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Shiloh (Orion thru Amara)
Re: No Subject
Sat Aug 4, 2018 3:01pm

Orion nodded a bit. “Probably truer than we’d like to believe,“ he agreed before sighing and heading out with Rotta to the royal treasury. Donovan had hand-picked the treasury guards as well, but they would know from Lady Delilah that they were coming and to be expecting others, and if anyone arrives seeking anything other than the crystals, then to refuse entry. “Did Donovan happen to mention who we’re to leave the crystals with?” he asked. He certainly didn’t consider himself nimble-fingered enough to play around with the crystals or the Elvish lanterns.

Eros rose an eyebrow at Mars’ attempts to put on a similar tone and posture as Jupiter had. “Mars, the fact you‘re nothing like your brother is why you do so well in your position. Each ruler requires different qualities in their protectors. You’ve already proven yours to Acerbus,“ he noted to his friend before moving around to Dimael and gesturing to relax. He then looked back in Mars’ direction. “I heard… your nuptials are coming up. Have you two picked an official date, yet?“ he asked, having thought he might’ve missed it altogether while he was away on his mission, since Mars and Koi -- for all of Koi’s plans with Kalani and Lumen -- were holding off on picking the day.

“We can just walk the perimeter ourselves. Help find their weak points and find ways to strengthen their defenses,“ Soraya said, though it seemed that was already in the works as they intended to enhance the lanterns and the magical protections on Unkindness. “Their guard could use some proper Golden battle training. I’m sure father would agree to aiding them if he knew of the treasure they had here. But until I speak with her myself and confirm it for certain, I couldn’t go to him with this…“ she said, meaning the Oracle. “Or… maybe you have an idea?“ she asked, pausing to yield the floor to him, unaware that close by there was another Golden who neither she or Abbadon likely met, considering their positions within the noble circle versus the solely-warrior ranks…

Delilah nodded and seemed tempted to watch , but then moved and pit the prism-like objects into her pocket. “Pressing as it may be, these should wait until I’m with Acerbus.” They made a point of being involved in leading together. They balanced each other and were one another’s sounding board. A small shake in their defenses and a taste of a threat wouldn’t make that tactic change. “I should be getting back,” she said. “Please take care of them,” she said, having gotten all she felt she could from the injured guards, who had been blindsided and ambushed and knew very little about what had happened.

“You sure about that?“ Twilight asked with a smiled when Jupiter prompted Lukken to keep trying to speak… knowing what her little nephew had been trying to say. She looked at Acerbus and paused a moment, noticing the way he was watching her. She knew where his mind went and there was a part of her that felt guilty over worrying him so much. But he was her big brother and he often said it was his job to worry. “Zanna’s coming?“ she asked him quietly, knowingly. She was still working through things with Zanna. That bridge was still shaky.

Liora looked up at her daddy and reached up touching her tiny hands to his chin and making a little chirruping yip. “Dada da da da,“ she cooed happily, drawing another smile out of Twilight.

Koi smiled at Rachel’s resolve and nodded. “I feel the same way…“ she admitted. “But… Mars is protective and I don’t mind it. Moreso because of his responsibility to the Royals now. I understand that he sees the possible worst cases… because he has to be prepared for anything, but… I like to think I can help him forget those fears the way he makes me happy,“ she said with a smile, moving to set the box that held her wedding night surprise for Mars aside so she wouldn’t forget it. “Rachel? Do you think it’s only the cultists we need to worry about though?“ she asked. Zlo was one thing… Chaos was another… and it was no secret the Asesinato that Zlo was associated with were all about Chaos and resurrecting him and his power.

Saffy looked at him and smiled at his teasing remark about the food and needing the energy. She then thought a moment about her clients. “First is that ex-Gladiator, Trinidad. She had that shoulder and back issue from the battle with Severin… and she refuses to take Zion long-term, so… I’m at least able to help. The other is just a high strung refugee looking to find some peace of mind and body for a bit,“ she added. “I spoke with him a bit to make sure it’d be something that might even help him. I may try some reiki on him too,“ she added, always trying to think of the best way to bring that center and peace and pain relief to her clients. She knew he wasn’t as keen on her male clients, for the obvious reasons, and especially when it was someone she’d never worked with before. She did try to meet them first and then set up a later appointment to ensure if she felt uncomfortable, she could turn down the business. She was employed by Traitorin, though, so she was essentially there for anyone in the castle, but Trait let her and the other masseuses refuse their healing help if they weren’t comfortable with someone.

“Not that quickly, I guess,“ Blake said with a sigh. Then he smiled when Serg got a little huffy at the suggestion Horace could potentially have a crush on Serg’s precious wife. “Why not? I’m safe. Mela’s his aunt,“ he teased, watching Horace with the girls. “How long before we pull him away?“

Nashca smiled and nodded her head to Horace when he responded so politely to her, like a proper little prince, even if he did seem to have some unsavory tones with his auntie Mela, for whom she thought he’d have more respect in his tones and means of addressing her. “I’m sure she’d have been there if she didn’t have standing plans with me and Sally, Horace. She couldn’t be expected to change such plans when they’d been in place for so long, could she?” she asked him and smiled. Nashca didn’t count herself wise like most owls. Normally they were a very arrogant breed, because of their intellect, but like… well, Ravens… but she was modest and reserved, gentle and sweet. More insightful than flaunting her knowledge. It came off harmless and she tended to need Serg’s loving praise to let her know she was a far more clever girl than she thought herself to be.

Sandy watched Pan sit up a bit beside her and she smiled, nestling herself back into the large fluffy pillows that she seemed to sink adorably into, like a tiger kitten. She reached up and caressed his cheek lightly, nodding some, “Those are things we need for a wedding, right?“ she asked. In truth, she had never seen one before… she knew about marriage… what it all was and what it meant. She knew she wanted to be married to Panro and be his and only his for always, but… she’d never actually seen what one was like.

Garand heard the lock clicking into place when Lana closed the door with that intent. She clearly didn’t want anyone coming in and startling the shadow away, or… the shadow startling someone in the castle and causing a panic… more likely. “I don’t think that’s what we need to worry about them thinking,“ Garand noted lightly with a smirk. He then turned and sighed, looking around the darkened room. “How good are the odds that just doing this alone might be enough to pique the shadow’s interest into coming here? A dark room must be alluring in and of itself.”

Ikki nodded. “I’m on it, Master,“ he assured Fang. “If I hear of or find anything, I will let you know,“ he said. He was too well-trained to be quite as reckless as Lana had been when she went investigating beyond the boundaries and became infected by that essence of the Abyss. He wasn’t quite the reckless youth as she and the others could sometimes be, although he also wasn’t more than a handful of years older than Panro. He took his big brother role quite seriously.


Juno nodded. She should have known Yuuri wouldn’t walk away from this morning, even after her good news with Senn. “Sure…“ she said when Yuuri asked if they could sit and talk for a moment, not quite sure what would be asked or said, but she agreed to it. She looked at Torin and Senn before walking off with Yuuri to go sit and talk.

“I think Yuuri would rather share her joy with Juno this morning. We can celebrate ourselves later. She really does treasure all of the moments she gets to spend with Juno. Means the world to her to have a sister and a brother and to know she’s not alone in the world… not that she would be regardless,“ Senn said to torin as he watched the girls walk off. He then looked to him a bit. “Juno seems… she doesn’t seem herself today,“ he noted, hoping he wasn’t overstepping anywhere.

Amara smiled as she heard the girls talking back and forth. She preferred to stay quiet and let them come to things on their own. The fact Tria had come here thinking she’d like nothing more than to not have to wear a dress to marry Aspen and now couldn’t help but imagine a dress and what kind and be excited about the prospects… the lovely Weaver bird was delighted to hear it. “Sometimes the best things are those we don’t plan too much. You’ll have a dress and your rings… and your heart already made the biggest decision, falling in love with who you’re marrying. In the end, that’s the part that matters when all is said and done, but… I’ve seen enough brides to know a beautiful dress doesn‘t hurt anything,” she said with a smile.

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              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Orion thru Juno), Mon Aug 13 12:00am
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