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Shiloh (Nour thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Sat Aug 4, 2018 3:01pm

OOC: Ugh. This week has been rough. I was working on this post last night and fell fast asleep in the middle of it! Lol. So grateful for weekends/days off! J Finally finished it!

Nour looked at Adriel when she made the image of Tomoe and Rohdorn disappear, so Nour’s attention wouldn’t be so torn. She then looked slowly at Solace, her gaze tilting up at him, barely able to keep a mortal blush from gracing her aqua pearl dusted skin. It was the way that Nour and Solace looked at each other that created the force that mortal Mystrians called the ‘gaze’. It was that intense and unspoken love that is so clear in the eyes when seeing the one your heart is destined to embrace more fully than any other. It was no surprise that Lemurians were the strongest practitioners of ‘gazing’ and the most sensitive to it, being born of Nour’s creation. Her light. She took a breath and nodded slowly. “Okay,“ she whispered. She would take time… alone… with Solace. Time they had denied themselves for so very long… their love so deep, they didn’t know the extent of how it influenced things both in the mortal realm and in their own…

“I know,“ Rohdorn said, moving in closer to her, but unable to touch her or else he’d break the veil and be revealed as well. “But you must keep going. Cold as you are, you are heading towards the warmth of Nour’s light and her love, where you can finally be safe again. And once you are safe, we can find a way to help free you, Tomoe… and then we can work towards fixing the things in this world she has been breaking,“ he said as he looked to the trees. “Tired as you are… you can’t stop. Too many are waiting for you, Tomoe. Have been for longer than you know,” he said. “You’re so close…” he said before he began to hum again, soft and low, looking in the direction of the castle, almost making it a focus for her.

Topaz’s ears fell back and she blushed deeply when he chuckled like that and spoke with such a teasing, telling tone. She looked off to her side as she felt his tail come around to run up along her side and over her body through the oversized tshirt she was wearing. She moved her hand up to push his tail down and away, knowing it wasn’t enough to deter the fox if he was becoming playful. Heck, he took a pounding from her tail just to fool around, let alone mate. She looked at him again when the word ‘foreplay’ tumbled out of his mouth with such sultry, teasing delight in his tones. “The body reacts the same way… and that could…“ she said with a sternness. “It… could…“ she said a little quieter. She was afraid just letting him get her aroused, let alone all of the racing hearts and spasming muscles from climaxes, would also hurt the baby too. She was nervous to do much of anything… but she was conflicted, because she did trust Fii and knew he had a vast knowledge of both intimacy and healing. Paz being cautious usually indicated she was afraid, which was rare for her, but it did happen, and the only one who could really work through it was the fox beside her. He knew nothing they did would hurt the baby as long as Paz was taking the Nocturna, but she didn’t understand that, and like all things with Paz, she’d learn from experience, as they worked up to it and her trust in Fii combined with his charm, affection and reassurances would always guarantee they certainly would get there.

“You can have whatever you want. No one here will ever tell you again what you can eat or how much… unless it looks like you’re overdoing it. No one wants you or Vi sick with tummy aches. But you’ll never go hungry again here, Aster…“ Ginga assured her with a smile. She then paused a bit and looked down her other arm, the way the markings seemed to ripple with light. She flexed her free hand, trying to make the gentle pulse of light stop. She didn’t know it was happening in sync with Fai receiving her bracelets… a step closer to revealing that Ginga was not necassarily alone in her gifts…

“I know I ate something, Fauve… but I‘m so hungry…” Vi admitted in a small voice as she leaned back a little in her sister‘s arms to rub her tummy. The twins weren‘t used to being fed more than once a day and when they were, they were barely sated or it was whatever meager and old scraps remained from what the Furies had already devastated in their lands. Since coming here and having that meal last night, it seemed to awaken that healthy hunger in the twins once more, who hadn‘t grown much since Fauve last saw them. Pups usually grew like weeds in the painted plains, but her sisters seemed to stop while they were so deprived of their freedom to run around and play, fresh air and sunshine, food… Ginga did what she could for them, but even she was a victim of their mother and could only do so much.

Maks looked at her and his ears did that special little tip back that indicated he was suddenly bashful. He looked ahead again and let them lift up again, watching Fauve ahead of them. Although it seemed fated to happen one day, he hadn’t fully thought about it. That one day he and Fauve could be married to each other. It was enough to make the dhole almost blush, but knowing how teasing Shale could be, he’d managed to hold off the blush, at least. “Well, we just handle things as they come. For now, Shale, you are with us and you’re always welcome there,“ he assured the imp.

Meeka was a bit confused when Baillie seemed to trail a bit and look a little down talking about the weddings she’d been to. Meeka had never been hurt the way Baillie had, with the handful of exceptions that occurred when Severin saw her as a weakness for Daire. She’d never been intimate until Daire either… though Aether had abused the mink ruthlessly on a handful of occasions and was likely not done tormenting her, and in turn, making his brother hurt. Aether still had her on his mind, but he didn’t seem to know yet how to get back through the increased defenses of the castle. She then smiled, though and her mind drifted away from all of the confusion when Baillie said her wedding would be warm and happy. “And you’ll be a part of it,“ she said with a happy little squeak. She too didn’t know Daire’s relationship to Cleo, or that he still felt guilt over what he’d had to do to her -- taking her, leaving her… causing her such pain and fear when she’d miscarried. But at the same token, the Zion they’d saved her with had also restored her purity and she’d been able to openly and willingly give that to Ceil, to have the choice to do it instead of having no choice at all.

Cleo nodded a bit before looking around some more at all of the other mystrians and humans in the dining room, grateful they were sitting further from the rest… it didn’t feel so intimidating. She knew she had to start to socialize and get over her timidity… for herself and for Ceil, who tended to not get himself out there as much because he was staying back with her and being protective of her… It didn’t always dawn on her, but maybe he’d have been received more easily and quickly by the infirmary staff had he been out and about without her more, meeting others and showing he wasn’t anyone to fear, even if he was a son of Damienthros. Was she… holding him back? But… she also knew, when she tried to rush herself, it never ended well… and Ceil was not in the habit of rushing her for anything. He’d waited all of this time just to be with her in every sense of the word… and this was a lot of big steps for the ermine today, just being here with Frau, Meeka and Baillie…

“A lot of plans for something so short notice,” Thayne noted as he looked over all of the plans Daire had laid out. “You know she’s not expecting anything outrageous, Daire,” he added. Meeka seemed delighted just to marry him. But it was clear that, although he’d only proposed last night, Daire had been thinking about this likely since the moment he and Meeka were safely here in La’Shire and out from under Severin’s thumb. He was just finally getting to act on it.

Lassa’s pleasured cries and moans became smaller and more urgent, as Trilander undoubtedly could feel her body reacting, building up to a climax, unable to hold it off with how much they’d been doing this. She cried out, causing the rain bowed lights in the walls to ripple, no doubt the effect she had on Trilander, or maybe the castle was eagerly resonating with her as well now, especially with the bond she and Trilander had, making a pup together. It was something special Marin would perhaps share with him some day, but for now, she didn’t seem to mind letting Lassa be the mother.

For Yuna… were she to accept Silvi’s proposal to be a family, it would mean she finally got to have a mother… and maybe she and Mira would have the same mother again, if Mira agreed too… And since Silvi assured her it wouldn’t replace or reduce the role her birth mother had in the short time they were together… it made it feel easier to really consider saying yes. Once she talked to Alti… and heard his encouragement, because he would of course encourage it. But Yuna didn’t know what it meant to Silvi were she to become her daughter. Just how much it would mean to the queen to have a second chance to have everything she’d missed with Averie. And Averie would have another little sister or sisters, officially, who could relate on some level to Nikki, being Gatan… and would maybe be able to further help his normally timid mate to come more and more out of her shell. She nodded up at Silvi and smiled. “Sounds good,” she said. She was a bit more eager to see this mystical, unique floating garden first, after all!

“I think we are changing that. Odd as it is… I’ve never seen more Mystrians of different backgrounds, tribes and regions in one place in my whole life. All of us under this one roof with a common enemy and common goal… survive… thrive… Terrible as things were getting and still are…maybe it’s all part of what brings us together, makes us united and stronger for what comes later. Maybe this is the beginning of change,“ Odette reasoned, pausing a moment to absorb that thought.


“Should we head back or something?“ Keelin asked as she cuddled with Solan. The gardens they were in were still closed to others, for as long as they lingered. She certainly wasn’t minding it, being here with him, but… were they being lazy by doing it, she wondered? Of course, if Keelin worried about them being lazy, there were certainly things they could do in the bed to feel more productive!

Wynter was sound asleep still in her own bed, curled up with her tail around her, the end of it up by her face, which she buried into the soft, silken fur. One had to wonder if Jarral had noticed the absence of her warm body beside him yet… She was so nervous this morning, waking beside him, recalling the things they’d done, as though just a dream… but it was enough to make her withdrawal to her room a few hours ago. Surly, if it’d really happened, Jarral would look at her so differently. Had she really touched him, really let him touch her? No, surly it’d been a dream. Like a fever dream. But…. She’d never dreamed such things before, never knew such things like that could happen or feel such ways…. No doubt La’Shire had her frustration with them. They hadn’t given in to their feelings and become mates like she had hoped they would, and now they weren’t even in the same bed, let alone the same room!


Sarah smiled at Drak’s remark and shrugged playfully, as though she were innocent of every good thing he accused her of doing. “If I am, you’re just the lucky guy who gets to benefit from it, now aren’t you?” she teased before pausing as she moved back over to her work table and picked up her crystal. She got Opal’s message and then excused herself to move back to her desk and sit down, picking up her crystal notebook to watch the video logs that Opal had sent of Patient Z’s improvement. He was the closest in their isolation wing to turning into one of those Furies, and yet… as she watched through the progressions and treatments this morning… his condition improved. It seemed to improve beyond merely curing him. He looked like he’d been undaunted by the months of highs and lows, as all here had been. “…Drak… you have to see this,” she said, not minding if Koran were to come around and see as well. He was, after all, waiting on Mira and having plenty of time to kill while she was going through her appointment.

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