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Re: Ic and Occ
Sat Jul 28, 2018 10:34am

Koran tilted his head curiously for a moment as Sarah indicated there were a few things he should be updated on however he didn't hesitate to enter the office with his father and new step mother. Once inside he inquisitively looked between the two "Something going on then that I should be aware of?"

"We'll get to that in a moment but first off I was going to ask how you and Miraliru have been doing but..I believe my question was answered quite handly the way you came in with her.." he started off teasingly getting a flat stare from his son but cut off a retort with a more genuine smile "I can see though you two are genuinely well suited for each other and I cannot be happier for you two, seeing my son and daughter in law so happy together warms my heart."

Koran couldn't stay annoyed with Drak's teasing with the sincere sentiment that followed after it "Admittedly not too much has changed since our marriage, which isn't a bad thing given our affections. Although as you likely heard our biggest issue is well..making it anywhere on time. Naturally I place some of the blame on my draconic heritage." he huffed good naturedly knowing damn well his father was somewhat notorious for his...'loving' nature.

Drak laughed at that knowing well enough what his son was hinting at but brushed it off as he was fairly certain Koran didn't actually mind or his tone would have had hints of something beyond being good natured. "I've also heard that you've been working hard in the forges producing some of the finest works to come out of the smithy, I can't put in to words how proud that makes me, you've come so far since the first days you picked up a blacksmiths hammer." Truely he had only taught Koran metalworking so he could maintain his armor and weapons when Drak wasn't around but the ancient puree was impressed at how far Koran has progressed.

Coughing into his hand to cover his embarrassment at the open praise that he really wasn't used to getting but admittedly it wasn't unwelcome "I feel at ease in the forge, truely at times its almost a source of meditation for myself as it work on a piece of metal feeling out and hammering out the impurities. Also having these really helps with the finer details.." he mused tapping his temple to bring attention to his draconic eyes. "Living and being raised as a human for so long before my dragon traits started showing really gave me an understanding at how good dragon vision is compared to a humans. Thanks to that I was able to make my and Mira's rings."

"The rings were a grand piece of work, any woman would be thrilled to get such a gift so take pride in your craftsmanship." Drak sighed lightly as his expression turned more serious finally "Now onto more serious concerns, your half brother Miharu and Vespa are currently recovering in a sanctuary of mine beyond the castle walls far away from here." He held up a hand to stall a question as he spoke up once more "They were caught up in one of Raiser's...plans, to make a long story short she wanted to take advantage of his Esper based magic, thankfully with help I got them back but he was weakened protecting Vespa."

There was a underlying current of fury in Drak's voice hinting that there was going to be hell to pay on Raiser's end for harming his family..his son. He however quickly regained a more neutral tone catching himself getting upset just thinking about the incident. "I shipped them out to my sky sanctuary last night leaving Miharu to rest in the gardens which from what I saw this morning was doing wonders to help him recover."

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