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Kari (Safira thru Silvi)
Re: No Subject
Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:55am

Safira walked out of the room with them in it and paused on the perch looking out over the Unkindness...she had not gone back to the golden Kingdom. It all still felt so raw and new to her and what was worse...she was certain many of those in her patrol were lost. She brought her hand up and put it over the metal replacement she had for an arm...knowing that her wings more or less matched....but they were not meant for any serious flying. One wing a replacement one arm an real. Neither....could hold up to it any longer. She survived....the fight against a fury. Had sent back a report on that fight and didn't know it what she knew what she remembered from that horrible long battle was any help. But it still weighed on her mind. As if she had failed that village, those people her patrol....she got to walk away with her many of her men did not. It didn't matter what race they were....the pain of there loss in battle was just the same for there families for there friends as everyone else. She knew she had to go at some point pay her respects to there families. But right now...she could not maintain fight fast enough long enough to make that trek back to the kingdom. And when she did....what was waiting for her? Would she be welcomed or shunned?

Pherenice sighed. "Perhaps because I remember and know so little about any of this..." She said resting her arms on the bar. "I'm not much help to anyone this way." Her confidence in her self wasn't all that great but her lack of memories didn't help with that either.

Fai smiled and slipped the bracelets back into the velvet pouch putting them back in her pocket. "Thank you." She said blushing a bit. She stepped up to him and hugged him just glad it was a minor wound something she could heal for him and he was safe. "I should have received them at a ceremony long ago....but I never became a High priestess that was the day my home land fell." she said. "it's...sad but at the same token...despite all I went through I'm still...happy. It all ended up to my meeting you." She said letting Donovan know she was alright. She just didn't want to see this place fall like Arcadia did.

Eri shook herself a bit and smiled. "I'm sorry just lost in thought a moment." She said seeing the colors that Tria was looking at for herself the ones that Amara had pointed out and nodded. "I like them and thank you." She said softly then ran her fingers over the swatches of color that Amara had pointed out..."You think so?" She asked holding them up not sure herself but she was willing to try something different and new.

Dimael looked over a bit surprised that Mars had spotted him while in the cloak that should have kept him from being seen but perhaps it was the fact that Eros had paused and maybe a ripple or distortion while passing Eros? Then again he wasn't aware of all the gifts showing up among the Mystrian's these days either if even a keener sense of awareness among those who needed it to be so. He reached up and pulled back the hood of his cloak tipping his head and nodded. "Pleased to meet you." he said bowing in respect of his station. He didn't get upset there was always something new to learn about those who walked in what should always be a world of light here.

Yuuri looked at them both and smiled. "It's alright." She said shaking her head and looked at them both. "Thank you again but this is important too." she said then glanced at Juno and touched her arm. "Can we go over there and sit a moment?" She nodded off to the side figuring something was bugging her sister and it was best to talk and then there was that awful dream...she had this nagging feeling she could not shake and something in her heart just told her she needed to talk to Juno about it.

Adriel smiled a bit as she looked at Nour and Solace. "I do not doubt for a moment that she's special to him. He has not been the same since she was taken form us, none of us have been." She said and then moved her hand sending off the image knowing that her beloved would keep Tomoe safe. She did though move and placed her hands on Nour's shoulders. "For this moment though I think it best...if you and Solace go off and spend some time together. I will await Luminos and speak with him when he arrives here." She smiled. "There is never a perfect moment. Never the right time...only those moments we make for ourselves. This world our children out there will always have a need for our assistance in some way or shape. But I do believe even Your dear Ivy and Averie noticed the feelings between you to. They have sent a ripple in kinship between become good close friends so that you two could be close as much as possible. Go now...take this moment there is still a bit before Tomoe gets here." Adriel said shooing them both off to be a lone for a bit. "Do not forget you are not betraying Tomoe by taking this moment for yourselves. I believe in my heart that it would sadden her greatly to know you two have not embraced your feelings for each other." Adriel glanced back out feeling Rohdorn approaching La'shire. "I will keep watch and I will let you know...when she arrives and when she'll need your help. Worry are not to resenting him for not choosing her first. No...I don't believe that to be the case." Adriel looked at Nour. "If anything I believe Raiser's cruel curse on her holds her so tightly....because her heart broke thinking he never loved her at all.....She was the one among us who was always perfectly balanced between light and shadow. Who loved unconditionally everyone in natures embrace." Adriel closed her eyes. "I don't believe for a moment she would have fallen had Raiser not chosen to attack her the moment her heart broke." Adriel looked at them. "But a broken heart can be mended. She is not truly lost to us...something that is lost can not ever be regained...however she walks now...towards La'shire walks in the protection of Rohdorn's nightfall to La'shire a living castle of purity. She walks this way because some part of her has not been consumed by Raiser's cruelty. Some part of her still holds fast to the light and that part of her no doubt comes searching out Luminos. All of us....she's looking for the warmth for the light you woke a part of her heart that had been long sleeping but not lost the light may be small..." Adriel held up her hand and a glittering star appeared above her palm flickering and yet strong and vibrant if even so tiny. "But was it not Tomoe herself that said...the light of hope of love our light only needs the smallest but strongest of seeds to plant itself inside of darkness from there it will grow it will warm the cold shadows inside dispel the untruths one by one and bloom inside if those who care if only help it grow?"

Solace took a deep breathe. "I hear what your saying Adriel but...I still worry...that we're not going to be able to reach her this time...not before Raiser realizes and takes her back from us. I worry for the heart ache it will cause Nour and Luminos for the sadness it will bring to us all."

Adriel tipped her head and smiled. "Ah but that is just it...Nour already awoke and planted that seed of hope inside of her, that small bit of light woke it up from where the curse would have hoped to end it once and for all...after was Tomoe who called out to my beloved for help to reach La'shire...that she would not be able to make that trek on her own." She looked at them both. "She holds the rest of his verse...and she called him through it, sought out his help. Leave her for now to us...we will do all in our power to get her hear safely and keep her heart and soul from breaking and two focus on you for the moment. You can not possibly help her as you need to if your heart is conflicted with the wants of the heart to safe Tomoe one for guilt of your feelings for each other. Feelings you should not feel sorry or worried about feeling over."

Tomoe walked with him as they drew near the edge of the twisting tree line she paused reaching up to touch the tree which was never supposed to grow this way. "What has she...done to you." She whispered having been seeing it for a while...her tree's....her flowers...everything the abyss touched twisted and became foul. Was she as twisted up inside? As horrible inside as the tree's were made to look now. A look of mixed sadness and something else....crossed her features pain...sorrow...remorse was all such a terrible jumbled mess inside as she moved her other hand holding the sphere that Raiser had trapped Rohdorn's verse in even as she heard him humming it now Tomoe glanced back at him. "I'm so cold..." She whispered...cold tired hurting....longing for something and what was it anymore....she knew she'd remember once she saw him. But part of her just wanted to go to sleep and another part wanted needed longed....for the warmth of the light to once again soak into her skin. Her azure hair and fur was even a duller then it should be not the vibrant color it usually was. She lifted her head and looked back at Rohdorn. "I'm...tired." She whispered.

Fii could not help but chuckle. He smiled a bit playfully as he tipped is head. "Mmm you know those questions with me usually get varied answers right love?" He teased anything from 'show and tell' to just telling or his favorite when he thought he wouldn't get a swat or two for his troubles. just showing....he brought one tail around and slide it playfully lightly along her side and up a playful gesture. "There are quiet a few things...done in foreplay love that can be done...without going that far and will not harm the baby."

Aster looked up at Ginga and smiled a bit then tipped her head as she thought about it then shook her head no. "Mmm no." She said. "I don't know...what we're allowed to have."

"We are." Fauve said looking at Vi and smiling. "It's just down this hall." She said knowing her way there at least and if they did start to get lost it just took a bit of a questioning look to the walls of La'shire to get a shimmer to point her the right way. She had to be grateful to the living crystal for that one.

Shale laughed warmly as he said and an imp. "Mmm true.." she said as she rested there. "But I'm not the sort to settle down Maks..."I had that....a family...everything once. Now though as much as I love you both...I'd rather see you two happily together and married." She looked at him and smiled. "But we'll cross that bridge when we get there, we haven't come to that point in the river yet. All we can do now is speculate and as my chieftain is fond of saying. Planning and speculating for all of the 'would be's or could be's all of what may be nor may not be allowed...often means one is missing out on the most precious of moments that happening...right before there eyes. When you come to the river with the bridge you worry about, the answer will often...find itself along the way."

Baillie nodded a bit. "Well sorta. I was brought along mostly because he...would get bored....and.." She shook her head from beatings to being used as a toy she never knew if she was coming or going. "I watched them usually form the box on a shelf until...."She reached up and played a bit with her necklace. "But it's not the same as what you have Meeka, the warmth of it all." She smiled not really willing to talk about her time in Alex's care. She was certain she would have died if not for Thayne and Daire....Daire risked a lot for all of them....but neither she nor Meeka knew Daire had been made to preform at Cleo's expensive and that he had hurt her. Something that bought nothing but sorrow to Daire and a desire to never push himself on her for forgiveness.

Frau nodded. "Alright." She said smiling and nodding to Cleo. "We'll see where todays adventure takes us all then." She said letting her know it was okay.

Trilander continued his motions his breathing deep as his head bowed letting out a low husky whine as she said his nickname even like that. How much he loved these two in his life there was no comparison between them. Even if many would not understand neither girl was more important to him he had...a long time ago made a ring for Marin and yet she alone did not hold his gaze, when Las had arrived she had caught his gaze and yet...when Marin insisted to allow her one night with him...he knew even then he could not just cast her aside. Part of him at times could not help but wonder if never realized she had caught his gaze was because she already had before he even knew it happened. With Lassa it had been a bit different but his heart ached at the idea of loosing either of them. Now though his adorable Selkie was going to have there pup's. He would do right by both of them before the baby was born. He would marry them both.

Silivi had spoken to him about that too. She had told him that his father was the same but where Tri enjoyed the game more then actually forcing Marin to be a mom before she was ever ready to be. His father had with his half brothers mom after all and for Baistain that meant being born without any light at all inside of him. Marin was different she still held her light inside nothing hateful or bitter with regret and even when she kicked him away during there games he laughed and smiled and she knew it was nothing more then a bit of fun on his part a game with her but never did he ever get angry for the unspoken no to a pup right now. She was the sort who could stand beside him during hard times show a strong face to the people and get them standing tall while Lassa was the gentlier one who could remind them of the warmth during the darkest of hours. They were his world. He learned that when he felt himself become lost to the darkest depths of the 'ocean' in his heart....Marin had stepped back Lassa...called him back. Marin supported his strength Lassa his nurturing nature. He'd be lost without either one of them. He just had to make sure to never allow either girl feel as if he only loved one or the other.
That wasn't hard.

Silvi smiled when Yuna took her hand and began walking with her. It warmed her heart a bit just this little bit she lost out on so much of this with Averie if even for a day to have something like this again for a small amount of time felt wonderful. Averie was just a bit older then Yuna herself when Silvi died. This was a second chance...and one she hoped the kitten would be okay with. "Shall we start at the sky garden and work our way back down to the other two then Yuna?" She asked her wanting to know where she would like to go first.

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