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Re: No Subject
Sun Aug 5, 2018 3:31am

(Yeah, been crawling this last few weeks as well. One more on the road before heading home)

Rotta landing as the lucky for them since they were so close to the Oak the treasury wasn't very far. "Priestess Mika's team is the one in charge of the lanterns up keep and well upgrades." He explained, "We will meet her back at temple with the supplies, after that you are good to head back. I know I kind of dragged you in on one of your few days off. But, it was all wings on deck."

Mars listened to Eros talk a bit, seems his attempt to look intimidating and stern just came off as trying to hard and it showed. Moving away from the door and off to the side. "Um, soon Koi is at her last dress fitting right now."

Abbadon listening to the suggestion and nodding, since he was placed in charge of defense for the home he might have some ideas if they walked the grounds some more. Even head more into the market place or living areas. "Well, best idea we have so far." He noted and extended his arm out, "Giving the ravens here extra training is not a bad idea, if we can even spare anyone at home to do it." Of course not knowing someone from home was all ready here.

"Yes My Lady." The young raven said bowing and letting Delilah going back about her business. Backing away Del might catch a few of them talking. "Well?"

"She...was really nice." The girl spoke. "She didn't look at the message yet."

There was some back and forth gossip between them before moving back to look over the guards as instructed.

Jupiter looked over a bit confused by his wife little response by that. He then looked back down to Lukken you just seemed to climb a bit more into his lap and grabbing at his uncles clothes just testing and pulling on them.

Acerbus smiled leaning down and kissing his daughters hands as they played with his chin and called him. Looking up a bit, "She is." answering Twilight. He knew that while he and Zanna were making strides, it was harder for Twilight at the moment. Which was so strange since when news of Twilight's power broke it was Zanna who called for the news to be held back for her sisters protection. He turned his head with a knock at the door. "Speaking of...Come in."

The door opened, "Remember, they are still young you play nicely with them." Came Zanna voice as she walked in with Lucina and Sasha next to her. Looking up, "Hope you don't mind if I brought the girls." She noted and looked over, "Hello...Twilight." She said with no malice behind the voice.

Rachel sighing a little bit, "If this was just the lousy Zlo showing his beak up than yes they would be all to worry about." she turned her head to look at some family photos, "But, with Twilight I do worry this is much bigger. Long time ago before we broke up into the different clans and tribes we ravens did work for those that seem to control this darkness. Heck, we already seen some wanting to return to it. But, we broke away and thrived and able to stay out of this messes before. Sadly I think that time has run out."

Duncan's listening in to Saffy explaining her day to him. She so often seemed to focus on him and even help him at his job he wanted to always show he also respected her work. It was true there was some new comers that needed help to relax and he didn't know anyone better suited for the job. Which is why he was also glad that she had options that if something didn't feel right she could refuse.

Serg eyes just narrowed a little bit, "I hope you get triplets." Was his only real means of a come back. Well, an nice come back in any case. Looking over, "Now is fine."

Horace had a mission when he came over here, one to show that royalty should honor other royalty when they arrive. To show off that lesson from his family. But, seemed he was out done by not one but all of the women at the table. And not a single one had to raise a voice. "Um..well...I...guess not." He answered.

Mela smiled and looking over to the two dragon knights just watching this all unfold. Looking back down, "Hopefully Uncle Blake's been showing you a lot since you got here so why don't you enjoy a small meal to keep the energy up. Cooks here can give your grandmother a run for her money."

Panro smirked just watching Sandy right now. He reached to grab her hand as it touched his cheek. "Yep, we need some rings, one for me and you, not too mention a dress for you." He told her going on the small list. "And where we want it, unless you don't care about that part."

Lana moving back from the door, "Hehe, mission first, fun later." She added and taking a moment to look around. Her eyes were already trying to adjust for the new found darkness of the room. "With being surrounded by light and light magic I say chances...are....good." She looked just pasted Garand as a dark figure seemed to be forming already behind him and over him.

Fang nodded, "Thank you Ikki." Though he didn't have a real position in the castle since the battle ended. He wasn't about to see this home for so many destroyed like his last one where he lost his wife and thought he lost his son.


Torin nodded, "She isn't." He noted also debating on if he should say something. But, Senn has shown more and more to be trusted with such things. And might be a chance he find out anyway. "She...had a bad dream that shook her a bit."

Tria looking over, "You know I hate it when I am wrong. So let's keep this between us. Aspen doesn't have to know." She winked to Eri.

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