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Kari (Dimael thru Kirie)
Re: No Subject
Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:12pm

Dimael paid there conversation enough attention to know if or when either Eros or this new comer spoke to him. It seemed more like a private conversation between friends one he was not inclined to but into nor get irritated in the manner of speaking. Such talks actually were reassuring to the Gargoyle if for no other reason it meant that Raiser had not yet found a way to put out all traces of light and hope of love in this world. That the light as his friends…the Ancients had once told him….was not one to go quietly into any false darkness. It would burn brightly till the end of time. So far it was a struggle but it still had not gone out. Now though his concern's were with Twilight. How she was handling it all, how she thought this power this gift was meant to be for her. What many would believe it meant to have such a gift….and what having the gift actually meant. But those were things that were sadly taking a side saddle at the moment as his mind half wandered over what Eros had said before about something about his aura being akin…to hers…that should not be….right? He was from the realm of everlasting night fall were there brightest time was the hours of twilight or dusk here……that could only mean…but all speculation aside he could do nothing more at the moment then wait…to meet this child whose coming to this world was seen by Twilia so long ago…and meant so much to her she begged with her lest breathe…begged him to promise her……that he would be here for Twilight. That….was why he came but now more then ever he had to wonder….what it was Twilia had been really trying to tell him every time she swore she had taken so much from him and was taking more….how could he ever forgiver her….once he knew.

Safira walked along the pathways lost in thought she would never have imagined that during her sick leave here she would run into the princess of the goldens or Abbadon for that matter she was a captain of a squad nothing high enough status to even warrant being around them really. And now? Now she was just trying to…..stand the sight of her sword….

Eri leaned a bit forward and looked at the drawings they were so pretty. "It's…hard to choose." She admitted they were so pretty the designs the colors the way they compliment each other. And in such a short time she had sketched these up. "What do you think Tria?"

Yuuri caught sight of it the way Juno seemed to pale the tension when she mentioned him without saying it directly and the nightmare the change although subtle in her sisters scent….Yuuri looked at her and then out again. "You too?" She said simply but not in a way that was accusing more of a so he's plaguing your dreams too? No…if she wanted to be honest it was more like a nightmare. She reached down without thinking behind her back to place her fingertips against the scared brand there. A brand…that had made her a more or less living puppet so long as she was within range of his voice.

Solace smiled as she said that and leaned his head down to nuzzle her a bit he knew nothing serious could happen right now but right now they could take these few precious moments and be close. Be there for each other. The room had formed for them as it always would. He had pulled away, but he never meant to put any distance between them. He had been more hurt and angry with the others then anything else. But….now right now his thoughts were on the beautiful girl in his arms. He reached up after a moment and traced her cheek with his fingers gently as if to catch the tears that had yet to fall. "Nour." He said warmly gently now…so much to say and he didn't even know how to say it to put it all to words or thoughts but his voice held soo much of it in simply saying her name. This beautiful woman who was so precious to him.

Tomoe almost paused when the lights came towards her almost stopped but it was trickling warmth a guiding pulse…gentle and warm. "Adriel…" She said after a moment feeling that power knowing the gentle Elvin Ancient and her mate her husband as far as many were concerned behind Tomoe helping her get to La'shire. Tomoe staggered as if to fall but the lights moved as if to dance and lend her strength helping her regain her footing. Before she started walking again still feeling him behind her as he had given his word he would be and drew closer and closer to La'shire the castle no longer seeming so far away as each step in the corridor of Rohdorn's magic that protected her now held warmth dancing lights that seemed to glide into her skin even as they became more and more almost looking like she was walking through the night sky and despite the awful cold ache of the curse on her…she could feel trickles of warmth entering her taking away some of that ache.

Adriel kept the magic flowing glad Solace had picked up on it and walked off for this part neither He nor Nour needed to be here. She and Rohdorn could lead there friend safely into La'shire and she did not doubt for a moment that by now not only had Luminos realized it was truly her….she was coming but he would no doubt there using La'shire's light to remain unseen to the children within the castle as he waited for her to come. They dared not outside of La'shire protective aura and power's. Out there Raiser could still likely yank her back at least in La'shire they could keep her safe and find a way to break the curse and heal her….they could not loose her again.

Fii smiled. "I know." He said gently to her feeling her tip her head even if he closed his eyes her responses to him always so clear he need not see to know them. He ran his thumb gently over her cheek. "But, " He said warmly as he looked at his shy and suddenly bashful Roo. "There is no need to rush anything before your comfortable with it either Paz, so little by little we can explore what feels alright and safe to you right now. If anything doesn't feel right even a little bit. We won't go there." Fii said explaining things a bit fuller to her not that he really needed to but sometimes he realized it was those little reassurances that he was as he always did responding to Topaz herself was comfortable with and wanted. She and there baby would always be top of the list to him.

Aster nodded and smiled as Ginga said she liked the idea about deciding when they got there and then tipped her head a bit when Ginga asked her that as if it puzzled her. "Mm I think so." She said as her tail wagged a bit. "They shine…like the Dia'an'nue star field…" she said probably not saying the name of the field correctly but it was before Fauve was cast out and She and Ginga would seek the girls out to watch the stars at night shimmering and shinning. Beautiful in there vast numbers and the way they looked like thousands of diamonds laying on a field of black velvet. Dai'al'nour. Given the name for Nour the Ancient of Purity. "Like that…..they glitter like that."

Fauve looked at Vi and nodded. "All day today and tomorrow." she assured her gently as she walked drawing closer to the dinning hall. "I'm not going anywhere….not anymore. And if we do travel…it will be as a family." she said looking at her. "But I'm not leaving you girls." She said gently as she paused outside of the dinning hall and nuzzled her a bit. Then glanced at Ginga seeing her cover the markings she didn't know anything about them…not really. "Ginga….Fiiore is the Castle Apothecary, you met him yesterday." She said having picked up Fii's scent although faint but it had been recent contact. "I'm sure if you wanted to find out if they have libraries on the healing arts or herbology he'd be able to direct you…" She said knowing her sister had been studying the healing arts but she just had no idea it was Fiiore who had what those marks were… and what they meant. The fact she picked up the scent wasn't all that surprising. The man was a fox but also a walking flower garden.

Shale looked at him and then brought her tail up wrapping it around his shoulders as if to hug him as she laid on his shoulders too. "Small steps. The more sure her footing becomes the more she'll be able to see everything else clearly. She must have always felt like she was caught in the middle. It's not an easy place to be in family struggles." Shale said lowly to Maks alone not wanting the girls to overhear her.

Baillie munched on a berry strawberries and Bacon were two of her favorite things and she was having a bit of a good time munching away on a large one. She watched them all and was happy her tail swaying back and forth she was however unaware that Frau was carefully dancing and guiding the topic of conversation without making any of them feel as if they were talking about something that was a 'no-no'

Frau looked at Cleo and shook her head no. "mm No I would not say slow." she said gently then looked about before holding up her finger and walking over to a vase on a vacant table and coming back with a lovely Peruvian Dancing lily. "I'd say much like this one." she said holding the lovely bud out to her it was open just a bit allowing one to peek inside but it's petals were still mostly closed. "That flower…is often called a shy and gentle flower. She hides herself a lot behind her thick leaves until she knows it's safe to come out from behind them and bloom. Letting everyone see just how lovely she's always been but too shy to come forward just yet." Frau smiled as she looked at Cleo. "it's certainly not a bad thing. Some flowers can't wait to open up and show off all that they are. Others open but not nearly as fast then there are flowers like this one." She said setting it down on the table beside Cleo. "Already ready to bloom, but not ready to take that step yet. But when this flower does open up and show herself to the world. It was worth the wait."

Daire looked at Thayne as he laughed and nodded. "Mm that is her favorite place in the whole castle." He said as he looked at the plans moving to scrap the large ones and working his way down. Less is more…"No matter how sad a day it is…if I mention it she brightens right up." He looked at them all and nodded. "That sounds perfect." He said as his gaze settled on Ceil and Thayne. Ceil who snickered and laughed. "What Ceil is so funny?"

"I was just thinking….if I was to call Simon right now and tell him that YOU of all people were fussing like a love struck pup about not having enough in the wedding…." Ceil said and Daire just stared at him.

"Seriously…….I doubt he'd believe you." Daire said shaking his head. "I’m not…exactly knowing for warm and fussy emotions."

"And yet somehow I am certain there's this adorable mink who would soundly, happily and fully disagree with you on that one. And I think she'd be right. Meeka knows you better then you know yourself. She brings out the best in you after all."

Daire sighed. "right." He grumbled and then glanced at Thayne. "So any luck on your end Thayne? I'm still surprised you can keep up with Baillie. She's a ball of energy."

Trilander let out a few low growls of pleasure of his own feeling the way she responded to him and he in turn to her. He finally after a moment settled down and wasn't even thinking about wither or not he tied…..hopefully not that usually only happened when one was trying to have a pup…they did that…and yet he could not and would never complain about it. He leaned his head down beside her letting out little whines of his own as his body worked on calming down after that release.

Silvi smiled as Yuna asked her that and chuckled. "Ah yes…I don't believe many come though these parts anymore….it's..part of the original castle." She said softly as she lifted her free hand to touch the wall before them were they stopped. The crystal shimmered forming a pattern and a beautiful set of stairs that seemed to be surrounded by a waterfall of light on either side. "This area….is where my room is…and I don't have many visitors." She said smiling gently to Yuna. Once it all settled into place she looked at the kitten holding her hand. "Ready?" She asked her the steps wide enough for them to walk up side by side and Silvi certainly had no problem guiding her along the way.

Solan smiled and leaned his head in. "Yeah? Something sounds like a good idea then." He said playfully with those tones that usually got her to blush and well he certainly loved making her blush and feel special he loved everything about Keelin. Heck he was still floating on cloud nine himself because she said yes!

La'shire floated in the air looking at the Two of them from her place at the all able to seem them both almost mirroring that sad forlorn look and huffed before placing her hands on her hips. She moved her hand in the air it was a bit….cruel on her part but it certainly wasn't harmful. She brought her hand up swirling it in the air above Wynter with water cold enough to make the young girl cry out startled. But…that was what she was counting on La'shire was being a playful spirit for sure……..But she knew that Yelp would have one effect. Jarral would come to Wynters aid of that……..La'shire was certain….as she released the cold ball of water letting it fall and soak the girl. With an almost silent to herself 'whoopsie' And that was some of her antics that had gotten Shale blamed for in the past. But….She was trying to behave now it wasn't her fault these two were too innocent and naïve for there own good!

Kirie miles away in Eithon was stretching feeing the warmth of the sun added in with the warmth of a certain lovable tiger she stretched a bit opening her eyes, and blinking a bit sleepily. "Mm…." She hummed in a tone that said she could easily cuddle back up to him. And yet something on the wind was nagging at her sense's begging her imploring her to wake up. She wasn't awake yet to realize it was her Airey trying to alert her to an approaching danger from the sky. Traya had been right in her worries that the King of the Sky Elves would take notice and try to rope it off and claim it as there property. Of course….it would not be so easy to convince Ethion that Kirie had stolen anything when she never left the village and her father came with nothing but his father's scribbles broken lost his family and finding himself here with what looked to be gibberish. Eithion took him in. No…it would not be easy to convince them at all that she had done some terrible crime a crime so horrible it saved there scared tree.

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