Fai nodded as she felt Donovan's hand interwine with her own. "It is." She said softly and smiled. "Just glad your alright...and" She said as she pulled out the solid bracelets the cleric's rings. Letting them be seen on her hand the craftmanship was unique one of a kind and the stone inside of the metal solid. "They're cleric's rings....but they are crafted far different then any I remember although I was a child back then..." She said softly as her thumb ran over the delicate markings. "but...they resonanted with me....and so they were returned to me...." She said unaware just what twist of fate was instore for that she had shown signs of very early as a child. Or rather her people knew to look for.

Pherenice smiled a bit sadly. "Oh don't feel too bad." she said watching him run off. "Half the time they leave me out to the loop too..." She said shaking her head and sighed leaning back against the bar. "Although I think in his case it's more of a want to protect you then anything else. If he can keep you out of it you won't be hurt."

When Amara brought over the colors swatches and showed them to her she tipped her head and smiled. "They're pretty." She said lightly looking at the periwinkle and the pinker hue of lavender. It made her a bit curious to see what Amara had in mind.

Dim followed Eros easily for one who could barely see in the light but then again he knew Eros's plight with that well enough and he knew what it was like for others to think you were handicapped simply because the world was different to you then them. He nodded and entered the room. "Of course." he spoke lowly only when he drew level with Eros knowing that chances were he didn't see him nod but would feel better with the answer anyways. He walked into the room and stood in it eyes closed just taking in what his senses could pick up that way the scents strong and subtle both everything about it. Since his eyes he did not trust....not until night fell.

Yuuri smiled and nodded. "It's okay." She said shaking her head and smiling but could not help but giggle a bit when Juno more or less scolded Senn for taking so long in asking. Yuuri felt like she was floating on cloud nine and then looked out at the sky. In La'shire's barrier one could not see the darkness out there but she knew it was there. Even if what troubled her more was her unbeknownst identical dream to her sisters.

Solace also righted himself as he stood next to Nour then looked out seeing what the girls saw but still standing as if a silent shadow and support for Nour in all of this.

Adriel looked at Nour who thanked her for being happy for them in there own right and also saying that it was alright for them to pursue that love. Long overdue if anyone asked her. "I'm afraid that is....very much a real possibility..." She said sadly as she watched Rohdorn heard him humming his verse his him. "I have tried endlessly to figure out how...or what caused her fail but it was only when Finn and Nayril went through there own trial not so long ago that I realized...." She looked at them. "We were all so young and so none of us doubt Luminos still does not...." She took a deep breathe. "We all believed them to be dear friends but if I look back....all that Solace does for you....all my beloved Rohdorn does for me..." She looked at them. "All Luminos himself did for her...and we all missed it even him....but I fear...when he does what comes to naturally when it comes to her...his desire to always rush and protect her...." Adriel looked sadly at the sight before her. "That will be what causes her to recoil and return to that vile dragoness...because it is he...who broke her heart...without meaning to." '

Tomoe could hear his song hear him humming it even as she held the dark orb that Raiser had yet to realize was missing. But the song brought a sense of peace of calm to her chased away the suffocating darkness that always seemed to be trying to swallow her up. She stepped down a bit easier then before and began making her way up the mountain side again the mountain torn between opening an easy path for her and staying harsh gave something in between, but it was still easy for her to navigate without the abyss making her feel like she was drowning.

Fii chuckled. "There are." He answered her curious look her scent even if he could not actually 'see' her giving it. "Plenty of things we can do, that will not risk loosing the baby." He said bemused of he could explain it but that would likely get him swatted by his adorable roo who could be a bit bashful too.

Aster nodded. "I do...I like it here a lot.." She said happily as she walked with Ginger. "I like it...cause here is were Violet and I are....and you and Fauve....we're all here so it's perfect." she said happily and to her that was the best part of being here even over the pretty walls and the enchanted castle. it was the fact that she had her sisters and it was safe.

Shale chuckled. "Oh I could but I don't know how well they'd listen to an imp like me." she said easily as she rested there. "But you're welcome and they'd have to be blind fools to not see it." She said as she laid there. "Besides you have the love of an Alpha." She said chuckling.

Baillie nodded. "I have seen them..." She said softly looking at the illusion before her. "Before I came to be with Thayne...I was brought to many of them..." She said shaking her head. "But they were different depending on who was getting married....but the bride and groom always looked so happy."

Frau shook her head. "It's all fine...and's differ by the people who are having them and some have great traditions with them." she glanced at Cleo seeing the girl was picking up on Frau's hesitation. "Mmm we're going to be doing a lot today...and it's all going to be new to you Cleo. So how about we take it all one step at time this way if at some point you get tired and would like to go back no one ends up with hurt feelings?" She knew this little one was terrified of Daire....and Daire didn't want to do anything to make things harder for Cleo. He still carried a bit of guilt over what happened in town with her.

Trilander let out a low heated growl as he leaned down and kissed along her jaw line it was intense all of it was enough to send him reeling but he loved every moment of it. He loved hear his name roll off of her tongue the difference in the way she said his full name was enough to get the prince's heart to skip a beat or two. He leaned down and whined laying gentle nipping kisses along her jawline even as he continued to rock with her setting a rhythm they both could enjoy.

River looked at him and wrinkled her nose playfully at his teasing her in such a way. He loved teasing her about that probably because despite the fact they didn't do it they could. They were called Siren's of the deep for a reason. She reached up and traced along the side of his face. "Mmm I could but I enjoy being with you in and out of the water...besides." She said chuckling. "I doubt I'd have to sing a song to lure my sweet wolf to my side."

Silvi got up with her and smiled as she held out her hand to the kitten. "Come then we'll go see those gardens. Which one would you like to see first?" She said gently to the adorable fine-fur. It was a brand of trouble for the little one if only because her body was not mature enough to handle the very mature feelings she had for Altair. Silvi had no problem with them being in love with each other. Rather her concern was to uncanny toll it would take on Yuna should she become full of kitten-dragon pup. A toll that need not be rushed to at such a young age when she'd handle it so much better if they waited just a little bit longer and Yuna had a chance to finish growing up. Her body given the chance to catch up to her young mind and emotions.

Soli nodded as she looked at Odette. "I'm sure." She said glancing out at all of them. "And I'm certain none of us are in any hurry to see those times return. It'll take some effort but....once we take back D'joran form this darkness...none of us will be so willing to allow a little bit of it return again."

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