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Shiloh (Nour thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:00am

Nour nodded a bit and let Solace lead her away to a place where they could be alone, unaware that Adriel had sent away the image of Tomoe’s trek to la’shire solely because she knew Nour wouldn’t go if she thought Adriel would continue watching. She moved into a space with Solace that seemed warmer in its hues and slowly it seemed to become a room, mostly likely where one of them resided in this plane. Even Ancients still required comforts. They still existed, if only in another plane. She turned as he pulled her into his arms, closing her eyes and just letting herself press into him, cherishing the warmth and strength of him. And then his voice saying those words… to her… “I love you too…” she returned, looking up at him with tears in her eyes.

“Almost there,” Rohdorn said to Tomoe, smiling to himself as he saw and felt the presence of Adriel, knowing she was watching and reaching out to help him guide their friend to where she could best be saved. To where Luminos would be waiting, most likely.

Topaz knew he was right. She knew he’d never do anything to put them at risk. Her fear made her a bit irrational. She’d sooner avoid anything intimate with Fii altogether than to take the chance, but… she knew he was right. Her ears tipped back and she closed her eyes when he caught her chin and kissed her, making her tummy feel funny, but in a better way than the nausea last night had felt! She broke the kiss and tipped her head down just a bit, even though he still had a gentle hold on her chin to keep her from completely shying away after the kiss. “You know I trust you, Fii…“ she said quietly, honestly. She wanted him to know… she didn’t really believe for even a moment that he’d endanger her or their baby.

“That sounds like the best idea of all,“ ginga said with a smile. “Maybe you’ll see something someone else is eating that looks good to you once we get there,“ she said. It seemed one of the easiest ways for the girls to order, especially since they didn’t have much of the foods you’d find here back home. Ginga brushed her sleeve down a bit more and smiled. “Is it?” she asked her sister curiously. It was so new. She’d spent so long last night looking at the markings on her body… where she could see them. They hadn’t glowed like this… like they had when she was using the magic of the Divine Shepherd. She didn’t know it was trying to tell her something important.

Vi smiled and her tail wagged when Fauve said she was happy that Violet was still hungry. Expressing hunger was a weakness that Ravina used to punish, which was why they got used to only telling Ginga and then Ginga would get them food. What they didn’t know was that she would take the punishment for her weaknesses in their stead, pretending she was the hungry one in need of more food. “Fauve… will you be with us all day?” she asked. It seemed a small part of her still expected her big sister to go away again… It would take a little time for her to realize none of her sisters would be leaving them again.

Maks nodded a bit. He looked ahead and wanted to move ahead of them all to get the door, but… he didn’t want to cut off Ginga, especially, since she was leading with Aster, and she was the one he had to be careful with. He knew it would take time getting her approval and earning her friendship. It was much different from the girls, who seemed to accept him openly.

Meeka picked up some bacon and crunched on it, licking her fingers clean. She looked between the small group with her. She knew enough to know that something was going on that Frau was being attentive of with all of them, but it all went over the innocent mink’s head, and she was just happy they were all here. She was actually starting to get a bit eager for after breakfast and their little day at the parlor.

Cleo listened as Frau spoke, following her gaze to the flowers and then watching the phoenix curiously. In a way, it made sense… and then when Frau expressed that they were like flowers… “Am I a slow flower?” she asked Frau quietly, though she didn’t seem bothered by it. She just wanted to understand. Would she get there… one day?

Thayne rose an eyebrow when Daire said he’d cut back on the wedding plans. He then smiled and laughed a bit. “Ceil’s right, but I get it. You want to give her everything she never had and more. She probably never got to dream about a wedding, probably never got to know much about what one is even like. But, less is still more, I’m sure. Keep it simple and special and you can’t go wrong,“ he said. “You said she loves the Rose Maze, right? Why not get married in the courtyard in the middle?” he asked, unaware one of the reasons Meeka loved it so much was because of all of the times Daire made the bells sing for her there. It was a beautiful place that was the closest to a fairytale Meeka found herself in, even in this amazing palace.

Lassa whimpered through the sensations, but Tri would know it wasn’t a sound he needed to worry about. It was more that the selkie was so flooded with the sensations and pleasure that she wasn’t quite sure how to respond. Her cute moans and whimpers were almost more encouraging than anything, her body letting him know how good she was feeling. She panted heavily, every inch of her tingling. She barely noticed the way La’Shire seemed to be responding to them together, and not just Trilander anymore.

Yuna walked with Silvi, the pace Silvi set just right that the kitten’s shorter legs could keep up without feeling like she was rushing to do so. She looked around curiously. She’d been in the castle for months now… and she’d never been to this part of it… “How do we get all the way up there from down here, though?” Yuna asked curiously, looking up at Silvi.

“Of course, not everyone likes to follow the rules, which is why we still have law keepers like the High Guard and the Knights and Sentinels…“ Odette reasoned. “I guess no matter the circumstances, we’ll always need those who maintain the status quo and order…“

Keelin opened her eyes, blushing at the sound of his chuckle. It had a playful huskiness to it that, when combined with the nuzzling, was suggestive… and she’d be right to assume he meant what she thought he meant! “Something?“ she asked in that small voice that let him know he had her blushing, even if he wasn’t able to see it just yet. “We could… do something,” she said bashfully.

Wynter stirred a little and shifted to pull her robe over her more, but then she realized it was still in Jarral’s room. She let out a small, sleepy whine and slowly forced herself to move, crawling to the top of her bed and pulling down the covers to get under them, her room darkened by the closed curtains. She was a bit cold, and without Jarral, she needed the blankets to curl up under. She looked small in the large bed… and part of her wondered if Jarral had even noticed she’d left… and if he had… why hadn’t he come to find her? Maybe she’d messed up last night. The one being in this whole world that meant anything to her and she was worried something she’d done last night had ruined everything, unaware Jarral in his haze of urges last night worried that his actions may have done the same.


“I’ll definitely have to let them know. This is too important not to,“ Sarah said. “I have to talk to the girl who made it. Imagine all of the things we could do… to help fight what Raiser’s doing,“ she said, looking up at Drak. She then looked at Koran as she came up to see for himself what all of the fuss was about. “It is,” she confirmed. “You’ve been rather busy with Mira this past month,” she said, “but those who are exposed too long to the Abyss out there… they can become infected by its corruption and become corrupted themselves. An illness we quarantine, but we’ve been unable to reverse. In the final stage of it, they became one of those creatures out there, a Fury. The patient you’re looking at… he was the patient closest to that stage. Without this… he’d have been lost to us in the next 48 hours. It’s like he was never sick, now….” she said.

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