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Re: Ic and Occ
Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:46pm

Rotta smiled, "Ah, I'll ask for forgiveness later." He said as he waved Orion on to head to the treasury. "And hate to say it, but we need all the help we can get." He noted walking out of the meeting and to the outside, "She was with the Golden's they have miles of experience we don't have."

Crys looking over, "Why would they leave you in the dark?" She asked. Having talked to Dimal seems Phara had a larger role in the world. "Doesn't seem fair." She noted wondering if this what she wanted to help her with. She looked to the mark covered on her arm.

Donovan looking to the bracelets, "They look lovely. Matching the owner." He said trying to bring light back to the conversation. Not knowing fully what it all means but with the events going on today he didn't care as long as Fai was with him.

Abbadon sighed, "Depends." He said moving towards one of the windows in the hallway. "This attack, it changes things Soraya. I promised your father to keep you safe on this trip and I am having some doubt I can if this place is now under threat."

The priestess took a moment to breath and opening her hands. Inside of them was there triangle looking objects. "These are messages, we found them in the arrows. We activated one and it was for you and Lord Acerbus. They sent me to deliver them to you."

Acerbus smiling a little has the room seemed to be filled with smiling faces again. Holding on to Lorie in his lap watching the exchange of his son and Jupiter.

Jupiter looking over and down, "Sure." He said moving to reach out and transfer the young hybrid from Twilight's lap to his. Careful of his wings since they were still growing.

Lukken blinking a little looking up and just titling his head. "Ummmby." He said, acting like he was trying to say the word 'grumpy'.

Rio was also pulled away from Vera when Gizmo mentioned that she was expecting a trade. "I know I know, nothing is free." He said reaching into his carrying pouch and pulling out some bottles, "Got some Alchemist's Supplies, would you like fire, ice, I have one last poison as well." The way he talked seems this was something they traded before.

Rachel smiling a little bit hearing that. "Good." She said simply, "Where did Mars fly off to so quick." She finally asked, "Didn't even say Hi to me."

Mars had gone to meet with Acerbus, but instead saw Eros coming in with 'someone'. Having been behind on the news he decided that this might be the best time to go and find out. He made it to the room and moving to open the door and looking to Eros once in side. "Who's this?" he asked pointing.

Duncan hearing that idea. "That not bad idea." He said and put it into future ideas for them to do. Duncan has always treated Saffy the best, but last few days he seems to be really pouring the compliments on. Only since times he had to stay late he wanted to make up for that time.

Serg looking, "I wouldn't bother them, they spent too much time apart as friends." He suggested and moving his arm. "I say we grab something..." He paused looking about as Horace was no longer standing behind them.

Horace hadn't stayed to listen to the suggestion. Seemly marching up to his Aunt at the table. "Hello Aunt Melina." He said with a little harshness in his tone, she hadn't meet him when he arrived and to the Prince that was not proper.

Mela blinked a little when Horace just seemed to show up out of no where. "Oh, Hello Horace." She returned, "Nashca, Sally, this is my oldest nephew Horace. Zanna's son."

Panro looking up a little bit hearing Sandy call his name. "Yes?" he answered in return wondering if she had a question or if she wanted to have another 'round' with one another.

Lana nodding to the plan, "That should work." They were still a little unsure how to call this shadow, but they would figure that part out once they were there.

Fang looking over hearing about these weak areas. "What weak areas?" he asked. To him it would be odd for Raiser not to have exploited those areas already. He had a sense of something wrong.

Tria looking over the colors a little bit, "Hmmmm..." She held it up to her skin and then to her tail, she looked back to Eri, "What do you think?" She asked one of the reasons to bring along some help is to see if these were right.

Torin looking up, "Oh nothing talking to myself." He told him and then once the big news breaking. "Well congrats to the both of you." He said with a smile.

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