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Re: No Subject
Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:56pm

The other guards of the treasury looked to one another, each one holding a box in their hands before looking back to Rotta and Orion. "Someone seems a little happy today." One noted before moving to hand the box off.

Rotta moving to take the second box, "Yeah, come to think of it you did have an extra flap of your wings. Well, before the meeting anyway."

Mars looking over and then standing back up, "Hey hold on." He said looking to Eros and then back to Dimael. "Your using my upcoming marriage to distract from your new friend here." he noted moving back to look at Eros. "You haven't fully explained to me who this person is."

Abbadon nodding a little bit, "No, I had hoped that it would have been. I know we have had a few patrols out to help." Though since his main focus was defense he didn't know the details or even if they were successful for not. Walking about he paused as if something caught his eyes. He wasn't sure at first so he turned to narrow them. "Is that...wait who is that?" He asked pointing off to the distance of Safira.

Acerbus looked down to Liora, he could tell she knew something was up. She was smart just like her mother. "It's okay, I have to go and help your Aunt Twilight, your Aunt Zanna is going to take care of you in the mean time." He explained to her.

"Acatually, I think we should change that." Zanna said which caused her brother to look over a bit confused. "Acerbus, you have done a lot to help Twilight, but you know so little about magic and this is a magic situation." She explained, "And besides....I am responsible in this. If I hadn't...If I hadn't been cruel like I was we could have known sooner."

Acerbus was taken a back by this, "Well, um it is up to Twilight." He said looking over to her.

Jupiter was so busy making sure Lukken would climb up his shoulder and leap off he almost didn't hear what was being suggested at the moment.

Rachel nodding a little bit, she would want nothing more than that to be a case. This was just some upstart tribe causing trouble while others were worried about the darkness. She got up and moved over to get two glasses, "Normally I have a glass of wine when I finish a dress like yours, but it still early so would you like tea instead?"

Duncan smiling, "I like that you get to help people. You helped me so often." He lost count of when she would help him after a bad run in with Kip or when he get rejected. If it wasn't for her he would have maybe been different person now.

Serg smiled, while he wasn't mean with his come back he did like he put that thought into Blake's head. He moved over towards the table, waved to Mela and then coming to the side of Nascha and kissing her cheek, "Got to see you sooner than I thought."

Helios looked over a bit, the young prince confused again. Like when he tried speaking to the woman before. His normal actions weren't having any affect on anyone here. Maybe....maybe his father was wrong about how to present himself.

Mela looking over, "Hello Serg I was wondering when you and Blake would come over. I hope you been treating my nephew with great care." She said knowing they were.

Panro smiled with Sandy's hand in his own and talking about him like that. He blinked and looked away for a moment and then back, "Can I ask why?" He said, "Why did you fall in love with me?"

Lana moved next to Garand as he spoke a little up a little bit. "Well, this was much easier than I thought it was going to be." She noted about calling or finding Tenabra.

The shadow which started out form out of a large being shrank down to normal sized and slowly turning to look to Lana and Garand, "You two....make some noise." he said a bit rubbing his head. "But, I must thank you for this darkness."

Fang smiling a little bit, "If you wish I can give him a gentle reminder." He added with a wink, some of his 'gentle' reminders where far from it.

Torin looked over, his mind already putting some things together. It would be one thing for Juno to have a nightmare she been through a lot in these past several months. But, for her sister as well. "Did Yurri tell you about it?" He asked wondering.


Tria looking through the dresses, there was all so pretty. But, she stopped on one. She noted the dress length was a little shorter, and left her shoulders exposed. She brought her hand up to her mouth. " looks like a dress from home."

Donovan moving to sit up but wincing from his sore wing. The good thing was thanks to Soraya and Fai he wasn't hurt as much. But, he was still upset. "First time working with another royalty and we get attacked." He said, "The fates are upset with me."

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