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Kari (Phere thru Jarral/La'shire)
Re: No Subject
Sun Aug 5, 2018 2:14pm

((No worries I have a feeling it's been a crazy few weeks for most of us lol ))

Pherenice listened to Crys speaking talking about making new memories free to live her life how she wanted it and that it wasn't a bad thing as she saw it. "Free to I want?" she echoed since waking one solid piece of knowledge had dogged her every thought weighed on her mind that she was nothing more then a blade....a sword to be wielded and used for the sake of D'joran....that could not be more wrong or cause Tomoe who even now torn with the darkness trying to consume her would fall into tears. Pherenice was in a sense her 'child' a spirit born of nature of the world but not just hers. Luminos, Nour...all of them when all of them were still together. A spirit to protect the world and the world's heart she was nothing of a weapon at all. She didn't know that though.

Fai blinked and blushed a bit when he said that perhaps fate was saying she was still to become a High Priestess. "Maybe so." She said smiling as she slipped the bracelets safely in there pouch back in her pocket. "For now though I think I'll keep them with me." She said smiling and showing she wasn't opposed to the idea although she doubted she was worthy of it. But things she knew often didn't go the way one thought they would.

Dimael glanced over in the direction of Eros and Mar's voices hearing Eros gentle rebuke about the stance he had taken Dimael was relaxed well as most as he could be when someone he didn't know and didn't know if he had to be wary of this one. But he did calm further when Eros spoke to the man as if a dear friend. "Rough?" He echoed shaking his head. "It's fine, I am the one who is a stranger here being cautious is only natural." He spoke calmly into the room then looked out again before closing his eyes just listening and feeling everything around him waiting. His words were simply meant no harm done.

Yuuri walked over with Juno to a distance away and took a deep breathe. "Juno...something is bothering you." she said softly able to sense it feel it something was off even with Yuuri that dream bothered here to no end but she had shoved it back. Yuuri leaned though against the wall up there before it opened out into the open sky gardens completely. Well more like a pergola to stay under then an actual wall and rooms. Yuuri looked out at the skyline. "I've...been having some pretty awful dreams of him lately...only he's different...younger far younger and his appearance isn't quiet the same....but it's him, and he's angry.." She said looking out at the sky line. "The dreams don't feel like dreams either."

Eri couldn't help it she nodded when Amara spoke and then chuckled when Tria asked to keep this between them from Aspen and she smiled. "No problem." She said since she had already promised Aspen she'd see about getting Tria into a pretty wedding dress it was just one night and then she could go back to being the tom boy tigress that Aspen fell in love with. "It'll be worth it when you see the way he looks at you." She said warmly.

Solace also saw Adriel send off the image and then nodded before meeting Nour's gaze there was nothing they could do right at this moment for there friend. He stood with Nour holding her in his arms and locking that intense passionate gaze with hers. He glanced very briefly at Adriel. "Thank you."

"Go." She said gently in response shooing them out of there and Solace did take that moment to take there leave. Once they were gone she brought back up the image of Tomoe and Rohdorn.

"She's hesitating...." She whispered to herself not wanting to speak anywhere near loud enough for Nour to pick up on it. She cupped her hands and star's appeared small floating lights to intertwine with the corridor that belonged to Rohdorn a warmth that slowly condensed down to a brighter light, or rather the light of La'shire.

Tomoe looked at Rohdorn as he spoke hearing his words and although part of her wanted to move the other paused a second longer before she felt the small trickle of warmth and turned her head seeing the twinkling lights of Adriel's magic weaving in with that of her loves. Sliding in among her poor trees so twisted and broken just as she was, no matter how cold she felt to the very bone it was the hints of warmth in that light the cool soothing darkness of true nightfall and the warmth of the stars....she stepped down and began walking again. Walking in the duality of the lovers magic. She brought her hand up as she stepped forward and watched the glittering 'starlight' touch her fingers not burning but a trickle of warmth went through her....healing warmth...if even small. It was no secret that mystrians and humans did the bulk of there healing and recovering under the cover of nightfall it was because of this. The pure love between Adriel and Rohdorn even when there children lost there way Adriel and Rohdorn never lost there's. They held to each other it was clear even now as they're magics came together. was like being wrapped up in nothing but solid love.

Solace walked off the two of them going to a space in that they could be alone for a few minutes once there he held her in his arms. Hugging the one he loved so very much. To just be able to hold Nour like this was amazing. "I love you." he whispered to her.

Fii chuckled. "If we went fully into it yes..." He said chuckling. "But my sweet love there are things to be done that feel wonderful that do not go that far." He said as he leaned forwards and reached up tracing her cheek. "I would never endanger you or our baby." He caught her chin and kissed her gently. Little things little by little they could move forward he knew the Nocturne would keep the baby safe but this was new to Topaz and more then that she also knew that miscarriages happened often with her kind. That just meant Fii had to be careful in his actions and he would be. But that didn't mean for a moment he would not continue to show her how much he loved her.

Aster nodded. "Then I'll decide when I get there is that okay?" She asked since she didn't know what they had to offer here and if nothing was off limits then she'd pick when she could see what she could have. So she hoped. Her ears danced a bit as Ginga looked down at her arm and at the rippling markings. The light. "That's pretty." She said softly seeing it. She though had no idea at all that it a special set of markings and that it was in it's own right trying to tell Ginga...there was another Shepard... They walked usually in sets....of two..

Fauve looked at Vi and smiled. "I'm not surprised your still hungry if anything I'm happy to hear it Vi." She said nuzzling her a bit. "We're almost there it's just at the other end of this hall. Once we're in there you can have whatever you like." She said warmly to her little sister.

Shale giggled when his ears tipped like that she knew very well what that meant and she often got him to do it too. "I know." She said looking at him. "And right now it all works just fine." She smiled as she shook her head. But those two...Fauve and Maks....there was no doubt in Shale's mind that they were meant for each other.

Baillie smiled and nodded. "Yeah." She said as she looked at Meeka her tail swishing behind her and then glanced over she didn't know either not really although she did know Daire was caught up in this in a way. Thayne had spoken to Daire alone a while back about something he had looked terribly troubled over. was a bad time back then and they had just gotten Daire back from being captured and taken back to town with Severin. All Thayne would say was that his Uncle had hurt him again. Baillie not liking anything to do with Severin had opted to not push for more knowledge.

Frau looked over and watched the little one Cleo was so new to all of this she knew the little one would come to her own answers and her own growth as did Ceil and Ceil would never be angry with her for needing time. Those girls had been through a lot. Frau smiled as she looked at the flowers in the centerpiece on the table small delicate and pretty. "All things in nature grow and learn in there own time." She said seeing the look on Cleo face and knowing the little one was mulling over something. "Some bloom faster, some slower, but all do, when they are ready to not before. It is what makes everything in nature so special we're all like flowers in our own way. Nothing is gained by rushing our own growth." She said gently figuring equating the flowers would be easiest for all of the girls to understand.

Daire looked at everything he had planned out so far then at Thayne. "Really? I had thought I cut it back..." He said glancing at it all and Ceil laughed as he leaned against the wall arms crossed.

"Little bother you're still planning it like a huge royal wedding. Trust me....somehow I think she'll just be happy to be married in the garden with you...she doesn't need or expect all of the fancy frills a royal child from the courts would." He said looking at Daire. "She's more a child of nature then the other."

Daire sighed. "I just want everything to be perfect." He said softly.

"She's getting to marry you. It already is perfect to her." Ceil said his chuckling having calmed down. "Don't believe me you can ask Thayne."

Trilander let out that low howl she loved so much the one that was meant for her and her alone as he met his right with her. His ears tipped back and the walls danced with both of the ripples for them a union of light as it were. Some day he and Marin would have this as well but right now she wasn't ready to be a mom so it seemed and he was not about to force her before she wanted to be.

Silvi smiled. "Alright this way then." She said as she began leading the way holding onto the kitten's hand in her own and walking with her to the entrance of the sky garden. Silvi was more then happy to take her up there to see it. But at the same token she was not going to rush anything with Yuna just letting her get to see and feel warm and welcomed was enough.

Soliel looked at Odette as she said that and nodded seeing her pausing as if to absorb the weight of her own words. "Odd as it may're right." She said as she looked at Odette. "We are all doing just that here. I don't think it would have worked here through if Trait hadn't put down a law in the castle that all prior habits and customs of the tribe be put on hold while in the mating rights...and the such." She said looking at Odette. "He has laws that make all tribes equal here. Things that would be acceptable in one are not acceptable in another and is not allowed here for the sake of keeping the peace." She turned her head and looked at all those gathered in one place just eating together talking and laughing. "I guess I just hope....that what we bring about here stays with everyone out there."

Solan let out a sleepy contented hum when she spoke about heading back or something it wasn't so much that he was asleep as he was just very comfortable. "We could or we could do something here." He said chuckling and leaning in to nuzzle her cheek a bit. He still had to get up though and go out get things ready for when they said 'I do' he had promised to make her birthday something that would be forever special to her. He had meant it.

Jarral had noticed, he had woken up rolled over onto his back and stared up at the shimmering ceiling wondering if he wasn't an idiot. At least his hormones seemed to have settled down and his brother didn't seem to be doing anything to wind him up right now either. Solan, Jarral mused was beyond cruel and yet not doing it to him on purpose either it was just part of being twins. He didn't chase after Wynter though figuring she wanted her space after all of that. He brought one arm up and dropped it over his head covering his eyes.

La'shire though was floating there her spirit anyways arms crossed and looking between the two room seriously these two were soooo hard to work with. Any little nudge they did a tiny little bit and then bolted.....seriously how on earth did she get though to them that this was alright? And she thought Juni and Nico were frustrating they were easy compared to this!

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