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Shiloh (Nour thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:39pm

“My brother loves Tomoe. In his heart of hearts, in some way, I’m sure he loves her as she loves him. His first love will always be Lureyna, and I think she knows that, and I worry she‘ll always resent him for falling in love with another first,” Nour admitted, shaking her head some and looking at Adriel and then to Solace standing beside her, so close she could still feel his warmth. Her ears fell back and she looked at the image of Rohdorn escorting a weighted Tomoe to La‘shire. “I hope she can let that hurt go and not hold to it so tightly when she does see him again. My brother has never caused a kind soul pain with any intent to do so… To learn he sent her to this state will hurt his heart and I worry what doors two of ours with that much sadness could open to Raiser‘s influence. A united front is all we have against the things that wish to destroy this world we love.” Unless Adriel sent them away, Nour would worry too much to let herself be with Solace… though it was something both desperately ached for. Time together… time well deserved and long anticipated.

Rohdorn continued to hum for Tomoe, even as the brilliance of La’Shire’s warmth and pure light came into view through the twisting trees around them, which had been stripped of their color and left barren in the wake of the Abyss that seemed to angrily assault everything just beyond La’Shire’s reach. Almost like it was taunting her light and those sheltering within it, but only because it could do little else. She and those of light prevented Raiser and her abomination from entering.

Topaz heard the amused and playful lilt in the fox’s voice when he reiterated… plenty of things. Her ears twitched curiously, not just at his intentional vagueness but at the fact his tones suggested she should be blushing just at his suggestions. True, he’d done many of those things with her before, but it’s not like her mind cam/e around to it quite as naturally as his did. No doubt his mind was always entertaining ways to be close to the roo and share his love with her, and depending on her mood, he always had a different plan or tactic to find that closeness without getting her too slap-happy with that tail of hers. “Like… what?“ she asked, likely to make him chuckle, because her tone clearly read she wasn’t sure she should be asking.

“Good,“ Ginga said with a sincere smile. “For a while, at least, this is home. So… it’s good you like it,“ she said. “So… any thoughts about breakfast?“ she asked, wanting to keep her sister’s mind busy… so no one noticed her’s was wandering now and then. Thought it didn’t seem to go unnoticed by Shale and Maks.

“Fauve… are we almost there?“ Vi asked, leaning back in her sister’s arms to look at her. Although she’d eaten a muffin this morning on her little adventure through the castle when running into Juniper… she was already hungry again.

Maks nodded some. “And an imp…“ he added, glancing at her and then looking ahead again. “Which raised another matter entirely… Ours is far from a polygamous pack,“ he said quietly. Not that Shale ever intended to settle down. She was an imp after all… who had had her family. If she remained with them, odds were she wouldn’t marry into the pack or Maks’ family the way Fauve would. Although the unusual relationship would cause friction with the Council and the Alphas, it wouldn’t be against their laws, as he’d only have one wife… when they gave him permission to marry, that is.

“You got to go to things like that?“ Meeka asked. She barely remembered home… and once she was captive, she rarely saw more than the inside of this place or that place, and usually she was in a crate or cage. But, even if Meeka had never been to a wedding or seen one before, she would be going to her first one in the best of ways -- as the bride.

Cleo looked at Frau as she addressed her again and with such gentle suggestions. The ermine didn’t pick up at all that Frau was perhaps trying to coax her away from attending, if only to spare her, because she was potentially not ready to encounter Daire again just yet. Not until she bonded more with Meeka and Baillie, maybe found out about Daire and Meeka after she’d heard about how amazing and good this man was Meeka was marrying… hearing Daire in a different light than she remembered him in. As gentle as he tried to be with her, she didn’t remember it that way at all… and that was probably because he was still putting on a ‘show’ for Severin, to protect Meeka… but in the process, hurting Cleo. More than he initially realized, too, which had clearly hung on him since. She nodded a bit at Frau’s logic. It was a lot to take in for one day and for all they knew, she might be too exhausted from all of the emotions and experiences to attend tonight… “Okay,” she agreed and even smiled a bit at Frau.

Lassa moaned and couldn’t shake the blush that his growls gave her. The fact they came as naturally to him the heat of the moment as her moans did always made them affect her all the more. His growls and moans were all wonderful to hear and feel. “Tri…“ she tipped her head back as he seemed intent on lavishing her neck and jaw line with kisses and needy nips, her body noticeably reacting to everything he did, every move he made. The young selkie wasn’t likely to last all that long this time around, but she could handle it as many times as needed to feel Trilander reach the same release.

“This is true,” Ros agreed with a smile. He withdrew a bit and settled on the towel again, just watching her. He was careful today, though, not to do anything too teasing. She’d been through a lot and he was a patient wolf. “How is your tail now?” he asked, wondering if she’d been in long enough for it to be fully rejuvenated, or if she needed longer. “LEt me know when you’re about ready. I’ll put a call in for something for you to eat,” he said, sure she had to be hungry by now. And since she wasn’t going to feed off of him today for whatever reason, he would still make sure she ate something.

Yuna looked at Silvi and her offered hand. She paused a moment and then smiled before slipping her hand into Silvi’s, holding hands with the beautiful dragonness, likely a simple thing that gave Silvi’s heart warmth. After all, she hadn’t mothered one her age since Averie. If Yuna said yes… the kitten was a second chance to enjoy that experience, and yet this time with a daughter.

“couldn’t agree more,“ Odette agreed. She smiled and shrugged a bit. “Some day, I’d like to think that Lance and I will have great great grandchildren or something and they’ll have never known what it was not to have peace. You know? I hope when we get rid of them this time… it’ll be for good,“ she said, meaning Chaos and Raiser. Odds were that other threats would arise in the future, even if not Raiser, Chaos or Severin… but surly nothing as devastating as any of the three…


Sarah had taken a seat at her table while Drak and her stepson spoke. She’d kept tabs on Koran and Mira, just as she had with Miharu and Vespa. She’d spent much of her life looking after all of her younger adopted siblings and there was no shortage of care, compassion and attentiveness in her nature, as shown by her choice of field. Having more family to look after had certainly helped her make more time outside of the Infirmary and bring on a larger staff of doctors and nurses to delegate to, but this was still her Infirmary. She had no children of her own, but this place… it was her baby. And now she had two stepsons and while she didn’t expect them to see her as a mother, she did make it clear to them that she was here for them and that she took an interest in their lives and their happiness. She had a good relationship with them. It was more getting Drak reconnected with them that she was focused on lately! It seemed to be going fairly well. “I was thinking… once Miharu and Vespa’s condition had improved and they return to La’Shire, you and Mira should join us all for a meal. I can’t even remember if we’ve ever done that before.” Sure, Koran and Miharu had met on several occasions, but bonding as brothers? That simply hadn’t happened as of yet. It was high time this family became, well, a family… and Drak needed to be at the center of that effort. These were his boys… and yet Sarah seemed to be the overall instigator of the endeavor.

  • No SubjectShiloh (Orion thru Amara), Sun Jul 29 11:39pm
    Orion sighed a bit and shook his head as he moved to leave with Rotta and head to the treasury while the other Guards returned to their rounds or posts. How this younger raven was given such... more
    • Re: No Subject — Shiloh (Nour thru Sarah), Sun Jul 29 11:39pm
      • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Mon Jul 30 9:16pm
        Rotta knows he gets second looks from being placed into his position. Just another 'charity' case from Donovan. But, they never seem to question about their patrols or partners which he helped put... more
        • Re: No SubjectKari (Safira thru Silvi) , Tue Jul 31 12:55am
          Safira walked out of the room with them in it and paused on the perch looking out over the Unkindness...she had not gone back to the golden Kingdom. It all still felt so raw and new to her and what... more
          • Re: No SubjectKari (Soliel thru Opal)), Tue Jul 31 12:56am
            Soliel looked at her and nodded as she sat back again. "Mm I agree." She said softly. "But..." She turned her head and glanced out the window across the room seeing the plants. "There was a saying... more
            • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Wed Aug 1 10:22am
              Koran paused what he was going to say to his father when Sarah spoke up mentioning him and Mira joining them for a meal once Miharu and Vespa recover. Honestly he knew very little about his half... more
              • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Wed Aug 1 2:46pm
                Crys looking back over and feeling a little bad, she was acting selfish. So she had a crush on Eros and upset he might not feel the same. Pherenice been through a lot worse it looks like. Leaning on... more
                • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Orion thru Amara), Sat Aug 4 3:01pm
                  Orion nodded a bit. “Probably truer than we’d like to believe,“ he agreed before sighing and heading out with Rotta to the royal treasury. Donovan had hand-picked the treasury guards as well, but... more
                  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nour thru Sarah), Sat Aug 4 3:01pm
                    OOC: Ugh. This week has been rough. I was working on this post last night and fell fast asleep in the middle of it! Lol. So grateful for weekends/days off! J Finally finished it! Nour looked at... more
                    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Aug 5 3:31am
                      (Yeah, been crawling this last few weeks as well. One more on the road before heading home) Rotta landing as the lucky for them since they were so close to the Oak the treasury wasn't very far.... more
                      • Re: No SubjectKari (Phere thru Jarral/La'shire) , Sun Aug 5 2:14pm
                        ((No worries I have a feeling it's been a crazy few weeks for most of us lol )) Pherenice listened to Crys speaking talking about making new memories free to live her life how she wanted it and that... more
                        • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Sun Aug 5 8:47pm
                          Drak smirked "Of course I feel fortunate to have you by my side Sarah.." he mused sincerely as he walked around to view the crystal "You compliment me so well..." he hummed thoughtfully as he studied ... more
                          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Orion thru Juno), Mon Aug 13 12:00am
                            Orion landed with Rotta and nodded a bit. “Sounds good to me,“ he said when Rotta said he was free to head back once they’d delivered the crystals to the Sacred Oak. “Well then, let’s get these... more
                            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nour thru Sarah), Mon Aug 13 12:00am
                              Nour nodded a bit and let Solace lead her away to a place where they could be alone, unaware that Adriel had sent away the image of Tomoe’s trek to la’shire solely because she knew Nour wouldn’t go... more
                              • Re: No SubjectKari (Dimael thru Kirie) , Mon Aug 13 12:12pm
                                Dimael paid there conversation enough attention to know if or when either Eros or this new comer spoke to him. It seemed more like a private conversation between friends one he was not inclined to... more
                                • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Mon Aug 13 8:56pm
                                  The other guards of the treasury looked to one another, each one holding a box in their hands before looking back to Rotta and Orion. "Someone seems a little happy today." One noted before moving to... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Tue Aug 14 2:15pm
                                    Crys nodded and stood up, "Come on, we aren't going to learn anything sitting in here all day." She noted straightening out her clothes a bit and reaching to gently pull Phere out of her chair as... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Wed Aug 15 9:41am
                                      Koran narrowed his eyes as he studied the patient more intently his gaze turning from a idle curiosity to a laser focus a frown etched on his features as this whole abyss thing was revealed to him,... more
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