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Shiloh (Orion thru Juno)
Re: No Subject
Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:00am

Orion landed with Rotta and nodded a bit. “Sounds good to me,“ he said when Rotta said he was free to head back once they’d delivered the crystals to the Sacred Oak. “Well then, let’s get these crystals moved,“ he said, making his way to the treasury guard. “Guard Rotta and Guard Orion picking up crystals. I believe you were already notified we’d be coming,“ he said to one of the treasury guards, showing the wing-shaped metal tag on his necklace, indicating his membership in the Guard. Not that they didn’t already know he was one of them, his father being on the Council. Granted, because his mother was a Blue Jay, not even his own father had helped him get into the Guard. That was all Donovan’s decision.

Eros smiled when Mars answered. “Wow. Well, I’m sure you’re looking forward to finally make it all official,“ he said. “You two getting married has been a long time coming,“ he noted in friendly observation. You didn’t need eyes to see those two had been dancing around it since they were all kids.

Soraya was a little surprised when Abbadon was so quick to agree. She’d thought he’d press the issue a little further, but… she wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. She smiled and nodded. “Alright. Let’s make a loop around their perimeter then,“ she said, moving to walke with Abbadon back to where they’d ended with Donovan to pick back up where they left off. “I think we could spare a few,“ she said about Goldens to train the Guards here. “The island is safe for now and they’ll move it again if they need to,“ she said, “but it’s just getting them here safely is all. Wasn’t exactly the safest journey.“ She didn’t know about Safira… though odds were their route might take them across her path at some point.

Del‘s ears tipped back a bit as she headed to the exit. She could hear them talking and she couldn‘t hear all of it, but she knew they were talking about her. What exactly, though, she didn‘t know. She felt the message pyramids in her pocket again and headed out. She‘d wait until she was with Acerbus. That was the best idea. Right? Especially nowhere prying eyes or ears could eavesdrop in on something crucial.

Twilight watched as Zanna came into Acerbus and Delilah’s perch. It wasn’t that she didn’t wish to be the type of sisters with Zanna she’d always wanted to be… but it was hard to know she’d caused her nightmares, even if not intended to be quite so vivid or debilitating for the girl, it was that spell that seemed to mix badly with her gift that none of them had known about. Maybe it was just that she hadn’t gotten an actual apology out of Zanna that made her question if her sister really wanted to have her around or not. Zanna probably figured her sweeping apology to the family was enough, but… for Twilight, it didn’t quite reach deep enough. “Hi, Zanna,“ she returned quietly before looking over at Lukken and Jupiter again. She smiled as Jupiter seemed so unsure what to do with the tike. She sighed a bit. “I guess we should go..“ she said, knowing Eros and this guest were probably already waiting.

Liora looked curiously at the door too from her daddy’s arms. She tipped her head, her fuzzy ears tipping back and forth as she watched her big cousins come in. They hadn’t had too much interaction with Lucia and Sasha just yet, but they were at least big enough now that they were crawling around and tumbling and playing and not the frail little newborns they were even just a couple of weeks ago. She looked up at Acerbus with her large, curious eyes, unsure what was happening… and not likely to be all that fond of the fact her daddy would be leaving soon too, just like her mommy had.

Koi felt a small chill rush through her when Rachel mentioned Twilight being somehow connected to this. She shook her head. “I hope it’s not that,“ she said. “I don’t think she’s… it’s just that she’s finally…“ she sighed, shaking her head. “I don’t think she’s been very happy these days, aside from Jupiter… and it’s with herself, mostly. She feels very burdened, as far as I get from talking to her. All of this responsibility and no experience to use it in a way that would really help anyone, even if only a handful of us even know. I feel almost guilty that I’ll get to have a honeymoon with Mars when Twilight and Jupiter haven’t really had much of one,“ she admitted. “Let’s hope it’s not… him…” she said, meaning chaos. “Or her…” she added, meaning Raiser. Though if it was Raiser, she had a feeling they would know without a doubt.

Saffy tipped her head and looked up at him a bit and smiled. “Not exactly working in a magical library, but I enjoy helping others,“ she mused, noting how keenly he listened. He always listened, even when they were only friends. It was one of those things that others took for granted… but he made her feel like everything she said and thought mattered to him, and that meant so much to her.

“I was hoping to start with one,“ Blake said with a chuckle. Three boggled his mind! At least not all at once, though it seemed like a pretty good number to end on down the road. He then nodded. “Alright then, let’s head over and rescue the girls,“ he mused when Serg said now was a fine time to go get Horace.

Nascha smiled and nodded a bit in agreement with Mela. “If you haven’t had breakfast yet this morning, it’d probably be a good idea. Blake and Serg are busy guys. You’ll have to be able to keep up, though I don’t imagine you’ll have any trouble with that,“ she said in a friendly tone, mostly meaning because he was a kid, he must have a lot of energy.

Sandy’s eyes seemed to shine a bit at Panro’s eagerness as he listed off all of their errands they’d been putting off… granted… if they were going to put them off for any reason, they’d picked some good ones! She curled her hand in his, sliding her fingers between his and smiled. “The only part I really care about is you, Panro,“ she said, honestly. One thing Sandy had no real experience with was lying. She was as genuine as they came, and when it came to Panro, she had no trouble telling him what she felt.

Garand paused a moment and then had the decency to blush. “I didn‘t… I wasn’t actually thinking that,“ he said. “Though… heh, the fact you did is enough to get me to,“ he added. He then cleared his throat and stepped away from the wall a bit, turning suddenly. His keen senses ensured it didn’t go unnoticed to him that something had moved in the darkened room. He moved back by Lana as the shadow creature seemed to be forming in the air where he’d previously been standing.

“Of course, Master Fang,“ Ikki said with a smile and a bow of his head, continuing to walk with Fang quietly. “Hmm… I hope Pan gets out of bed soon. I hate the fact Tessa’s hanging around her room until she meets with Sandy,“ he said, though the subtext of that statement suggested Ikki was more frustrated that as long as Tessa was working, it meant he couldn’t spend time with her himself.

Senn frowned a bit when Torin came right out and said that. He looked over at the girls across the way and then back to Torin when he mentioned she’d had a bad dream. “Huh… bad dream, huh?“ he asked. “Yuuri had one of those too this morning. More of a nightmare than just a bad dream, I guess. Took a while to get her to settle,“ he admitted.


Amara listened to the girls and smiled to herself at their back and forth, especially Tria’s playful remarks about Aspen. The fact she was now interested in a dress was adorable. She turned the crystal sketch pad around and handed it to the girls. “Have a look. I came up with a few designs that would work well for each of you. Just swipe left to see the next one and go through them,“ she said. “And let me know what you like best… or if you’d like me to do something different…“ she said, though Amara prided herself on reading others in a very short matter of time and discerning what they’d like, even if they didn’t know it yet themselves.

Juno sighed a bit and looked over at Yuuri, nodding a bit as she moved to take a seat near her on the wall around a raised flower box. “I don’t know what it is. I just can’t shake it…“ she admitted, her fingers gripping the edge of the flower box as she rested her hands there. She then seemed to freeze and tense when Yuuri mentioned ‘him.‘ She almost seemed to pale. She found it a lot harder to hide her reactions or emotions. All of those walls she’d put up in her lifetime had been sort of wiped away when she was reborn with no reason to have them.

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