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Kari (Dimael thru Silvi)
Re: No Subject
Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:35pm

Dimael paused as Mars seemed to 180 on there conversation back to the starting point which was of course Dimael himself. He turned his head and looked both at Mars and at Eros, his cloak resting about his shoulders for the moment at least it kept this concerned guard rightfully so he was a protector but the less he had to back track and repeat he felt the better and so too had Eros who upon hearing and talking with him enough to confirm his truths. Dimael looked back out at the window to the room looking at the Elvin lanterns not long ago they let out an odd hum before fixing themselves. The darkness was moving never stayed still long that much he did know. It wasn't like the natural night fall of his homeland or even was more like a twisted being...a miasma of sorts that was made up of trapped souls unable to find there way to the Vale. He lifted his left hand and looked at the promise rings the Rings of Oath he had transferred sworn his oath to Twilight now even if she was unaware of it. He would do all in his power to help her understand and not be overwhelmed about her powers and what they meant. And to keep her safe from Chaos and Raiser. He was not a fool of a gargoyle Raiser would be after her to get to Pherenice who if she died the being the worlds spirit Da'jorin would be lost. Chaos would want her for a different reason. If he had her he could control the direction of everything to his benefit.

A guide.....The Oracle's power was meant to be nothing more then a very accurate way to guide those who were lost. She did not have the power to control the wills and hearts of the people, no one did not even Raiser who twisted them and poisoned them did everything in her power to do just that. Control everything there hearts there minds there wills....It was why Orkla had asked for him to help keep Twilia safe all so long ago. As wonderous and powerful of a gift was the sight that Twilight possessed it was also dangerous if she were to try to do anything even remotely like Raiser....however. Dimael was not worried about that end. That was not Twilight not even a little bit. She would be happier knowing it was meant a guide that ultimately the choice's laid with those she spoke to guiding them because it was there choices that even hearing what she saw could change that path in a mere instant.

Eri nodded as she looked at it. "It's a beautiful dress'd look stunning it." she said softly looking at her there was one that was long in the back flowing down and shorter in the front for herself a 'princess ruffle' as it was call. All of it would fall flatteringly around her baby bump which she swore was not so much a bump as more like a bubble the dragon-unicorn pup though was happily napping away. The dress was something though that was very similar to one back home....although weddings were rare among Unicorns it did happen. When it did it was considered a grand blessing to have a expectant mother there...a blessing of new life to come upon the marriage ceremony because that was what she was carrying new life. Eri took a deep breathe as she looked at that last was a dress of purity and hope and she went to flip back to look at other ones. She wasn't sure she should even humor the idea of wearing that one. Even if it was beautiful the lighter colors instead of darker seemed to make everything about the dress dance before her eyes.

Safira leaned against the rail looking out at the distance unaware she had caught the attention of Soraya and Abbadon or that...her platoon had not reported back any of them. She woke up here....without any of them when they saw the reinforcements coming the few of her men struggling to get to there feet the fury she had been fighting screaming in anger and rage having not been able to get past her to that town. Her left arm and wing....gone. Before her vision swam and went dark. A few of the ravens who had escorted the ones who brought her here to mom had said they had all been worried she would not make the trip the golden's empire but they knew she had family here in the Unkindness....and that was tense her step father hated her....hated her mix-heritage. Safira often found her mind going back to that span of days....her command to leave and get the villagers out of there to not only have her platoon ignore her...but the villagers order to leave as well. In the end though she had no idea....none at all if any survived. Nor did she have any idea that the 'leave' papers were never filled out and turned in she had just been...dropped here. A 'broken' bird.

Fai 'looked' at him as she walked up when he sifted a bit hearing the sublte intake in his words and speech after sitting up the wincing not so much the words barely touched by a hint of pain sure. She held out a tea with herbs to help with the pain and sighed. "I don't think so." She said shaking her head as she tipped it in the end. "If the fates were upset with you...the enemy would of waited a bit longer and found a way to exploit the small weakness they found in the barrier when there were not those of another kingdom whose help would bring strong allies to your aid." She said holding it. "It is not weakness on your part that the enemy teased the Elvin lanterns and showed they were 'poking' at a way in. It was bad timing on there's. No one knows Chaos's group more then the goldens who have been fighting him longer. They're being here will strengthen allies bonds not weaken them." She smiled a bit more certain when she was helping Donovan then dealing with the issue of her failure to become a high priestess or a grand healer...the bracelets at her side even now she could feel there warmth there almost like beckoning her to put them on. "If anything...the fates...moved to slow down and stop the enemy. The Unkindness can still be that peaceful place Lord Samson and everyone is working for. The Goldens excel at this stuff...they'll be able to help."

Pherenice tipped her head and looked at Crys getting up as her feet landed on the ground. "True..." She said and glanced at the door. "A walk...." She said smiling. "Alright."

Yuuri saw her sister glance at her and sighed as she leaned back on her elbows. "I'm not foolish enough to hope it's nothing more then bad dreams...I've had enough of them to know the difference. I felt the string of his power long after waking." She looked back at him Juno nodding. "Near the end there he was depending heavily on that Dark Pheonix to keep him alive. Something happened...." She said drawing her knee up. "Seriously happened....he was dark and dangerous but he was never reckless....even step he took was measured. He decided to do our Uncle's trick in the end when he caught Solan...but that was his undoing. Until that point he never bothered with something like that he called it unreliable power." Yuuri looked ahead at Senn and Torin. "He's....going to find a way to come back. At the same time he was going after and using Solan....Aether got a terrible new edge to his powers." Yuuri looked over at Juno. "And I mean terrible he kidnapped Meeka and Daire went after him...Daire lost one of the locking pins to the power restraints he wears in that fight....and Aether? It was my understanding if Liam had not gone after him and used his newly gained phoenix tears on Daire....he would not be here right now. Daire had come to the infirmary Meeka and the wounds were still healing Fii was informed incase anything was needed and I was with Topaz at the time and him...." Yuuri looked at her fiancé and took a deep breathe. "Aether won't know what to do with that power. But...he never went after Aether to get it that the end was right where he wanted it to be. As to knowing where the shards are? The Mercarians were talking about it....apparently he lost the shard when he had for a brief time River in his grasp."

Solace sat down for the moment holding her in his arms. Just being able to be here like this with her was wonderful they had both longed for it. The depths of there feelings for each other, and yet....they had not. For various reasons and yet not matter how much time had passed....there feelings had not lessoned but rather grew stronger. He traced her cheek gently again and caught Nour's chin kissing her with the feelings he had. They may not be able to go far...but at least...they could stop hiding them now.

Adriel looked at the castle and whispered to La'shire even as she continued to help guide Tomoe and got back 'problem' Traitorin was still in bed with his wife and had taken the day off....and Silvi was at the top of the castle....this was not good. Then La'shire seemed to 'oh that'll work' on her and flicker off in a sense even as she looked worried at Wynter the poor Lycan at the end of one of La'shire's games. The spirit bolted not wanting to get any wrath at the moment.

La'shire appeared before Millie thinking about the fact she never appeared before the Princess before no. Could the princess see her now? Maybe but the lights swirled and bounced in the walls before darting off one way and back again. Millie's ears stood and fell something about this made her feel a bit tense like...she really didn't want to go that way and yet...perhaps that was all the more reason she did. Millie walked following along the lights having no idea La'shire picked her mostly because she was in a bind Silivi was near the top of the castle with a young gatan and Trait well the old dragon was otherwise engaged....

Tomoe had no idea at all that as she approached the castle La'shire not knowing what to do since Silvi was near the very top of the castle and well Trait would apologize to Dia and get dressed and move to meet Rohdorn and Tomoe...La'shire really wanted them to be able to have some free time she got Millie....a Lycan who...might receive some ire from Tomoe even if the normally gentle and timid Vulpine would not normally mean it.
That Millie was moving to help....only Millie didn't know that this was a Ancient but she would see how terribly sick the girl was...and want to help. Which would...thrown Tomoe that way. Millie would seek to help her. Even seeing how much the Abyss's toxins had overrun her.

Fii chuckled. "You are most welcome love." He said as he reached out and traced her cheek. He may not be able to see but he could always see her so clearly but she was so open and honest with what she was feeling and thinking it was easy for form to pick up on it. Others perhaps not so much but to him that was his world emotions and everything had a from to him a scent. He leaned in and kissed her gently.

Aster smiled. "You're welcome." she said although what she was being thanked for she wasn't sure it was just that it was the way she saw the pretty markings on her big sisters arm. She did tip her head though as she sniffed the air. "So many scents..." She said meaning the food as Maks had slipped around them to open the door.

Fauve nodded Vi hugged her a bit tighter. "It's okay Vi." she said gently this one acted soo tough when Fauve was out but could be a sweet innocent frightened little girl when she was home Violet always seemed to be that way as if she was always striving to make Fauve proud of her for protecting Aster while she was out. Fauve was always proud of her even when she was just being a sweet little girl. She said it but being an Amazon painted lycan...the girls tried to be strong in there own ways. Fauve nodded. "of about we find a table? Anywhere you two want to sit?" She asked looking first at Vi who she was holding and waiting to see if she wanted down and to Aster whose ears perked up at the dinning hall.

"Oh's all sparkly..." Aster said looking about.

Shale nodded as she rested on his shoulder. "I know Maks...Ginga needs baby steps being in the middle she was probably caught right between Fauve and there mom.." She said lowly. "Fauve who was heir and the Alpha who had gone mad...Ginga being the second eldest must have felt caught right between them all the time." she said lowly thinking about it speaking only for Maks's ears. It wasn't fair to either girl Fauve never asked to be heir or put her sisters in such a position nor would she have ever wanted Ginga to suffer or the twins for that matter. Fauve still carried her shoulders squared but Shale didn't know...that Fauve could let it all out once she was alone with Maks and had...Cried not hysterical but Cried and he helped her though it.

Baillie ate the last bit licking her lips and then there fingers. Her ears twitching a bit. "Mm Cleo are you ready to go to the spa?" she asked not as loud as she normally would trying to be more mindful of Cleo who wasn't used to Baillie's hyper energy as many referred to it.

Frau nodded as she looked at Cleo. "A very pretty flower." she said looking at her and then lifting the bloom and holding it out to her. "Here sweetie no one will mind if you carry it with you." She said softly looking at her. "When you're ready we'll head out." Meeka and Baillie tended to eat a bit quicker when it came to going to the spa which was fine but this was Cleo's first time and both girls knew what it was like to be nervous and shy.

Daire laughed. "Guilty as charged." He said nodding to Thayne and smiled. "That my friend is a lot." Daire said looking at Thayne. "'s all good. One of these days it'll just...all fall into place." he said not he'd be love struck or anything like that. But it would all just settle into place before any of them knew it. "The ring and vows don't make it just makes it clear to everyone else."

Ceil snorted as he picked up a few papers and got rid of those too fancy way to fancy Meeka would feel uncomfortable at her own wedding with that....he glanced at Daire. "Easy little brother, you have wedding jitters and Thayne is fine where he's at." Ceil said smacking his little brother in the head with the papers. "And trust me I really don't think she'll care if the plates are crystal or gold...or the tables covered in silk your not marrying a princess of some fancy country." He said looking at him. "You're marrying a girl...whose perfect sitting in among the roses with you or taking a walk through the gardens. She doesn't care about how fancy the plates are. Think simple. All Meeka would want there is her dear friends, a something to wear and most importantly the two of you. Everything else is really not important to her."

Trilander barely pushed up a bit looking down at her and smiled. Hearing those words although he wasn't moving and separating just yet....he could not tell if it was a tie or if his sweet selkie just had a vise like hold on him either way...he was pretty certain they were going to be like that for a bit longer. He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips.

"I was." she said nodding as she walked with Yuna taking each step with her slowly. "Recently though I've met someone and we've just begun staying together." If even for one night so far but...Silvi certainly didn't mind waking in Spartan's arms. She did look at the way the kitten was moving as if protecting one leg or making sure of something. Siliv looked at Yuna and smiled gently. "You know...La'shire is an interesting place." she said softly. "A protective spirit...I can't recall the amount of times I'd be in a rush in the past racing down these steps and loose my footing...." Silvi said walking up the stairs with her. "Just to be caught in the air and after a moment when my heart calmed down...set gently back down on the ground either above or below depending on if I was going up stairs or down." She looked at Yuna. "I swear this castle knows how many times I nearly broke a bone in my rush...or twisted an ankle...I was a bit...of a tom-boy growing up hardly the 'noble queen' many call me now."

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                                    • Re: No SubjectKari (Solace thru Tae) , Mon Aug 27 4:31am
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                                      • Re: No SubjectKari (Frau thru Kirie) , Mon Aug 27 4:32am
                                        Frau smiled as she glanced down at Cleo. She walked with the little ermine holding her hand as she did. She looked at the backs of the two girls and began humming as she walked she often did. But... more
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